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Chapter 8 His love for him was always magnanimous.



“Not yet.” Qiao Wen sat up and answered him.


Chen Jianan hung in the air, using his legs to prod the window open, and he cleverly got in and fell into the ground.

The man made no noise as he fell.


After he stood firm, he stepped forward two steps, and with a turn, he accurately fell on Qiao Wen's bed.


Qiao Wen subconsciously moved away to make room for him.

However, this single bed was too small that it was barely enough for two grown men to fit in it.

Even if he was stuck on the wall, his body was still close to each other.


Chen Jianan just showered, wearing only loose pants.

His smooth skin was a little cool, but it brought a touch of refreshment to the sultry night.


“Something” Qiao Wen asked.


Chen Jianan turned to him and hesitated: “It’s … nothing.

I just couldn't sleep, so I came to talk to you."


Because the bed was too narrow, this movement accidentally touched Qiao Wen’s waist injury, causing him to hiss in pain.


Startled, Chen Jianan abruptly stood up and asked: “What’s wrong”


Qiao Wen was afraid that he would wake up the grandma in the inner room, so he hurriedly put his finger in front of his lips and shushed then whispered back: “Back pain.”


As if remembering something, Chen Jianan lifted the hem of his T-shirt, leaned towards his waist, and in the dim moonlight, he faintly saw a green color and asked: “Did it knock in the teahouse”


As the scorching breath trickled down to his waist, Qiao Wen felt a tingle and nodded: “It’s okay, it's just a little pain.”

 “How can it be all right, it's all bruised.

Wait a minute, I'll get the medicine and give you a rub.” He turned over and tiptoed out of bed to the wooden cabin, taking out a bottle of medicine from in and back to the bed familiarly.


Qiao Wen had just lied on his stomach.


Chen Jianan: “You bear with it.”




Chen Jianan grew up practicing martial arts and often fights and brawls.

Injuries were common in the fights, so he was very skilled in this set of tasks.

Initially, Qiao Wen didn’t care about the bump, but this body seemed to be born afraid of pain, even if he prepared mentally, he could not help but burst into physical tears.


Feeling the tightness of his body, Chen Jianan hastily finished: “It’s all right.”


After putting the medicine back on the bed, he stretched out his long hand to embrace him: “Awen, your delicate skin and tender flesh were destined to be a young master.

It's really hard for you to be here, but don’t worry when I make money in the future, I will let you live a good life.”


Qiao Wen laughed: “Then tell me how you are going to make money”


“I…” Chen Jianan just said casually.

Young people always had such aspirations and lofty ambitions, which were nothing more than dreams to be happy, but in fact, they never thought about it and being asked by him, he choked.

“I haven’t figured it out yet.”


Of course, Qiao Wen knew he hadn’t thought about it yet.

But, what can a nineteen-year-old boy know When he was 19 years old, he and Lin Nan were always making trouble every day, to the point that the two families could not stand it, and packed them up and threw them into army training sessions.


After thinking about it for a moment, he returned to his work and asked, “Brother Nan, is there something you want to tell me”


Chen Jianan was taken aback by his question, he did have something to say to Qiao Wen.


Before taking a shower and preparing to go to bed, he thought that today's matter should not be kept from him, so he climbed over the wall-to-window-and-to-bed.

But when facing the soft tofu man, he was afraid that he would make him upset, so he made a normal conversation first.


Now Qiao Wen opened his mouth, after hesitating for a moment, he closed his eyes and said: “Didn’t I promise you that no matter what I wouldn’t deceive you, but today there is something I lied to you, I will confess to you now, but you promise me you’ll not to be angry.”


Qiao Wen knew what he was going to say, with a calm smile: “I won't get angry.”


“That’s it.”


“I really won’t get angry.”


Chen Jianan sat upright, putting on the appearance of a serious conversation, he began: “I actually went to the Furong tea house tonight, not for tea, but to kill someone.”


With that, he paused for a while and carefully studied Qiao Wen, hoping to see how he would react to it, to make sure he wouldn't be furious by it, before daring to continue.


Under the dim light, Qiao Wen’s pale face was calm as usual but because it was too calm and there was no sign of a storm, it made Chen Jianan even more uncertain.

