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Chapter 15 The beautiful boy was still following him.

Back at home in the walled city, Granny Qiao made a pot of soup for her grandson as usual.


As it was still early, grandmother wasn't in a hurry to retire to sleep.

She sat down next to Qiao Wen watching him drinking soup slowly.

After the bowl was finished, she intended to take the bowl to wash it, but Qiao Wen shook his head, got up and went to the balcony, cleaned the bowl by himself, and put it back on the rack and returned to the sofa.

“Grandma, do you have something to tell me”

Granny Qiao shook her head: “Awen, Granny doesn’t know what you are doing these days, nor how did you get the money to help Uncle Ming’s gambling debt…”

Qiao Wen interrupted her with a smile: “Brother Nan borrowed the money.”

Granny Qiao smiled and said, “Isn’t grandma clearly know who Anan knows He can’t borrow the money alone.

Grandma is not asking you anything, just wants to tell you that you have grown up, grandma is also getting older.

I always want to take care of you for the rest of my life, but that’s just thinking it’s impossible.

You have no father and no mother, if grandma is gone, you will be the only one left.

You will have to walk on your own in the future."

“Grandma, you will live a long life”


Granny Qiao shook her head with a smile, and after a moment of silence, she said: “When Grandma married into the Qiao family, the Qiao family was still a big and famous family in Yu Hang, but I didn't know that the world had become so chaotic, and after so many years of fighting, the country was ruined, and now the Qiao family only has you as an only child.

Grandma doesn’t expect much from you, but I only hope you can live safely and healthily, so that I will have the face to see your grandpa and parents in the future”

“Grandma, I will be fine.” Qiao Wen held her wrinkled tree-like backhand, and realized that this hand had also been pampered without wind and rain, he felt a little bit sour inexplicably, and after a pause, “I will take good care of myself and you.

I will not stay in the walled city forever and rot here.”

As long as he remained in this world, he would take Qiao Wen's life seriously.

Granny Qiao patted his hand with relief: “Grandma knows that you have aspirations, but you are different from others, and your body can’t stand the toss.

As long as you can be healthy and support yourself, grandma will be satisfied.”

Qiao Wen nodded with a smile: “I will.”

Grandma Qiao thought about it and said, “Grandma knows that you have a good relationship with Anan, and Anan treats you better than other brothers treat their own brothers.

If anything happens to grandma, I believe he will take care of you.” She sighed.

“Anan is a good boy, but he grew up in a walled city, and didn’t like to read books and was exposed to so many bad things and there was no one to guide him well.

You have to pay attention and pull him from time to time and don’t let him go on a crooked path."

Qiao Wen smiled and nodded: “Brother Nan is like my own brother, I won’t watch him go on a crooked road.”

Granny Qiao lamented: “You all have to be fine.”

When the grandmother went back to her room to rest, Qiao Wen simply took a quick shower and lay down on his small wooden canopy bed.

Tossing and turning for a whole day was not an unusual thing when putting it on ordinary people, and Chen Jianan was estimated to be able to fight two sets of punches vigorously at this moment.

But when it came to Qiao Wen’s body it had already reached its peak.

Lying on the bed at the moment, he only felt both physically and mentally exhausted, and didn’t even have the strength to move a finger.

He had to implement his fitness plan once he got well.

Relying on his current Lin Daiyu-like body, even if he had the intention to live well in place of the original body, he was afraid that his physical condition would not allow it.

He was envious of Chen Jianan’s good body, while the envied person hung on the window like a bat, and slipped in.

Qiao Wen was speechless: “Can’t you go to the front door”

Chen Jianan climbed onto his bed, and lay down: “Come on!”

“Why don’t you sleep at home”

Chen Jianan put his hands under his head, and said, “The silly boy Hao Zai let his mouth loose in front of my father, that I didn’t go home for the past few days because I was injured in the fight and didn’t dare to return.

My father was so angry that he beat me up, I'm afraid he will wake up in the middle of the night and still wants to beat people up, so come to you to hide.”

Qiao Wen laughed: “Your dad doesn’t even stay at home for a few days a year, you accompany him.”

Chen Jianan said: “He misses me so much when he doesn’t see me, and wants to beat me as soon as he sees me.

I’ll just let him rest for a few days.” As if thinking of something, he asked, “You’ve been running so long today, can your body stand it”

Qiao Wen nodded: “I’m a little tired, but I can bear it.”

“Then you hurry up and rest.”

Qiao Wen lay down side by side with him.

The small house was quiet for a while then Chen Jianan suddenly asked again: “Is the method you talked about tonight in Furong Teahouse really feasible”

Qiao Wen laughed: “I can’t guarantee this, it only depends on luck.”

Chen Jianan: “Then what if we don’t find anyone”

Qiao Wen didn’t care much and said: “If we didn’t find it, we didn’t find it.

Anyway, Lin Zhaoming’s money was originally sent to us, and they won’t take it back.

Just treat us as poor boys taking advantage of a billionaire.”

Chen Jianan smiled: “That’s true, anyway, I’m a slum boy.”

Qiao Wen: “…”

After Chen Jianan finished speaking, he was silent for a moment, turned over and propped his head, looking at him in the dark: “Although I didn’t quite understand what you said, but I think Xiao Qiao, you are really amazing, and getting more and more interesting.”

