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Chapter 27 The villain is considerate of others


After a day’s rest, Qiao Wen resumed his working life as Secretary Qiao.


Lin Zihui was still full of guilt when he came to pick him up and apologized.

He even brought a box of snacks from the teahouse.


Qiao Wen got into the car, looked at him up and down, and asked with a smile, “Brother Nan sent you out of the city the day before yesterday.

Didn't he do anything to you”


Lin Zihui shook his head hurriedly: “No, no, just told me not to trust people casually in the future, and don’t make you tired.” Saying this, he scratched his hair in annoyance, “The day before yesterday, that person said he knew you, and you were a boy, so there was nothing wrong with it, but I didn’t expect the world to be so sinister, I was too careless.”


Qiao Wen didn’t care much and said: “It’s alright, don’t think too much, just keep an eye out in the future.”


Lin Zihui nodded: “I didn't expect to encounter so many things in less than a week after I went to the factory.

If it weren’t for you, I don’t know how to handle it.

But I forgot about your poor health.”


Qiao Wen said: “I’m originally working for you, and I did my own duties, didn’t work overtime or overwork.

I fainted because of my health, it's not your fault.

I’m afraid you’re probably the first one in Hong Kong City who picks and drops your secretary.”


Lin Zihui scratched his head, embarrassedly.

“Don’t talk about working or not, you are my friend, just here to help me.

If you feel uncomfortable in the future, you must tell me immediately.”


Qiao Wen nodded: “Well, thank you, Zihui.”


After the rectification, the working conditions of the workers of the Ming Yue Factory have been completely renewed.

The increased salary was not a small amount, but it was simply Uncle Dong's money returning to the workers.


In this way, the factory still had a long way to go to make money.


Not long after the work began, a prominent man came to the factory — Lin Zhaoming.


Although Lin Zhaoming didn’t care about the Ming Yue Factory for a long time, he still had eyes and ears on it and was well aware of what had happened in the past few days.

As a dad, the reason he put his son here to exercise was that he felt that Lin Zihui’s personality was too simple and gentle, and afraid that he would suffer great losses.

In fact, letting him come to Ming Yue Factory was to give him a preliminary understanding of the complexities of society, but he didn’t expect him to be able to use it all at once.


He also thought that when he encountered difficulties, he would come to complain to himself and ask for help, but who knew that in just a few days, they would revolutionize him


In the end, he found it unbelievable and had to come and visit the production line and warehouse in person before he was completely convinced that his son was in charge of the factory.


Of course, he also knew very well that it wasn't entirely his son’s credit.

When Lin Zihui reported to himself on the phone, he also said that it was Secretary Qiao’s idea.


In the office, Lin Zhaoming sipped hot tea, and look.

While amiably at Lin Zihui: “Zihui, you are doing a lot better than I expected.”


Hearing the praise, Lin Zihui was a little embarrassed, while rubbing his head he said: “If it weren’t for Awen, I wouldn't have been able to straighten out the factory so quickly.”


Lin Zhaoming smiled and looked at Qiao Wen and nodded approvingly: “Secretary Qiao really surprised me.”


The young man’s performance at the beginning made him feel that he did have some talents, he thought his son must have to have his own talents around him in order to achieve his career.

It just so happened that the two seemed quite compatible, so he let him follow his son.


But after all, he was just a kid who had just graduated from high school, no matter how talented he was but lacked experience, so he partnered with him to his silly son.


Now that the situation was in front of him, it proved that he had underestimated this young man.


Qiao Wen showed a humble and gentle expression and replied: “Mr.

Lin is wrong.

I just came up with a trivial idea.

The success depends on Master Hui's decisiveness and courage.”


Lin Zhaoming smiled and calmly looked at the young man opposite.

If he didn’t look into him carefully, he really thought he was a weak and beautiful young man.

But he has been in the business world for decades, so he didn't dare to say anything else, but he still had some skills in reading people.


There was a kind of calmness in this young man's eyes that didn’t seem to fit his age, but he was frank and magnanimous, without cunning and shrewdness.


It's interesting.


Unexpectedly, his silly son, who only knew how to study, could make such a good friend.


Putting down the teacup, Lin Zhaoming took out two red envelopes from his pocket with a smile: “Zihui, Awen, I am very satisfied with your performance these past few days.

This is a reward red envelope for you.

If you have time, buy something you like.”


Lin Zihui hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Abba, I have enough money.”


Lin Zhaoming smiled: “This is your work reward, not pocket money.

If you don’t take it, how can Awen accept it”


Lin Zihui was stunned, then reacted quickly and took the red envelope.


Qiao Wen was amused.

Of course, he wouldn’t feel embarrassed.

In just a few days, he helped to drive Wu Yaodong away, and because of fatigue, he fell into Qin Yunfei and was frightened.

So he really deserved some reward.


He accepted the red envelope and squeezed it.

It was quite thick, but as a humble Chinese, he didn’t open it on the spot and waited until Lin Zhaoming finished speaking and left before pulling out the banknotes in the red envelope.


A full 2,000 yuan and his monthly salary was only 1,000 yuan.


It was indeed true that if you follow billionaires, then you could eat meat.


Lin Zihui felt that his contribution to the factory was insignificant, and wanted to give Qiao his share of the money as well, and let him buy a gift to Chen Jianan as a token of appreciation — of course, the main reason was he did something wrong, in this way, if he brought Chen Jianan then next time when he saw him he wouldn’t do anything to him.


Qiao Wen naturally didn’t want it either, but after a little thought he accepted it.


Because this time everything went so smoothly, it was indeed Chen Jianan's credit, so he really deserved a reward.


That day after finishing the work, he didn’t directly go to the walled city, but called Haozi and asked him to tell Chen Jianan to meet him at Causeway Bay Xin Xin ice room at 7 o’clock.


After that, he took a tram and went to the mall over there.


Two thousand yuan was a big sum, and it was the first time he earned it himself.

First, he bought some nutritional supplements for his grandmother and then went to a high-end shopping mall to choose a pair of foreign brand sports sneakers for Chen Jianan as a gift.


Then carrying a few bags, he went to the Xinxin Ice Room.



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