His heart frightened, and he tentatively asked: “Xiao Qiao, Why aren’t you responding”


Qiao Wen said quietly: “Is it to raise the money for my medicine”


Hearing that he was really calm, Chen Jianan was a little relieved and nodded: “You’ve been running out of breath in these two days.

Uncle Hua said that he’ll immediately send you to the high-end foreign hospital, maybe they can save you.

But the foreign hospital charges are too expensive, and we have to pay the fee before the treatment, we have no money.

So, I went to ask the fourth brother to take me to Lord Leopard and beg him to lend me money.

Lord Leopard did not give me the money directly but gave me a job to make money, let me kill someone, if it’s done, he’ll give me ten thousand yuan.” with that he paused and continued, “But, I didn’t expect you to suddenly appear in the teahouse and seeing that you are fine, I gave up the task.

As for what happened later, you also saw that I am not the only killer tonight, and I accidentally interrupted that killer’s actions.”


Qiao Wen said: “So the person you want to kill is also Lin Zhaoming, right”


“Yeah.” Chen Jianan nodded, then reacted and asked strangely.

“How do you know this person”


“I saw Lin Zhaoming’s picture in the magazine, and when he gave you his business card in the teahouse, I recognized him.”


Chen Jianan suddenly realized that he had already confessed everything, still, Qiao Wen didn’t have any big reaction.

He couldn’t help but was very surprised and suspiciously asked, “Are you really not angry”


Qiao Wen smiled and said: “You did it for me, of course, I am not angry, and you haven't killed anyone”


Chen Jianan finally heaved a sigh of relief, and he grinned from ear to ear.


Qiao Wen glanced at him and said.

“Brother Nan, don’t be too happy.

I'm not angry with you, but what you said earlier about that you got into trouble.

I am afraid that you have really got into trouble.”


For Chen Jianan, not being angry was the big thing.

As for his own misfortune, he was in the backline.

He indifferently said: “Leopard only said that he was giving me a chance, but he didn’t say anything about being failed to kill.

Since he sent me a small minion to kill it just to confuse people, he certainly didn’t expect me to get things done.

It’s just that I won’t get the money and was going to be reprimanded by him for being useless.

Anyway, I’m only going to be a useless 49th boy.

The killer doesn’t know me, so don’t worry.”


Qiao Wen sat up and said: “Brother Nan, you're thinking too naively.

Although that assassin doesn’t know you, he must be clear about the arrangements of Lord Leopard.

How can he not know that you are the one who disrupted his actions tonight” Taking a deep breath he continued, “Guess what will happen once he will go to Lord Leopard for an explanation because you didn’t complete the task What will Lord Leopard do with you”


Upon hearing this, Chen Jianan felt flustered.


Qiao Wen said: “Lin Zhaoming is a billionaire.

There's no need for me to tell you how much his life is worth; you already know it yourself.

Lord Leopard is likely to lose this golden pot because of you.

Do you think he will not be angry Of all the things, you didn’t know anything about it and also a member of society, so he can't find any reason to punish you except to beat you up.

But if the assassin comes to his door and asks someone because of this, the situation will be different.

I guess Lord Leopard will use the so-called rules of the arena to let you deal with it yourself.”


Chen Jianan looked at him confused.


“It's to let you two settle it by force.” Qiao Wen paused and said, “This will not only give the killer an explanation but also allow the other party to help him deal with the troublesome forty-ninth boy.

It's fair to say that you were beaten to death, and you can't blame him for that.”


Chen Jianan nodded thoughtfully: “This is indeed Leopard’s style.”


Qiao Wen asked: “Do you think you can beat that killer”


Chen Jianan thought about it and nodded with certainty: "It should be no problem."


He's not bluffing.

He started martial arts in elementary school, and his master was his drunkard uncle.

Don’t think he was drunk and unconscious all the time.

In fact, he was a master of Bajiquan when he was young.

After he had taught all his skills to his nephew, he died in peace with the wine jar.

(** Bajiquan - is a traditional fighting style known for its direct and powerful striking.

"Eight Extremes Fist" Martial Art**)


However, before he perished, the old man left him a word.

‘That, in a place like the Kowloon Walled City, if you want to live a stable life, you must be too weak and don’t show your power.

