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Episode 4: The Lady Is in Danger Part 1

“Really Then I’ll come out more often.”

The maid laughed happily at the words.

It wasn’t just for her, it was for herself, but it was good.

Lucifella thought piteously.

Lucifella, accompanied by two escorts, was looking around Green Hill, Jansgar’s capital, in a carriage.

When she was Estelle, when she became a knight and was granted a mansion by the King, but she rarely stayed there.

She used to walk and ride a horse all the time.

She was always a moving person.

It was torture for Estelle to stay still in the Count’s mansion as Lucifella.

So she insisted on buying herself a dress for her – she actually didn’t know anything about the clothes, so she was going to leave it to the maid – on the condition that an escort accompanied her because it was not safe.

Lucifella saw an unfamiliar view of the city.

Jansgar, as the saying goes, ‘The  neighbor country of Ersha’s’, had a similar building style, but the color of the building was colorful, unlike Ersha’s low-saturation color.

As she passed the rosy brick road, she smiled bitterly at the sight of the developed capital city.

The development of this country was made with the tears of the fallen nations.

It was bittersweet that she had become one of the nobles who enjoyed that luxury.

“Why is the street so noisy”

At her words, the maid opened the window leading to the coachman and exchanged words with him.

“Ah, they say they are investigating a serial murder now.”

“Serial murder”

“Why, you know what I told you last time.”

“Oh, that thing that only kills women The knifeman”

The maids brought outside news to the frustrated Lucifella.

The most talked about of them was the murder of the knifeman.

I remembered that Jansgar also had those crazy people who killed only women.

“They found the culprit.”


Ah, that’s why you’re making such a fuss trying to catch the culprit.

Lucifella nodded her head and asked.

“Who is the culprit”

“Liam……Liam Hirka.”

For a moment, I felt my heart sink.

I didn’t hear it wrong.

You even heard the last name of Hirka.

“Liam! So that’s Ersha’s”

“Yes, the remnants of Ersha.”

The maid nodded.

“Don’t frown on that pretty face, Commander.

You’ll get wrinkles.”

A big man with a scar under his chin.

He was one of the lieutenants who followed Estelle, who became a leader at a young age.

“Yes, I guess you foolishly think that the Kingdom of Ersha will still be independent.

It’s a bad guy who kill a woman, Your Majesty will punish you.”

“Insist on independence”

“Yes, they lead people to protest.

Where was it last time The Bavand’s bell tower was destroyed.

Looks like while investigating the serial murder and the man was spotted here in the capital.

Your Majesty’s going to catch him.

Oh, how scary.”

Her eyes shook.

As far as she knows, Ersha has long been an adjunct.

And they gave the land to the Lords who surrendered and told them to rule.

The Emperor’s treatment was very moderate.

Yet he insists on independence.

He did not lose his trust.

She suddenly felt his heart pound.

“Lady Are you crying”

“No, it’s not.”

“Don’t worry, the knights are all gathering to catch Liam right now.”

The face of Lyme came to her mind.

I thought all my men had betrayed me, but I guess not.

Yeah, Liam wasn’t like that in the first place.

Why didn’t she trust her own men

After suffering a big event called death due to Khalid’s betrayal, she believed in one record of the Jansgars and despaired, and she felt that she was pathetic.

“Shall we go back The Count will also ask you to come back.”

“No, it’s all right.

There are escorts, too.

And there are a lot of knights in the capital and seems like he will be caught soon.”

Lucifera smiled broadly.

Her eyes were sparkling.

Liam, I have to meet Liam.

If he’s in the capital, if I prove myself to Liam, he’ll definitely recognize me.

Maybe I’ll even meet familiar subordinates.

She couldn’t afford to wait.

Liam could have been captured by the Emperor.

This is an opportunity.

It was such a reckless plan, but she had to go see him.

Because Jansgar’s Lady doesn’t have a chance to meet Ersha’s independence force, Liam.


“Why don’t you try it on too”

She said to the maid At those words, the maid also took measurements, and the tailor who brought the dress widened her eyes.

“It’s not difficult to buy a set of clothes for a maid, right”

“Oh, Lady!”

