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Chapter 7: Old Madam Shen (2)

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In fact, the west courtyard was located in a more remote place than the east courtyard. Even the sunlight was not enough. It occupied an area less than half of what the east courtyard did, so there was really nothing to shout about. However, Shen Xin was quite satisfied. After getting that piece of empty land, he felt that he had gotten a huge bargain. Shen Xin and his wife were both from families of generals. They didnt desire much. As long as they had a cabin, they wouldnt fight for a castle.

Shen Miao used to be very unhappy with the west courtyard that her family occupied. She was envious of the elegance and grandness of the east courtyard and blamed Shen Xin for it. Now, looking back, Shen Miao couldnt help but laugh at her stupidity.

Although her courtyard was simple, it was by no means shabby. It was filled with simple elements, unlike the glittering decorations in the east courtyard.

After turning a corner in the long corridor and passing by an extremely exquisite garden, she walked to the door of Rongjing Hall.

Probably to create a scholar vibe, Rongjing Hall was decorated very elegantly. There was a plaque hanging at the door, and the copper handle made of pine cranes was exquisite and agile.

“Fifth Miss is here,” Xier, who was beside Old Madam Shen, said.

Shen Miao stepped into the hall.

The scene in Rongjing Hall was harmonious. Almost everyone was present. The second madam of the Shen family, Ren Wanyun, and the third madam of the Shen family, Chen Ruoqiu, stood next to the old madam. Shen Qing sat beside the old madam with a plate of snacks, and on the other side sat the younger boy of the second madam of the Shen family, Shen Yuanbai. Shen Yuanbai was only five years old. He grabbed the snacks and was about to stuff them into the old madams mouth, making her laugh uncontrollably.

No one seemed to notice Shen Miaos appearance until Shen Yue smiled and said, “Fifth Sister, why are you here so late Seventh Brother is about to finish the candies.”

Shen Miao nodded. “Im probably not fully recovered yet. I was a little dizzy after taking two steps, so I rested for a while on the way. Thats why I came late.”

Everyone in Rongjing Hall fell silent.

A moment later, Ren Wanyun smiled and said, “I think Shen Miao is really unwell. She has seen the doctor twice in the past few days. Fortunately, she looks fine now.”

“Are you feeling better” A hoarse and stern voice with a trace of impatience was heard saying.


Shen Miao looked up at Old Madam Shen.

The smile on Old Madam Shens face had disappeared, and she raised her head proudly. She was already 70 years old, but she was still wearing a peach-colored dress with narrow buttons and a green turom button at the collar. Her silver hair was coiled into a bun, decorated with jade beads.

She was a woman who was very particular about her appearance. In her previous life, when Shen Miao was in Old Madam Shens boudoir, she had always thought that Old Madam Shen was the most noble woman. That kind of elegant and beautiful temperament in Old Madam Shens later years made Shen Miao fascinated by her. Now, she felt that it was a little ridiculous.

Old General Shens first wife, Shen Xins mother, was born into a rich family. She was a true daughter of a rich family. Unfortunately, she died of illness in her middle age. Later, when Old General Shen was marching past a place, he saved a singer from a local ruffian. The singer had nowhere to go and begged to be his concubine. She gave birth to Shen Gui and Shen Wan for Old General Shen and was later made a proper wife.

The singer became Mrs. Shen and then Old Madam Shen. Her reputation and status had changed, but she was still a despicable person. Shen Miao still remembered that in her previous life, Old Madam Shen forced her to marry the crippled duke of Yuzhou to pave the way for Shen Qing.

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She looked at the woman in front of her. When Old Madam Shen was young, she was beautiful. Her face was sharp, and her eyes were big and watery. When she was old, she was like a drum with two eyes on it.

Shen Miao, who had been an empress in her previous life, thought to herself and said humbly, “I feel much better after drinking the medicine. Thank you for your concern, Grandma.”

The next second, Old Madam Shen shouted, “You unfilial daughter, kneel down!”



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