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Chapter 23.1 Big Day



After turning the corner, Qiao Wen stopped in his tracks.

Even though he only ran less than a dozen meters, his body couldn’t stand it and was out of breath.


This poor little body was so poor in quality.


Chen Jianan stretched out his hand and wiped the sweat from his forehead, while saying: “Xiao Qiao, don’t be afraid.

I won’t let Brother Fei bully you.”


Qiao Wen, who was gasping for air, raised his head and looked at him.


Through tall buildings and electric wires, a touch of evening afterglow fell on his handsome face, and his serious and determined expression at this moment was very clear.


It seems that the guy thought he was terrified by Qin Yunfei


After adjusting his breath, Qiao Wen said with a smile: “I’m not afraid of Qin Yunfei, I just don’t want to get into trouble.”


In fact, it was quite normal to be afraid of Qin Yunfei.

After all, the other party was the Hexing Club’s red stick and fling his way through the city.

But he wasn’t the former Qiao Wen, and he knew that Qin Yunfei was just insignificant cannon fodder in front of Chen Jianan’s villain halo.


If anything happens, this original villain would be his amulet.


Of course, he thought so.

But now, the plot had changed completely, and he knew nothing about the future.

So, being on the safe side, no one should get into trouble, lest there would be changes beyond control.


But there was one fortunate thing in the Hexing Society.

Although it controlled this walled city, it proclaimed itself to be the Hongmen orthodox society and also had strict rules.

One of which was not to bully the walled city people at will.

As long as he had no handle in Qin Yunfei’s hands, even if the other party saw the face of the original body, he could not really grab the civilian by force.


As thought of this, he secretly sighed, blaming the original body in his heart for having such a scourge face.


This little episode didn’t affect him.

After returning home, he took out two ledgers and studied them carefully under the dim light.


Seeing him working earnestly, grandma didn’t disturb him, but just put a cup of tonic soup on the table and reminded to drink it before going to bed.


Qiao Wen nodded, telling grandma to rest early without worrying about him.


He had been in this world for less than half a month, and he could see that his sickly and weak body, that the wind could blow away, had greatly improved under his efforts to eat and drink.

Nevertheless, this improvement was relatively small, after all, the foundation was too weak, so it would be impossible to reach Chen Jianan's physical condition in this lifetime.

But he was already satisfied with being able to climb two floors without wheezing.


Chen Jianan would always turn into a human-shaped bat and sneak in through the window to chat and sleep with him.

Today was his special day, so how could he miss it.


Tonight was no exception.


As soon as he went to bed after reading the ledger, Chen Jianan came in.


The two lay side by side on the small wooden bed.

The old fan creaked, barely blowing a cool breeze, but because they were in a calm mood, they didn’t feel hot.


Chen Jianan rested his head on his hands and asked casually: “How is the work today Have you been bullied”


Qiao Wen said with a smile, “It’s good, but the factory is mostly old workers, and they aren’t too convinced of Lin Zihui, the little boss.”


Chen Jianan said, “Four-eyed boy originally does not look like a boss.

If they run into me, they have to be convinced if they do not want to be convinced.

Sometimes the fists are very useful.”


Qiao Wen laughed: “That's right, I may have to borrow your fist later.”


He wasn’t just joking.

Since returning, he had been thinking about how to solve the problem.

He didn’t have much patience to deal with Wu Yao Dong, and needed to resolve this obstacle quickly, and exhorting a little force would only be a quick solution.


After chatting for a while, the two soon fell asleep together.


The next day, Chen Jianan had no intention of sending him out of the city.

Qiao Wen didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

He was already an adult, but was still being treated like a child.

It was really hard to justify— it was clearly Chen Jianan, a 19 years old man was behaving more like a child.


In the end, he dismissed whatever he said and went out by himself.


As usual, Lin Zihui picked him up before going to the factory.

Originally, Qiao Wen thought he was just a small secretary who rubbed the boss's car to, to and from work and felt sorry for him.

But Young Master Hui's generosity was too difficult to refuse, so having no choice he gladly accepted this kindness.


Today Lin Zihui had a pair of panda eyes, which were a bit more majestic.

He must have studied the policy of managing the factory overnight.


As soon as Qiao Wen got in the car, he discussed his plan: “Awen, I decided to hold a meeting this morning for all workers at the factory to announce my next step.”


Qiao Wen nodded: “I support you.”


