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Chapter 37 .


A bit earlier

Norwin came to the commercial district to buy Misha's birthday present.

The outrageous act was carried out in front of Lucy, who was following him.


Suddenly, a man wearing a white mask appears behind Norwin.

The white mask is a cleverly concealed, extremely thin presence that is difficult to recognize, but the sensitivity of the genius Lucy warned him of the hidden strength of the white mask.

A strength that she could not possibly defeat with her current self.

Why is such an opponent turning hostile toward Norwin


Before she could even think about it, Lucy, in her usual way, was about to pull out the sword from her waist, when she heard the sound of a voice from the crowd.


She realizes that she is not holding a sword at the moment, and her brain goes blank.

But the confusion was brief.

Lucy immediately switched to hand-to-hand fist and stepped on the ground with all her might to help Norwin.

The speed with which she switched from one fist to the other was unparalleled for someone her age.

It was probably even better than most adults.

But this time, the opponent was bad.

-"-- No way."

The white mask is a hand sword that is so fast that even Lucy can't see it, and then the white mask is going to be the first thing to go.

'------ fast!'

There was no way Lucy could catch up to him if he was losing in simple speed and also in his dexterity in handling the crowd.

That's why Lucy again switched her attention immediately.

She could not catch up to her opponent, and even if she did, she did not know if she would be able to defeat her enemy.

If that was the case, she should leave everything to her father.

---The man in the white mask seemed capable of killing Norwin in an instant if he wanted to.

The fact that he didn't do so showed that the enemy valued Norwin's life, not his death, but his body.

Lucy realized this intuitively and headed back to her home as fast as she could.

When she returned home, Lucy ran straight into the training area.

, "------ Dad!"

'-, what's really going on"

Schneizel was startled by the sorrowful voice and expression of the usually quiet second daughter, and was then astonished by Lucy's next words.

-"----Norwin has been kidnapped!"

"What Kidnapped"

The girl's unusual behavior made it clear that this was not a lie.

Why, who and why

Schneizel was convinced, without even thinking about it, that the lackey was an interloper from another country.

What if Norwin had been killed That was the worst possible scenario.

Lucy! Is he alive What did he look like Did he say anything to you"

"------ .

Wait a minute."

"Oh, sorry.'

" ----- Dad, calm down.'

Lucy, looking back at the distraught Schneizel, regains her own composure.

She paused for a deep breath and then accurately reported the circumstances of Norwin's kidnapping

The killer's deftness, his perceived competence, and the fact that Norwin was not killed.

Schneizel's face contorted as he heard it all.

'Damn, he's a hostage after all!"

The sword is wielded in frustration.

The ground cracked as he struck it, and dust flew with great force.

"------ hostages What is it"

A move to prevent Schneizel from taking part in the intervention in the underworld that is about to be made.

He was completely immobilized simply by having his apprentice taken hostage.

He has no time to even talk to the young Lucy about the logic of this.

Schneizel frantically turned his thoughts to see if there was some way to break the deadlock.

However, he could not come up with any ideas.

First of all, the details of the enemy were unknown.

All he knew was that the culprit was a man wearing a white mask, but even that was not credible.

If the mask is used as a marker and the mask is taken off, the search will be extremely difficult.

Furthermore, without knowing the enemy's location, it would be impossible to exterminate the enemy or rescue Norwin.

If he took even a little time to realize his intervention, Norwin's life would be gone.

All sides are at a loss.

The situation was becoming more severe than Schneizel had anticipated, although he had not underestimated his opponent.

"----Dad, what are we going to do"

The look Lucy gave him made Schneizel want to curse his own ineffectiveness.

Lucy, who used to be so unconcerned, had never shown her feelings to the extent of revealing them in this way.

Norwin has a good relationship with his daughters.

Saraswati is even relying on Norwin for support.

Losing him at this point would also lead to a narrowing of the possibilities for his two daughters.

Besides, Norwin is a good friend to Schneizel and his family...

"Of course we''re going to help him."

-"---- Really"

Lucy's smile breaks out when she hears her father's words.

Schneizel senses the absolute trust that is put in her smile and puts all his strength into it.

"Leave the rest to me."

'------ yeah.'"

'------ yeah.'


Schneizel spoke out loud to reassure Lucy, but with Norwin taken hostage, t there were not many actions he could take.

To avoid being noticed by the enemy, he sent a letter by a pigeon or some other obscure means, and asked for help from others with whom he had a tenuous relationship so that they would not suspect him of involvement.

He limited his explanation of the situation to the knights who lived in the house, those who were more skilled at stealth, and ordered each of them to seek information about Norwin and the enemy.

As a last resort, he sent a messenger to the Barony of Endenberg to rely on Nicolas.

With that, there was nothing else that could be done.

Under the national policy of raising a hero to succeed General Galdias, Schneizel had done nothing but work to achieve military glory in any case.

There is no one who does not know his name on the battlefield.

There is no one who does not fear him.

However, the more resources he has poured into this area, the more he has neglected building relationships with the nobility of the Kingdom of Arcadia.

Because there are few people he can trust at times like this, he is unable to move with much flair.

(Damn it.)

Schneizel bites his teeth at this situation because he is not a cerebral person.

Schneizel is trying his best to think of anything else he can do.

Two hours have already passed since he asked Lucy about the situation.

What if something had happened to Norwin during this time

He couldn't stand still thinking about that.


With a bang.

The door to his office was suddenly kicked open with a strong thud.

Staring at her father with an angry face was his own daughter, Saraswati.

She stepped in with a magnificent kicking foot and accelerated further.

At full speed, she crowded Schneizel and shouted at him as he continued to do nothing but think.

'Lucy told me what happened! We're going to the underworld right now!

If you heard what she said, calm down! I know how you feel, but a bad movement will only get you found out and put Norwin in danger.

"Even so! For example, we can disguise ourselves so that we won't be recognized, or we can ask a magician to temporarily change our faces to infiltrate!

He wonder how many times Saraswati used to be the one who would try to get back at me like this.

He may have been afraid of father, his superior, his overwhelmingly talented opponent, and may have thrown tantrums to hide his weakness, but he was never a child who tried to assert himself for the sake of something.

This growth was definitely a result of his relationship with Norwin.

I'm glad you were trying to help Norwin,Thanks for that.'

'------, I wasn't doing it for him! He's my partner , I just don't want him to die so easily and bring dirt on us.

"Ha ha, I see.

Don't worry about it.

I've sent a pigeon to a good magician.

He's a very good friend of mine, but he's not the kind of guy to let his personal feelings get in the way at a time like this.

Give me a few more hours and I'll be ready to go."




So by then..."

Schneizel suddenly cut off and hid Saraswati behind his back as if to protect her.

"What's going on, Dad"

Sarasvati, suddenly yanked away, screamed in protest, but Schneizel did not respond to her.

His entire attention was focused on something outside the window, approaching rapidly from the distance.

What is it What's coming Is it the enemy

He waits for it to approach, holding the sword on his waist.

The person who alerted Schneizel was...

"Oh, you have noticed me"

"You're that guy from Hyann's place, aren't you"

"Yes, my name is Sigmund.

Yes, my name is Sigurum."

It was Sigurum, Hyang's most trusted subordinate.

Schneizel, who had been restricted from moving, was now in possession of information that could change coure of even


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