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Chapter 5: How the Lady Escapes the Killer Part 1

The coachman, no, the knifeman, hummed on a carriage carrying the victim and searched for the right place.

His favorite place was where there was a river along with a tree in the middle of the city.

It was only known to coachmen because it was a place to wash wagons and feed horses, and it was the most remote place in the city.

A place where the coaches would feed the horses and wash their carriage.

And at this time, it was safe to say that there were no people because all the carriages were eager to pick up customers.

At first, when he just killed a person, he argued that she didn’t pay his payment and accidentally killed her.

The night was dark, and there was no one there.

He was very lucky.

He hated the women who sat with vulgar makeup on his carriage.

He was annoyed and unbearable that he could have a better life than this if he only has a better look.

Every morning he rides his carriage and earns money to please his passenger.

However, the woman I always met thought she was a Lady and ordered him to do this and that.

There was a time when she slapped him for not opening the door.

Every time that happened, his anger piled up.

It’s a woman, something like a woman.

You’re living comfortably, unlike me, if only your face is as bad as mine…!

He has never dated a woman.

Small stature, a slender body.

Women hated him even though he inherited three carriages from his father.

He didn’t even know how to talk to a woman, and when he did, he would do things that women wouldn’t like.

Thinking it was a romantic act, he went to the house of a woman he met a day ago and gave her flowers, which were the cheapest, or went to a restaurant that only she liked, or a pub that men visited.

Among the men who spoke obscenities, the woman rolled her eyes anxiously and refused to meet him.

Another woman seemed to respond a little but immediately hugged another coachman who had five wagons.

Why do women only see wealth, not personality

He hated women.

At the first murder, he trembled, but at the same time, he was delighted.

What a pleasant thing to happen!

The woman holding her bleeding neck died looking at him.

Eyes filled with fear, he was deluded as if he were anything.

This is a referee.

It’s a fair judgment! He finally realized what to do.

It has since become his daily routine.

At first, he was afraid of being discovered.

But he couldn’t resist the urge.

So the second was meticulously planned.

It was to get off where there were no people and attack the defenseless woman.

Then, when the busiest hour came, he rode back and laid down the body near the area where the woman was trying to ride.

The carriage that laid the body down could blend into the carriage procession and disappear.

Of course, he did not leave the body in the middle of the carriage.

The chair of the private carriage was empty inside, used as a warehouse, and the lid could be opened and closed, so it was perfect for putting in a small woman’s body.

A coachman resting with his carriage on the street was such a common sight that no one doubted him. 

No, their daily lives were too busy to doubt.

Even when he waited for a deserted time, people thought the coachman was waiting for customers or repairing the carriage.

His dwarf physique and small stature made people less alert.

There were even times when the guard just let him go.

He didn’t even know it was stained with corpse blood.

The idiots knew they were doing it just to show off.

Everyone was acting stupid.

Of course, there was also a showoff.

However, writing letters in blood was also caused by anxiety that someone might notice.

He put down the body next to the main street because it was the easiest place to hide.

Ah, he laughed so hard when I heard that even the Capital Guard was investigating the innocent guides following those superior defenders.

This was the greatest joy of his life.

He couldn’t stand the irritation more and more.

He couldn’t stand it, so he kept looking for the victims.

Although he had to wash the wagon all night alternately, he was no longer tired.

The ego, which was always blurry, became stronger, and the mind that had been helpless was cleared because he had found his goal in life.

People were afraid of the knifeman.

Newspapers also published articles about the knifeman.

Rumors also circulated that he was a demon or an evil.

Even the coachman, who no one looks at and ignores, became the embodiment of fear that feeds even the Emperor.

He was anxious when it was announced that the Imperial Knights had launched an investigation.

But soon, his self-confidence rose to the top of his head.

In the end, he grabbed his stomach and giggled like crazy when he found out that the Imperial Knights had made a mistake.

Poor Ersha! Just being in the capital and taking all the sins away!

The nobles were stupid, too.

Ah, how happy life is.

How would they react if he killed the woman on board and placed her near the square

The knifeman thought of a time when people near the square were least crowded.

All right, that wouldn’t be bad either.

All troops will be concentrated there, so the defense of the central square will be rather weak.

The knifeman, who was driving his carriage, turned around and smiled at today’s victim.

She was a woman that somehow stupid.

When he asked where she was going, she asked him to go to the Northwest, where Liam Hirka was.

He also wanted to see Duke of Heint running after pointing out Liam Hirka as the culprit, but his life was precious.

The coachman wouldn’t take her unless the coachman were out of their minds, but she was trying to get a carriage, whether it was naive or stupid.

When I looked closely, her face was also pretty.

The knifeman raised the corner of his lips.

How nice it would be to see that face terrified.

How thrilling it must be.

She knocked on the door as a signal to stop the carriage.

But he ignored it.

There was nothing to stop him from the moment he drove the carriage.

It was definitely a woman who could not be a match for a man with a fair face.

Let me give you a fair judgment.

Soon the knifeman opened the carriage door while holding a knife.

He confirmed that there were no people.

“We’re here, Miss.”

The woman quietly looked at the coachman and smiled.

She was a pretty girl even when I saw her again.

She has a small body and a beautiful face.

Her face was pale and her eyes were large.

It was the first time he saw such a pretty face as he drove his carriage.

He waited for her to get off the carriage.

He chose to attack from behind as she approached the door to get out of the carriage.

But she didn’t get off the carriage. 


He feels uneasy if it doesn’t go as he planned.

She said with a very embarrassed look.

“It’s hard to get up because the hem of my clothes is caught in the gap in the armrests of the chair.”

“Let me help you.”

“Oh, thank you.”

Cursing at her, who was smiling with a stupid face, he entered the carriage.

But soon, he changed his mind.

He thought it would be better to just kill her without having to pull her out of the carriage.

There will be a lot of blood in the wagon, but there is a river nearby so that he can wash it once.

As he approached her, he put one hand in his pocket and fiddled with the knife, and one hand stretched out to where the clothes had been caught.

As she was looking at the hem of her dress, he pulled the knife out of his pocket and attempted to attack her.

However, the situation that happened was different from what he had always expected.

He felt a sharp pain in his arm.

When he looked at the source of his pain, he saw a dagger in his arm that grabbed the knife in his pocket.

He knew that women carried daggers for self-defense.

But he has never seen a woman using it.

As he was about to scream in sharp pain, the woman quickly moved and fled out of the carriage.

He pulled out the dagger and spit out swear words at her.

It was so deeply embedded that he couldn’t put strength into his hand to use his knife.

He screamed in anger.

“I’ll catch and kill you.

I’ll kill you no matter what!”

He gnashed his teeth and ran out of the carriage.

If the knife doesn’t work, I’ll hang and kill her.

He ran into the forest where she disappeared.


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