‘But I don’t know if this conference will go smoothly’


When Lin Zihui heard it, he got so excited and talked about his plan details to Qiao Wen along the way.


As Qiao Wen listened, he pondered in his mind, thinking that Lin Zihui, the hero, was still a bit naive now.




At the factory.


In his office, Wu Yao Dong diligently prepared a sumptuous refreshment, especially two entire boxes of egg tarts, which Lin Zihui praised yesterday.


Aside from this, he also prepared several lace magazines with bikini girls on the covers, probably afraid that a television set was not enough.


But it’s a pity that Lin Zihui, a cool golden-fingered male protagonist, took the career-oriented abstinence route in the original book.

It was said his line of asceticism remained intact in the midst of countless flowers until the death of the great villain Chen Jianan.


But now it seems that Lin Zihui wasn’t ascetic, but lacked the necessary sex education.

Because when seeing these magazines, his first reaction was to throw them away like a snake and scorpion as if his pure heart was about to be desecrated at a glance.


Qiao Wen was speechless about his innocence.


He himself had no interest in these things, so a bunch of colorful magazines were quickly beaten into the cold palace by two young men.


Lin Zihui drank some tea to calm himself, and took a deep breath before saying to Qiao Wen: “Come, let's go to the meeting.”


The two went to Wu Yao Dong’s office next to them.


Seeing the two coming in, Wu Yao Dong asked with a smile, “Young Master Hui, do you need anything”


Lin Zihui said: “You gather everyone outside the small square, I'll hold a meeting for everyone.”


Wu Yao Dong: “If you have any requests, please let me know.

I will just convey it to everyone, there is no need for you to hold a meeting in person.”


Lin Zihui's face sank, and he said with a rare serious and cold expression: “What Uncle Dong thinks there is something wrong with me giving a meeting to the workers”


Wu Yao Dong was taken aback by his sudden change, then with an awkward smile, he said, “Of course, there's no problem.

I’ll ‌gather the people in the courtyard.”


The courtyard outside the factory was enough to accommodate over three hundred people.

Workers dragged their feet and lined up in a row, the scene was very noisy, it seemed like they were not here for a meeting, but more for entertainment, talking and laughing.

Obviously, most of the workers did not pay attention to Lin Zihui, who was standing in the front.


It was Wu Yao Dong who said ‘quiet’, only then did the line quiet down.


Lin Zihui stood up straight, cleared his throat, and began his speech: “Today I gathered everyone here for a short meeting to get acquainted with each other.

Although everyone should know my identity, I still formally introduce myself.

My name is Lin Zihui, the son of President Lin.

He arranged for me to take care of the factory affairs.

I know that most of you are veteran employees and have rich experience.

I am new to the factory, so please take care of me."


After a pause, he introduced Qiao Wen next to him, “This is Secretary Qiao.

From now on, he will work with me and Uncle Dong to manage the factory.

I hope that our factory will have a prosperous performance with the joint efforts of everyone.”


He prepared this speech for a long time and spoke with full passion.


However, before his speech was over, many people underneath had begun to whisper among themselves, not even whispering, but openly talking to each other, occasionally low laughter erupt up.


Everyone knew that a boss-Lin Zihui, came to the factory, but many didn’t see him.

At this moment, seeing him as a young boy wearing glasses, followed by a secretary who was a teenager, many people naturally found it funny and didn’t take the two, as a matter of fact.


In addition, Lin Zihui was just the illegitimate child raised outside by Lin Zhaoming, this matter had long been spread throughout the factory.

So in the eyes of the workers, Lin Zihui’s status was obviously far inferior to Wu Yao Dong, a veteran who had been with Lin Zhaoming for more than 20 years.


Seeing the situation was chaotic, and even the small boss himself was openly ignored, Lin Zihui, who had accumulated enough courage, was a little uncomfortable and coughed lightly, looked at Wu Yao Dong to motion him to maintain order.


However, this time Wu Yao Dong seemed to be completely ignorant of his words and expressions, turning a blind eye to his gestures, just standing beside him with a smile.


Qiao Wen narrowed his eyes and saw that Wu Yao Dong was doing it for a purpose.


It seems it was time for the secretary to step in to help the boss solve the problems.


He glanced at the line below and two tall men, at last, caught his attention.

Clearing his throat, he said loudly, “The two big brothers, please come forward.”


The direction of his gaze was very precise, and everyone followed him and saw the two people.


Qiao Wen nodded at the two people who came over.

“you two”



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