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Chapter 25 .

My goal

For me , Lucy was a wall that I could never overcome.

we were identical twins.

Therefore, we were always being compared, and by the time I came to my senses, it was already a matter of course that I was losing.

I think I made a lot of effort.

While Lucy was sleeping, while she was idle, while she was busy , I devoted almost all of my time to the sword.

Even so, the gap between their skills was widening.

I was so taken by the shine of my sister's sword that I felt disgusted with myself for never being able to emulate it.

My father tells me that I don't have to be stuck with the sword.

I am sure he is saying this with the good intention.

He says that because I have no talent, if I live my life with nothing but a sword, one day I will realize my limits and despair.

My father's gaze hurts as he tries to prevent that from happening.

However, there is a part of his logic that makes sense.

If I can't win with the sword, I will at least try to win in something else.

So, as a consolation, I once tried my hand at learning.

I have learned various kinds of information and combined them into a work of deep thinking.

The tutor my father had arranged for me praised my speed of development with open arms.

The praise made me feel better, and I began to study at an accelerated pace.

I found myself becoming so smart that I could no longer converse with my peers, and my eyes naturally turned toward the upper level.

Then I was faced with a reality that I had turned my eyes away from once.

Once you are smart enough to understand the meaning correctly, you can even see things that you do not need to see.

I realized that the compliments directed at me by adults included the feeling that I couldn't win with a sword, because this way is better than that way, because you are better than that way.

If it is just sarcasm, it's still fine.

It was the most painful thing for me to be pitied, to be told that I should develop this side of myself instead of the sword, out of genuine worry.

It was probably a genuine feeling mixed unconsciously with the fact that I was a child and could not understand the subtleties of an adult.

That is why it is proof that everyone thinks that I can never beat Lucy by myself.

No matter what I do to improve my knowledge, no matter how much I do, I will never be able to make myself be viewed rightly.

I am constantly compared to Lucy and praised with lesser reactions than when they praise Lucy, and I am not happy about that.

This is why I found studying so boring, and I began to focus on the sword again.

It was more fun this way.

Our mother died when we were born, and both Lucy and myself have grown up looking at the back of our father, who was a hero.

It was the beginning of the sword that made us yearn for his back.

After all, chasing after what I love is the most fun.

I can't become his disciple yet, but my father praised me for improving my swordsmanship recently.

Well, while I was busy with my studies, Lucy was improving her skills to an extent that was unbelievable.

But I might be able to become an disciple in a few more years.

With this as my motivation, I spent my days suppressing the feeling that I was going insane...

and that's when it happened.

"It's nice to meet you.

My name is Norwin von Endenberg, and I have just become an apprentice of Mr.


A kid with a strange air came up to the place I was trying to get to with shoes on.

He seemed to be a year younger than us.

But that was not important.

My father approved of him, and took him on as a disciple.

If that's the case, he must have something to offer in terms of fighting that would put him on par with Lucy.

I can't forgive him for that.

I can't forgive him, even more than Lucy.

Because he has incredibly smart eyes.

Eyes that hold wisdom far deeper than my own.

He is a kid who is better than me on the same level as me, and even has a talent that I can't help but want.

I hate him.

I absolutely hate him.

That's what I thought, but...

"What the hell is wrong with you"

Saraswati mutters to Norwin, who is lying in bed after his duel with Lucy.

The person who had shown me what is possible by overcoming the barriers of talent that I had given up on.

The way he had worked so hard that his blood soaked through his veins, it was as if he was asking, "Have you get it I was not a talented person, but

he a person who had shown me that was a possible

The part of me that I had been running away from and hiding, using talent as an excuse.

By pulling all of that away, Norwin proved that it was possible to win.

In other words, the escape route had been cut off, but i could hardly contain his excitement at the thought of what was to come.

That initial impulse that made me feel like I could become anything when I first touched the sword was swirling around in my chest again.

If I chase after Norwin as my goal, I can still make it to the top.

'It can't be helped, I'll pair up with you as promised."

Saraswati smiled softly as she declared this to Norwin, who fell asleep.

She was unaware of the reason for the feelings that were faintly aroused due to her young age.

---The blossoming of these feelings was yet to unfold.

T/n It was finale chapter of red  haired twins arc ! Thanks fpr read  that far ! I hope you  have enjoyed it .

Next arc called  upheaval  in underground sociality .


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