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Saraswati, the innocent red-haired girl, smiles with big smile at her father as he gets out of the carriage.

That smile

'Who are you"

The moment she sees me coming out of the carriage after Schneizel, her face turns suddenly sour.

Ah, this is it.

This reaction.

A genuine stranger hater who gives a look of disgust to everything she sees.

In the main story, you can't enter the Saraswati route unless you can get past this icy attitude, or rather, the hostility that makes one stab the other person to death, and grab his heart.

I missed it.

"Nice to meet you.

I am Norwin von Endenberg, Schneizel's new disciple".

"And you are apprentice Dad, why is that


'You shut your mouth!'

"Oh, okay".

She yelled at me with such a ferocious sword that I couldn't stop myself from speaking.

In the meantime, Saraswati was still pressing Schneizel.

"Dad, did you really take this guy as your disciple"

"I really did," Schneizel said.

'Why, because he's stronger than me "

, "------Well, yeah.

He seems to have talent 

'But of course he' weaker than Lucy anyway! Why just Lucy Why not me Why this stupid guy"

"------, I guess you're right."

The most powerful is no longer a formidable force in front of his own daughter.

The Schneizel is being stuffed by the brat with all the bravado he can muster.

He looks at me with his eyes averted from Saraswati and looks like he wants to say, 'Hey, help me!

If I put my head between his neck legs, I'm sure I'll catch fire, so I ignore him for now.

I turned away.



And there was another red-haired girl at the corner where I turned away.

Her height, hair style, and appearance are exactly the same as another girl ot, but her face is a bit fuzzy and her face is her sister, Lucy.

"Hi, I'm Norwin."

'I know ------.

I've heard about you.'

If her sister didn't work out, there was no point in trying to play nice with her.

I don't think I can have a good relationship with her either.

She is completely disinterested to everyone except her own family and the sword.

After a word or two, she would shun me as if she had gotten tired of me.

I missed this feeling.

Lucy was blessed with a natural talent with a sword, but she seems to have left everything else behind in her own mother's womb.

She has been the strongest of her generation since she was a child, and after she grew up, she became a genius who has never been beaten, even by the older generation, and has climbed to the top of the world of swordsmanship at a very young age.

For a girl, however, the pinnacle is not always a comfortable thing.

Losing those who stood alongside and competed with her, she stood alone at the top of the world of swordsmanship.

It was an unbearable solitude for an adolescent girl.

Schneizel, who was also the strongest, never fought seriously because he was her father.

Her sister, with whom she had a better relationship than anyone else, was a novice when it came to the sword, and they became estranged.

Thus, Lucy spent some time in isolation.

---Lucy was blessed with the greatest talent of all, until she met Arthur, the protagonist, who kept on refining it with no compromise.

At a certain event, the two fight a duel, and at the end of a fierce fight to the death, they find themselves on the same page.

Later, with Arthur's help, she gets back together with her sister Saraswati and grows even more as a person and a fighter.

That is the main course of the Lucy route.


These two are one year older than me, so they are six years old now.

From what I've heard in their conversations, there are already signs of the sullenness I' ve seen in the main story.

They look like kids compared to when the story started, but I'm filled with nostalgia for the heroines I haven't seen in a while.


Schneizel, who seems to have finally been freed from Saraswati, taps me on the shoulder.

They probably won't introduce themselves, so I'll tell you who they are.

This energetic one is the twin sister, Saraswati, and the quieter one is the younger sister, Lucy.

------ uh, get along with them, if you can."

Finally, a deadbeat dad says that while looking away.

You can't get a grip on your daughter, and these two are going to be in a heck of a tizzy ten years from now.

Well, I don't care about their personalities or whatever, it's not my problem that I have to solve.

I'm sure , , or Arthur, the handsome guy, will take care of it in ten years time.

I will never get along with  him.

"------, I don't care."

"Sorry, Norwin."


."We're here will be live with you."

"Why are you apologizing"

"Shut up."

Even though I know I'm going to have to correct this twisted personality and go the route, this still infuriates me.

---Me and the twins met in the worst way possible, such as this.


"Hah, I'm tired ."

In my room given to me by Schneizel.

I packed up my stuff later and jumped into bed right away.

"I'll take care of it, you can rest if you want."

Misha, who will be working exclusively for me in this mansion as well, was happily packing up my belongings.

'You seem to be having a good time.'

'Hmmm, I guess so.

I'm finally free."

Free, huh

I guess you're right.

I am free from the Endenberg's grip.

Misha is now under Schneizel's protection, and the power of her parents and former fiancée has completely disappeared.

From now on, she can do as she pleases to some extent, centered on her life of training as Schneizel's apprentice.

"I've finally made it this far, haven't I'

'I'm not there yet.

I believe Nor can do even greater things, don't you'

"That's buying too much into it.

If it weren't for Misha, I would probably still be in that annex."

"So let's continue to do our best together."

I guess so."

While having such a talk with Misha, I was thinking about what I need to do from now on.

I was thinking about the twins.

The two are a big problem for saving Crescencia.

Lucy is a sword seeker, and Saraswati has taken her mediocre talent to the extreme.

In the future, both will become the best swordsmen in the world.

But at the present time, they are still just novices.

I could see their weakness just from our earlier encounter.

And the vampire from the other time was more threatening.

So now I can even destroy the future of those two.

I know their traumas, what they hate, and how to stop them from developing their talents.

I know it all.

"What should I do'

Do I identify the two of them as enemies and move to destroy their future

Or do I take the risk and make them my allies

I owe Schneizel a debt of gratitude.

I don't want to do anything to nip this possibility in the bud if I can help it.

I'll do my best to  gel along  with them.

With this in mind, I thought about the days  to come .



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