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Venomous Empress Reborn Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Sharp Edge (1)

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“Unfilial daughter, kneel down!”

However, Shen Miao did not move.

Everyone looked at her in surprise. Shen Xin was not in the mansion all year round. Shen Miao was brought up by Old Madam Shen, and Old Madam Shen was strict with her. Shen Miao had a weak and dull personality, and she had never refuted Old Madam Shens orders. Why didnt she kneel today

Was it really because when it came to the Duke of Ding, she wouldnt ever budge

“Grandmother, I dont know what I did wrong,” Shen Miao said calmly.

“Is Fifth Sister crazy from the fever” Shen Yue was the first to speak. She looked anxious. “Grandma was just angry and didnt really want to punish you. Why are you so stubborn”

With that, she accused Shen Miao of talking back to her elders.

“How dare you! This is outrageous!” Old Madam Shen sat up straight in anger, and her voice was sharp. Shen Yuanbai was eating the candy in his mouth. After being frightened by Old Madam Shen, he accidentally dropped it and started crying.

“Seventh Brother, stop crying.” Seeing that her youngest son was crying, Ren Wanyun immediately took a few steps forward and hugged him. She looked at Shen Miao with disdain. “Fifth Mother, are you crazy Who taught you to talk back to your elders”

Shen Miao looked at Ren Wanyun.

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The second madam, Ren Wanyun, had a plump figure. She was wearing an indigo long-sleeved dress. Her face was rosy and she was fair and chubby. She looked amiable and kind. She usually had a smile on her face and was in charge of the family. Everyone in the Shen family respected her for being fair and just. She was undoubtedly a good madam.

Shen Miao used to think so too. Later on, when she got married, Shen Xin spent almost half of his familys assets on dowry. However, when Shen Miao finally arrived at the Duke of Dings mansion, the dowry was very little. What happened Of course, Ren Wanyun stole it.

Ren Wanyun took away all the valuable things in the dowry. Because of that, Shen Miao was ridiculed by everyone in the Duke of Dings manion, including the servants. All thanks to this just and fair madam.


“Second Aunt, do you also think that I did something wrong” Shen Miao said softly, “But I dont know what I did wrong.”

“Idiot!” Old Madam Shen couldnt help but curse, “Dont you know shame You were peeping at the Duke of Ding and embarrassed our Shen family! How dare you talk back to me Who taught you to be so shameless!”

Shen Miao sighed. Old Madam Shen was usually very arrogant, but once she opened her mouth, she sounded like a dispicable old woman. Which old madam of a rich family would curse like that She was just like a prostitute. In her previous life, Shen Miao didnt think so, but after becoming the empress, she felt that talking to Old Madam Shen was lowering her status.

“Peeping at the Duke of Ding” She tilted her head and asked in confusion.

Shen Yue couldnt help but say, “Fifth Sister, although I know you love the Duke of Ding, you really brought disgrace on the family by peeping at the Duke of Ding and falling into the water because of that. The Duke of Ding must be unhappy. Fifth Sister, youd better find a chance to apologize to him.”

In previous life, Shen Yue said the same thing, and Old Madam Shen agreed. Shen Miao felt embarrassed and refused, so she was locked up by Old Madam Shen in a fit of anger.

Shen Yue looked gentle and elegant, but her thoughts were unpredictable. Shen Miao couldnt help but glance at her.



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