Qiao Wen said: “So, let you read more books on weekdays.”

Chen Jianan disagrees: “This reading also does not have much to do with it.

Isn't that four-eyed boy a college student, and he didn’t think about it”

Qiao Wen said: “People can get through at least one thing.

That is whether we can succeed this time or not will depend on whether Lin Zihui can do it.”

Chen Jianan snorted: “I think he is stupid and stupid, and in likehood he can’t.”

Qiao Wen said in his heart, if you went along the original book, not only you will be rubbed against the ground by this stupid boy you’ll eventually be shot to death.

Then he heard Chen Jianan say again: “But the four-eyed boy is not bad at looking at people and can make friends.”

Qiao Wen was stunned, and laughed: “Go to sleep.”

It was really interesting that the hero and the villain became friends.

The next morning, after having a meal the two of them helped granny to open the stall.

Just as they returned to the house, they heard someone yelling from downstairs: “Anan!”

Chen Jianan rolled his eyes and leaned to the window with a smile: “Fourth brother!”

“Brother sees that you are almost getting better, do you want to slack off Hurry down and go to the stall to keep an eye.”

Chen Jianan said with a bitter face: “Fourth brother, I really have not yet completely healed."

Zhao Asi roared.

“Do you want me to go upstairs to get you down The venue has been very busy these past two days, and people are often making trouble, so you have a good watch for me.”

Chen Jianan said: “Alright, Fourth brother, I’ll be down right away.”

He retracted his head and said to Qiao Wen: “Xiao Qiao, I’m going to see the venue in the Eastern District.

You are at home by yourself, if Four-eyed boy calls and asks us to go to the restaurant, you ask Haozi to come to me.”

Qiao Wen said: “Lin Zihui has to attend classes during the day, even if he wants to call, he has to wait until the evening.” He thought for a while.

“I have nothing to do anyway, or I’ll go to the Eastern District with you.”

Chen Jianan's eyes widened, and thought he had misheard: “You want to go to the Eastern District with me Do you know what the Eastern District is You’ve been there three times, and each time you went to find me, you’ll be scared to go out for a few days.

Do you remember that time last year, you went there just in time to encounter a fight, and a client was stabbed to death in the street, and after coming back you threw up for two days and said you would never go again.

Now you’re telling me you want to follow me to the Eastern Side”

Qiao Wen knew that the original body guts seemed to be a bit more than a sesame, but he didn’t expect it to be so exaggerated.

He couldn’t help but feel funny when he heard him say that.

After thinking about it, he said, “You said it was last year.

Now I'm older and of course my courage also grew more.

And don’t you always say that I am timid, then how can I grow up without practicing”

Chen Jianan looked suspiciously, always felt that something was wrong, but when he thought about what he had done the last few days, he could only be attributed to his good brother, who had indeed grown up.

After hesitating for a moment he nodded: “Okay, then come with me.

When you get to the place, stay close to me and don’t run around.”

Qiao Wen laughed: “I don’t dare either.”

Chen Jianan didn’t take his cane, but still pretended to be limping.

When Zhao Asi saw him coming downstairs, he glanced at his feet with a frown, and asked, “Isn’t it really not okay”

“Fourth brother, why would I lie to you  It's not like you don't know I was carried out from Lord Leopard place that day.”

Zhao Asi sighed: “Okay, then you walk slowly.”

Zhao Asi was not very clear about what happened that day, and didn’t bother to ask much.

He only heard that Chen Jianan provoked the outsiders, and they came to the door, and Leopard asked them to solve it by themselves.

It is said that he was a top-notch killer in Southeast Asia, and the 49th boy under him was lucky enough to come back.

He thought about it and poked his head and said, “You little stinky boy, this time you are lucky.

In future, don't go out and cause me trouble.

If you really get into trouble, I won’t be able to protect you.”

Chen Jianan laughed happily: “I know, even if I get into trouble, I won’t implicate my fourth brother.”

Zhao Asi sprang up his two short legs and exclaimed angrily: “Am I afraid that you will involve me”

“I know, the fourth brother is for my own good.”

After walking for a while, Zhao Asi realized that a beautiful boy was still behind him, and he asked, “Your brother is going with you”

Chen Jianan replied: “He wants to go with me to the venue to broaden his horizons.”

Zhao Asi had seen Qiao Wen many times, but the kid was too timid to look up at him, and walked away with his head down without speaking to him.

Seeing him following him at this moment, he couldn’t help teasing him like a child: “Awen, isn’t it You’re not afraid Last time you went to the gambling stall to find Anan, and saw that someone was stabbed to death, and you vomited on the spot, causing your brother to carry you back.”

Qiao Wen said generously: “I used to be a little timid when I was young, but now I am much better.”

Zhao Asi chuckled softly: “You've grown a little bold.” Then he urged Chen Jianan, “Your brother looks better than a girl, but there are all kinds of people in the eastern district, and there is a good rabbit to bite, so you have to be more optimistic about people.”

The author has something to say:

Qiao Wen: Rabbit Let me show you the fangs of labor and management.


Xiao Qiao: The rabbit is the rabbit.


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