When she reached the shop, she smiled brightly and said to the maid.

Lucifella’s face was so innocent and bright, unlike her outrageous personality.

Like an angel, a servant of God, who can never tell lies by God’s command.

The owner of the shop looked at her with a blank expression on her face.

This is because it was the first time she asked to make a dress for the maid.

She, who only wears the finest dresses of aristocrats, lost her maid for a moment due to Lucifella’s absurd remarks.

“Lady, this is really too much for me.”

The maid said as she struggled to lower the corners of her lips as she was about smile.

“It’s okay.

It’s because I’m bored right now, too.

Actually, you’re not gonna scold me for my actions, are you It’s just one more dress from dozens of dresses.

There’s no burden on me, I want to see you in your dress, what’s wrong”

“I don’t deserve it, Lady.”

“Why Actually, I only wear pretty clothes, so you’d be pretty if you wore them, too.

I’m sure you’ll look like a lady.”

“No, never!”

For such an unclean thing, her maid’s eyes were trembling.

She smiled softly.

It was the moment when the tone of the Lady was shining.

“Oh, then let’s do this.

Try changing clothes once.

So I’m going to check to see if what you’re saying is true or if what I’m saying is true.”

Lucifella wasn’t quick-witted, but she knew that the maid had been looking at her with envious eyes for a while.

I came out spontaneously while making a clever idea of how to get out, but I thought it was a masterpiece.

“Lady, but I’m the one who makes your clothes.

Well, I mean…”

The tailor, who came to their senses late, told Lucifella.

But she said with a smile.

“Then I have no choice but to go to the store that will join me in my prank.”

Even if it wasn’t Estelle, Lucifella, the owner of this body, was stubborn from the beginning, and If what she wants is not fulfilled, she became brutally cruel.

She had been sick lately and woke up, but they didn’t know what would happen if they didn’t listen to her.

The eyes were not the poisonous eyes of that time but the authoritative eyes of the person who gave the order, but they could not distinguish them.

“Hurry up and take off your maid’s clothes.”

It was easy to be a selfish girl.

Eventually, the maid gave up and took off her clothes.

In fact, the maid followed Lucifella’s instructions, using the excuse of “Because the Lady wanted it.”

Lucifella had already identified the location of the back door in this store since she came in.

The tailor, who measured the maid’s size before taking off her clothes,  wanted to get this done quickly, so she brought her a dress, saying that it suit her.

It wasn’t a fancy design, but the cloth was high quality, so the maid happily accepted the clothes.

The maid changed her clothes first.

Then Lucifella took the dress and headed to the changing room.

The maid tried to follow, but she refused.

She ordered her tailor to bring her ribbon to tie her maid’s hair and matching shoes.

The tailor left the store to avoid offending the selfish noble lady and went to the nearby ribbon and shoe stores.

“Are you sure you’re okay with your clothes”


Lucifella had recently been quite bothered by the clothing, so the maid let her to the dressing room alone without any doubt.

She must have wanted to keep looking at herself in her mirror, excited that she was wearing a luxurious dress that she would never wear in her lifetime, even as a maid.

Lucifella closed the door of the dressing room and took off her clothes.

There was no particular difficulty in taking off clothes because she did not wear a corset that was burdensome to her body because she was not feeling well yet.

She put on her maid’s clothes.

Although she was a maid, the clothes were not so shabby because they were provided by Count Aydin anyway.

And originally, she was a person who didn’t care about the material of clothes.

She wore her maid’s navy blue dress and her maid’s leather shoes.

Then she untied her hair that was tied with a ribbon.

She lowered her head, fixed her long hair, and carefully opened the door of the dressing room to check the maid.

She was looking excitedly at herself in her dress in her mirror.

Lucifella quietly opened the door.

Hiding her presence was her specialty.

Of course, now that she has become Lucifella, her ability is poor, but she was able to deceive the careless maid.

She looked at the back door, which she had been watching.

As a door for convenience, the rear door did not have a latch to allow immediate exit.

She took off the latch gently.

Then she opened the door and went out.


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