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Chapter 6 Seems like a mishap.


By exploiting the fact that Kowloon Walled City was outside the law, Zhao Shanhai led his subordinates all year round to collect money for killing and set people ablaze.

After doing so, he retracted into the walled city, just like a fish in the sea, without being punished.


Over the years, Zhao Shanhai recruited lots of 'talented people' who were living in Hong Kong and were unable to find a way out, relying on these desperate people to help him do everything possible to cut off his sons and grandchildren.

It was simply a golden sign.


Lin Zhaoming ranked as a wealthy businessman in Hong Kong.

It was reasonable that someone wanted his life to find Zhao Shanhai.

With Lin Zhaoming’s net worth, his ticket won’t be cheap naturally, and as a wealthy businessman with a lot of money, bodyguards always follow him in and out on weekdays.

Assassinating him was by no means easy.

Unless Zhao Shanhai got water into his brain, he would find an inexperienced 49th boy to do this.


After doing evil seed successfully for so long, the possibility of Zhao Shanhai's mind suddenly getting into the water was extremely slim.

Then there was only one possibility, Chen Jianan was just sent to distract the audience and serve as cannon fodder for the real killer.


But in the original book, he actually succeeded in one fell swoop before the real killer and was neither caught nor left any evidence.

It’s no wonder that after he finished this job, he was promoted to society's red stick.


In that thought, Qiao Wen looked at the feasting youths on the other side.


Unaware of the situation, the young man enjoyed his meal, and he seemed to have completely forgotten why he had come here.

He looks nothing like a killer.


Qiao Wen felt funny and realized that although relying on the memory of the original body, he could recognize Chen Jianan at a glance.

But it was precise because Chen Jianan was too familiar in the memory of the original body.

His appearance had nothing to do with beauty it was as if he was a unique and abstract existence.


At this time, Chen Jianan was wearing a peaked cap with a thick beard around his mouth, making it impossible for people to see his true face.

Nevertheless, the dark eyebrows and straight nose gave the impression that he was born well.


Chen Jianan soon noticed his gaze, raised his head, and asked curiously: “Xiao Qiao, Why are you always looking at me” 


Qiao Wen laughed and said, “Haozi said you're going to raise money for my medicine.

To raise the medicine money, do you have to put on a beard and disguise yourself”


Feeling guilty Chen Jianan cleared his throat and said, “Isn’t I going to find someone to borrow it With a beard, I look more mature and stable.” He said, as if suddenly remembering something, “Didn't some of our neighbors leave the town and make money outside It occurred to me that friendship may always prevail, but before I could say it, they started crying about being poor and having no money, which really annoyed me.”


Having said this, he was almost filled with indignation.

Two days ago, he ran out to borrow money from those old neighborhoods that he had heard of prospering, but it turned out to be a slap in the face.

At the Tang house in the walled city, the relationship between everyone was so good.

Now they couldn’t wait to take a detour when seeing him.


With gritted teeth: “When I get rich in the future, I’ll slap their faces severely with banknotes.”

With a smile, Qiao Wen asked: "How do you plan to get rich As a bad boy gambling money to sell white noodles"


Being blocked by him, Chen Jianan suddenly felt a little guilty.

He didn’t dare to look at his smiling eyes and just cover up by putting macaroni in his mouth and muttering: “I won’t be a bad boy forever.



Qiao Wenxin said to himself, ‘You're not going to be a bad boy for the rest of your life, because you have the ability to become the boss and then get shot to death’.

He thought about it and said, “Brother Nan, I'm fine.

You don’t need to get money anymore.

When I get better, I will find a job.”


Chen Jianan looked up at him and said, “You better take your time to find a job.

I have inquired that even going to the office as a clerk required a lot of work.

Your body can’t bear it, don’t force it.”

Qiao Wen said: “I have a sense of measure.” while eating slowly.


Chen Jianan also slowed down after a chew in order to keep pace with him.

Although he was still as slow as usual, but the amount of food he ate was not too small.

It was simply a rare sight, both surprised and delighted he carefully looked at his pale face, which clearly had a bit of color under the nourishment of food.


Chen Jianan was happy in his heart.

He only felt that Qiao Wen today seemed a little different from usual.

As for the difference, he couldn’t say what it was.

Anyway, it was a good thing.

So he couldn’t help but grin and didn’t forget to give his favorite snack in his bowl.


Qiao Wen originally wanted to eat more, but he was really weak in his body.

Moreover, he was afraid that something might happen if he stayed too long in the teahouse.