At the same time, you also have to know how to hide your talent and don't show off your skills unless you have to.

Because once you reveal your true ability, you would inevitably be targeted by those triad bosses, either becoming enemies or their people to work for them and embarking on the path of no return.’


So, even though Chen Jianan used to play cat-and-dog fights since childhood, all he used was Wangbaquan that bad boys often use.

In the eyes of others, it was nothing more than a Wangbaquan that made a good bad boy, not on the stage, so he was able to play a role of a bottom forty-ninth boy in Hexing Society safely.


Qiao Wen naturally knew his skills because, in the book, the villain Chen Jianan was highly regarded for his (Bajiquan)fighting skills.

Later, he turned from black to white and always wore a straight suit.

He was a well-known suit thug.


The suit thugs couldn’t even beat a Southeast Asian killer who appeared out of nowhere.

It was simply a joke.


Qiao Wen thought for a while and said, “Brother Nan, at a time like this, you can’t reveal your skills.

It will be very troublesome if Lord Leopard finds out what you’re capable of.

The killer must have retreated from the battlefield in Vietnam.

He is not powerful in fighting, but he has all murder tricks, especially his Mitsubishi Army knife, if you’re not careful you’ll get killed.

It's a bit of trouble to be safe and sound in his hands without showing anyone that you can able to beat him.

But…” After pondering for a moment, he said, “Since this is Lord Leopard territory, he will definitely not let the killer do whatever he wants.

If I guess correctly, according to the rules of the gang, he will set a time for you, such as Banzhu Xiang (half incense).

As long as you delay the time as much as possible and protect yourself with your eight punches it will be fine, of course you will definitely be injured, but it doesn’t matter if you bleed a little to look a little more miserable to make people believe that you are lucky to pick up life back.”


Chen Jianan thoughtfully nodded and suddenly looked at him with a burning gaze: “Huh Xiao Qiao, you hate fighting and killing the most, how come you know so much”


Qiao Wen smiled indifferently: “It’s not that I'm worried about you that something might happen, so I racked my brains to think so much.

This is just my guess if this is the case, you should act on your own.

But you must be careful don’t let people hurt your vital.


Chen Jianan nodded and lay down with a sigh of relief.

He put his hands under his head and thought for a while, then stretched out his hands to pull Qiao Wen down and lie side by side with his head: “Xiao Qiao, don’t worry.

I will be careful.”


Qiao Wen gave a hum, and after a while, he suddenly asked: “Brother Nan, have you ever thought of leaving the walled city”


Chen Jianan lazily said, “Of course, I do.

Who doesn’t want to live in a bungalow villa in Repulse Bay of Taiping Mountain.” After that, he laughed, “When we are rich, we will buy a big garden house.

Your grandmother, my dad, uncle, and Haozi will each have a room, and a whole family will live together.”


Qiao Wen: “That's a good idea.

Also, do you want to marry a few wives and have a bunch of children”


Chen Canan stretched out his hand and tickled him, and smirked: “I think it’s Xiao Qiao, you want a wife I tell you, girls in Hong Kong are now open-minded if they see a beautiful boy like you, they can’t wait to pounce on you, you have to be careful in the future, don’t be fooled by the woman and deceived.”


Qiao Wen’s delicate body couldn’t stand his attack and soon began to pant, pushing him feebly: “Brother Nan, stop it.”


Chen Jianan smiled and withdrew his hand, then extended his arm again, stretched it under his neck, and wrapped his thin shoulder, then smiled at him with head tilted.


At this time, Qiao Wen's pale face flushed slightly, and under the faint moonlight, he looked like a fragile and distorted beauty.


Chen Jianan felt so good, with pride he couldn’t help but hug and kiss him on the forehead: “Xiao Qiao, why are you so pretty, better than the best-looking girl I've ever seen”


It was a kiss without any ambiguity and lust, just a pure expression of affection.

His love for Qiao Wen was always so sincere.


It’s like a good brother who really loves his brother and was so proud of it.


Qiao Wen naturally could feel the feelings of these two young people.

It was a brotherhood without any distractions, so he accepted the kiss with peace of mind and naturally fell asleep in his arm.


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