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Chapter 11: Undercurrent (2)

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Chen Ruoqiu was stunned. She looked at the old madam, who was obviously unhappy, and said reluctantly, “Although thats the case, its really too careless of you to fall into the pond. How do the maids around her take care of her In my opinion, its better to replace these maids.”

Shen Miao lowered her head. “Why does Third Aunt want to replace Gu Yu and the others They were all left to me by my father and mother. Now, many people in the West Courtyard have changed. I dont know any of the second-class maids who were recruited here a few days ago. If you replace Gu Yu and the others, I wont know who to talk to in the West Courtyard.”

Ren Wanyun stopped smiling.

In the west courtyard, Shen Xin and his wife were not in the capital all year round. Almost all the servants in the courtyard had been replaced. There were people from the old madam, the second branch, and the third branch. However, because Second Madam was managing the house, there were naturally more people from the second branch. If outsiders heard this, they would think that it was because the second and third branches were up to no good that the daughter of the first branch did not know a single servant in her own courtyard.

Ren Wanyun glanced at Chen Ruoqiu and then said to Shen Miao, “Your third aunt is just joking with you. Gu Yu and the other girls are just careless. Our Shen family is kind-hearted and wont do such an inhumane thing. Dont be anxious.”

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Shen Yuanbai looked at his mother, then at Chen Ruoqiu, and yawned. Old Madam Shen was a little impatient with the verbal battle between her second and third daughters-in-law. Seeing this, she said, “Its done. Its just some trivial matters. Second Madam, bring Yunbai over and then you all can disperse. You people are giving me a headache.”

Ren Wanyun quickly carried Shen Yuanbai to Old Madam Shens bed and said, “Mother, then well leave first. Yuanbai, be a good boy when you play with grandma.”

Chen Ruoqiu glanced at Shen Yuanbai, placed her hands on her stomach, and slowly walked out of Rongjing Hall. The second branch had a son, and Old Madam Shen thought highly of him. No matter how capable she was, she only had a daughter. In the Shen family, the things of the first branch would be snatched away sooner or later. If she had a son, she would at least be on par with the second branch…

As she thought, Chen Ruoqiu raised her head and her gaze landed on the few people heading towards the west courtyard.

The girl was wearing a dark red dress. She had always liked to wear bright colors, and without her parents by her side, she did not know how to dress up.

Now, the dark red color made her skin look even fairer. She still looked the same, but her aura became more powerful.

Gu Yu whispered, “Miss, youre not fully recovered yet. Why are you in a hurry to go to Guangwen Hall Since youve already explained your condition, theres no hurry to go to school.”

“No.” Shen Miao interrupted her. “Prepare the carriage immediately.”


For some reason, Gu Yu shivered with fright and did not dare to ask anything.



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