So he decided to take advantage of the killer's hand to drag Chen Jianan out of the teahouse first.


After putting down the chopsticks and wiping his mouth, he said, “Brother Nan, I’m full, let’s go back.”

“Okay.” Chen Jianan beckoned the waitress to settle the bill.

Because he ordered too much, he rummaged through his pockets, along with the few dollars given by Qiao Wen, which was just barely enough for the evening tea.


Poor, the two children were terribly poor.

After getting up, Qiao Wen felt dizzy.

Fortunately, Chen Jianan reacted quickly and held him in his hands, and complained in his ear: “Why did you come so far alone when you said you just got off the ground Luckily, I met you.

Otherwise, you would have fallen on the side of the road, and no one would have cared about you."


Qiao Wen took two deep breaths, and the dizziness slightly eased.

The body was in such bad shape.

He waved his hand: “I’m fine, Brother Nan.”


While speaking, he glanced at the assassin not far away and moved slightly.

He subconsciously turned his head, and as expected, the door of the room where Lin Zhaoming was in opened from the inside.

First, his outstanding bodyguard walked out, after scanning around he respectfully stood at the door, then Lin Zhaoming came.


Next to him was Lin Zihui: “Abba, then you go to the bathroom, I’ll make you another pot of Biluochun.”

“Yeah.” Lin Zhaoming lovingly patted his son on the shoulder, then turned and walked to the bathroom at the end of the corridor on the left. 


Naturally, Chen Jianan also saw Lin Zhaoming.

He lightly glanced at the man’s back and thought to himself that was originally his goal tonight.

He was lucky to have escaped a disaster today.

He cocked his lips, then withdrew his gaze, no longer caring.


Meanwhile, the killer sitting in the elegant seat has stood up.


Chen Jianan helped Qiao Wen to go to the stairs.

But, Qiao Wen's heart started pounding involuntarily, as seeing the assassin approaching.


He convinced himself that he had changed the plot, and he had to leave this place right away.

However, something was bound to happen unexpectedly just as the killer passed the two of them, he accidentally ran into Chen Jianan, who was walking outside.

The man obviously didn’t care about this little thing and continued to walk on without looking back.


But this dumb Chen Jianan fumed angrily: “Don’t you have eyes”

His voice was not small, attracting the attention of several people next to him.


The killer turned back at the sound of his voice, and a pair of black eyes looked coldly at him.

The falcon-like eyes, with fierce murderous intent, made people unconsciously shudder.


If it was someone else, they would be able to tell by the look in his eyes that it was not a good thing.

However, it was not clear whether Chen Jianan was born with a lack of roots or if he was simply very bold and became accustomed to living.


He directly took the killer's look as a provocation.

He lifted his chin and snickered: “Yeah, that's quite rude!”


The killer slightly narrowed his eyes without response, he turned to intend to leave.

But just before taking a step, Chen Jianan stepped forward and grabbed his wrist: “Hey, you haven’t apologized yet.”

Qiao Wen just felt remorse and wanted to pull the bastard back.

It was just that the killer was faster, almost instinctively shook his hand, the strength was so great, the unprepared Chen Jianan stumbled over the Qiao Wen side.


Qiao Wen’s body, which fell when the wind blew, could not withstand the collision.

Although Chen Jianan's eyes quickly spotted and grasped him, his waist still hit the corner of the table.

His current body was as delicate as soft tofu, this slight bump brought a burst of pain, he couldn't help but gasp, and tears almost burst out.


When Chen Jianan heard his groan, he immediately cursed at the killer who left after throwing him away: “Fuck!”


He originally planned to let him go after a few words so as not to cause trouble.

But he bumped into Qiao Wen, who was just getting better, so it would be a different matter now.

“Brother Nan—” Qiao Wen wanted to stop but it was too late.

Chen Jianan had already let go of him and lunged towards the killer in front of him.

Of course, the killer's reaction was extraordinary.

He sensed the presence of a man and avoided his attack.


Chen Jianan missed a shot and quickly followed, swung his fist toward the killer's face, and swept under his feet.

The man ducked the fist but did not evade the legs.


In the original book, the big villain Chen Jianan was a fist-based man.

He studied the eight extremes of the Duan’s, and his skills were excellent.

It was just that Qiao Wen always takes care of him on weekdays, and it was not a good thing to show his ability in places like the Kowloon Walled City, so he only relies on a set of eight punches in fights and never shown his true ability to people.

