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Chapter 42 .

An over-protective move

Hey, bitch.

How dare you mess with Norwin"

Schneizel approaches carelessly, holding a large sword.

The "Violent Sword," which has no other skill than to run rampant on the battlefield, has grown quite fond of his apprentice.

'Shut up.

I'm going to kill you right now.



I wonder if that's the way it's going to be."


"You're the priority target for me now!"

The voice is filled with joy, and the evil eyes pointed at Schneizel glow with a bewitching light.

The eye that made old man and I ineffective in an instant, and he received it without knowing it.

"Well, die anyway."

How long had he been on the move In an instant, he caught Cassandra in time for the great sword and swung it with all his might.

The shockwave from the high-speed movement that occurred after the swing was overdue.

Even that was left behind as the slash of god's speed blew the atmosphere, Cassandra, and even the ground beneath her into tiny pieces.

It was the most overpowering violation ever.

However, the problem with Cassandra is that it doesn't end here.


Oh, dear.

This is a little unexpected."

The witch, who had been turned into a lump of mangled meat by a single blow, was looking impatiently at her face, which had regenerated first.

The shoulder, arm, and torso were regenerated like a poorly done reverse video.

But then, suddenly, a lightning strike struck her body.

A deafening explosion and flash.

The heat of another dimension consumes Cassandra's body.


'That's a lowly cry, just like a slut."

Hyann looks down at the scorched Cassandra with his arms crossed, not even drawing the sword at his waist.

He kept his gaze fixed on the witch and turned only his words to his own men.


Tell me briefly what she''s capable of."

She has a magic power that destroys anyone who makes eye contact with her, and as you can see, she has a regeneration power that can heal people even if they die.

And he summoned up to nine flesh monsters at the same time.

"I see.

I see.

I was just looking at you.

How is your body;

"No problem, l." I can repel most curses and magic with my spirit."

'I see.'


Schneizel answered with a casual smile, and Haiyan looked at his own staff next, with a look of dismay on his face.


, you go down and join them."

'Boss, I can't win against eight monsters by myself.

It would be better if you leave this to Schneizel and go yourself.'

" It' s no problem,"

Hyann assures him in short words and turns his attention to the scene of battle below him.

The next moment, with a roar that echoes in the pit of my stomach, there are several flashes of light that burn out my vision, and the meat puppets that are hit by the flashes are blown to pieces.

---Oh no,

The ground where the meat puppets had been standing until just before was discolored black by the direct hit of the lightning, and only the pieces of meat scattered around them told the story of the monster's devastation.

A moment.

In an instant, four of the monsters that had been such a threat had been destroyed.

"That's half of what's left.

I've already sent Sigurum down there.

If you join him, we should be able to beat them."

"Then, I understand."



Don't let any more of my men die.'


Frankel left the matter in the hands of Hien and Schneizel and headed downstairs.

" I can summon the dolls again and again, can't I"

"If so, I'll destroy them each time.


Before Hyann could finish his sentence, the greatsword had destroyed Cassandra again, who had just finished regenerating.

"I can't afford to summon that monster elsewhere while I'm fighting that man over there."

That's right.

Get serious and get us blown to bits.


Two against one, the best of the best and the worst of the worst.

What began with that was a drama so devastating that even the leaders of the Ulgor evil cult were unable to take it anymore.

Her speed, physical strength, physique, skill, experience, and intuition were all overwhelmingly inferior.

She is vastly inferior in every way, and therefore, her stock of life is continuously being reduced unilaterally.

As a result, in just four seconds, Cassandra was killed five times by the great sword.


Cassandra took a measure to hit Schneizel with ten flesh dolls, the limit number of dolls that can be summoned.

However, she was blamed by Hyann, who was looking down on her from one step away from Schneizel and his men.

Lightning magic instantly destroys half of the flesh puppets, and the rest are crushed by a single swing of the great sword.

It was nine years ago when the story began, and with the performance of the meat puppets at this stage, no matter how many of them they gathered, they could not buy even one second of time against Schneizel and his team.

Schneizel in vanguard, Haiyan in rearguard.

The two, who normally would not have crossed paths, were working in perfect unison to hunt down Cassandra.

The two of them have no room for anything.

'If it were!"

Cassandra, cornered and beaten to death by Schneizel, summons ten flesh puppets around him, this time with Hyann as the starting point to find a chance to win.

Cassandra laughed, hoping that the dolls would kill her before Schneizel's support could reach her.

That smile froze in an instant.

Hyann, wearing purple electricity and holding up his sword.

With a presence on par with Schneizel's, he literally shreds the first flesh puppet that approaches with an eye-popping slash.

The presence or absence of a weakness is irrelevant.

The meat puppet whose entire body was dismembered was instantly rendered incapable of fighting.

The second doll came next.

When Hyann touches it with his lightning-clad left hand, the flesh puppet is burned by the ultra-high voltage, and falls into a functional standstill.

And in this situation, there was no reason for the right hand to be left unattended.

Almost at the same time as the second doll was destroyed, a flesh doll approaching Hyann from the opposite side was cut off at the extremities by the sword in his right hand.


Did you think you could put even a scratch on me with a wooden doll of this caliber"

The destruction of the three flesh dolls left a small space around Haiyan.

---The reason why Haiyan did not kill all ten of them at once with lightning strikes was probably because there was a risk that he himself would be caught up in the lightning at point-blank range.

However, if even a small space was created, he would have been able to take them all out.

"It's over."

Lightning strikes the remaining seven bodies.

At the site of the battlefield, where the remains of ten flesh dolls and their bodies were strewn about, stood Hyann alone.

"you monster!"

"Whore, that's not true."

Hyann's unusually inorganic eyes filled with emotion.

"I'm not strong, you're just weak."

" What do you mean, I''m too weak"

"It's true.

How many times have we killed you in this short time How many more times do I have to kill you before you die"


"Hey, Hien.

You might be stalling for time with all this talk.

Let's get this over with."

That's true.

Both Hien and Schneizel are readying their weapons.

Cassandra's look of resignation at the desperate predicament suddenly turns into a smile of victory.

The next moment, a huge magic circle appeared at their feet.


"Hee, hee, hee, good job, Cassandra.

You guys are done now."

Further away from where Schneizel and the group are.

On the roof of the tallest building in the underworld, a man in a mage's robe laughs vulgarly.

His face, like Cassandra's, is covered with a black mask.

"Sacrifice enough.

Even a true hero would not be able to withstand a curse of this magnitude.

Kuhihi, I, I, I will kill that hero!"

The distorted magic power swelled up around the man.

Eventually, the magic is activated...

"Yes, I knew you were here..."

Behind the man, another man laughs.

He pulled out a knife from his pocket and plunged it mercilessly into the magician's heart.

'What the hell"


You don't need to know anything, because you're going to die anyway.'

The man who had struck the sorcerer was now in a state of shock, And pull it out

The man who had killed the magician tossed the knife to the side and looked down at the battlefield in the distance.

"Thank God there was something about magic in the book I was reading the other day Otherwise, it would have been difficult to "assume" this."

The man's view of the battlefield below him.

If you draw a line between the places where Cassandra and Hyann's men died, a distinctive shape emerges.

It was shaped much like the cursed magic circle that the magician had been trying to invoke earlier.

Yes, that's right.

The magician was trying to activate the curse by using the battlefield as a magical circle and scattering corpses and blood at key points.

While they staged Cassandra's defeat, they had one more trick up their sleeves to kill the hero.

'This is a small present from my father.

You can do the rest with the connections and power you have spun."

The man who had seen through it took one last glance at the boy on the battlefield and then left the place in a leisurely manner.


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