This was also the reason why he was still in the Forty-Nine boy in Hexing Society for two years and hadn't made a head start.


But now that he was outside, he didn't have to hide it, so he came up with two vicious moves.

The assassin didn’t intend to pay attention to him, but he was almost kicked by his foot, and he was furious so after standing firm, ruthlessly pounced on each other.

Because there were tables and chairs all around, the two of them shrank from the thunderstorm, but they kept hitting the tables and chairs next to them while the guests, frightened by their fight, leaped downstairs while screaming.


Seeing the fight, the waiter in the tea room didn’t dare to step forward but hurriedly called the police.

Such a big movement naturally alarmed Lin Zhaoming and the bodyguards who were at the end of the corridor.

It was clear that the bodyguard was an experienced person.

Looking back, he suddenly became alert and shoved Lin Zhaoming, who was in front of him to the room next to him: “Mr.

Lin, get inside!”

Seeing that he had been exposed, the killer didn't fight anymore.

He tossed Chen Jianan away, while retrieving a Mitsubishi army knife from his waist, leaped out of the seat, and sprinted forward.


Chen Jianan burst into anger, stormed back to Qiao Wen, and asked: “Xiao Qiao, are you okay”

Qiao Wen clutched the sore spot on his waist and shook his head: “It’s okay, let’s go.”


However, Chen Jianan glanced at the corridor, suddenly drew a dagger from his waist, and said through gritted teeth: “Wait for me.”

On the other end, the assassin had already confronted Lin Zhaoming’s bodyguard, and the military assassinations in his hand moved deadly.


Up to this point, Chen Jianan didn’t realize that the man who bumped into him was just like him, a killer sent by Zhao Shanhai.

Seeing that he just ran to him without apologizing, and was still carrying a military dagger at the teahouse, it was clear that he was an extremely evil person, he felt a sense of justice suddenly rise in his heart.


So he let go of Qiao Wen and dashed at him.


Lin Zhaoming’s bodyguard had suffered several injuries and he fell to the ground and saw that the killer was about to unscrew the door beside him and get in to take Lin Zhaoming’s life.

But, Chen Jianan’s sudden entry blocked the killer’s movements from breaking into the house no matter what.

The situation quickly reversed to two-vs-one.


In the stalemate, the sound of a police car rang downstairs.

The killer fiercely waved his hand twice, then turned swiftly, ran to the window on the side, banged the window, and jumped downstairs to escape.


Chen Jianan wanted to chase but was pulled by the bodyguard: “Little brother, don’t chase.” He knocked on the door next to him, “Mr.

Lin, it’s okay.”

The door opened, and Lin Zhaoming, who was leaning on a cane, came out: “Azheng, where’s the killer”


The blood-covered bodyguard gasped: “He escaped.” He raised his chin to Chen Jianan, “I am not sure where this assassin came from, his skills were too fierce.

If it weren’t for this little brother to help, but only me I’m afraid that something big would happen.”


Upon hearing this Lin Zhaoming looked at Chen Canan with a grateful expression.

Taking a business card from his pocket and handed it to him, and said solemnly: “Thank you, little brother, this is my card.

Lin will definitely thank you for saving my life today.”


Chen Jianan's anger also dissipated with the killer's departure.

Now, looking at the white-haired man in front of him, he finally realized what he had just done.

Taking the card, he was speechless for a while.


“Abba!” The terrified Lin Zihui ran over from nowhere and tightly grasped Lin Zhaoming’s arm.

Lin Zhaoming waved his hand: “Abba is okay.”


Lin Zihui asked with lingering fear: “Why would someone want to kill you”


Lin Zhaoming was calm and said with a smile: “There are people who want to kill your dad every day.”

While the father and son exchanged their concerns, Chen Jianan had slipped to Qiao Wen, who was waiting for him.

He took his hand, and said, "Xiao Qiao, I might have gotten into trouble, let's go first."

He wanted to pull Qiao Wen to run downstairs, but it turned out that the opponent’s body couldn’t run at all, so he bent over and picked him up, and quickly fled downstairs while the tea room was still in chaos.


Reaching the gate he looked around, and after seeing that the door was chaos, no one paid attention to them, he quickly slipped into the darkness behind him in his back.


Qiao Wen lying on his back, let out a sigh in secret after escaping from the chaos.


The plot has changed completely.

Not only did this guy fail to become a murderer, but also prevented the real killer and became Lin Zhaoming’s lifesaver.


It was indeed a mistake.

Zhao Shanhai would probably blow his dog’s head.


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