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3023 Golden Sun Tyrant Titan

Red Cardinal Salan…

Black Druggist…

Just hearing these two titles was enough to cause people enormous panic.

People had been horrified more than once when they heard about the cruel actions of the Black Vatican.

They heard it from others, and some of their friends had experienced it.

Red Cardinal Salan was in this city In Athens!

She was the one who turned all the jasmines and olive flowers into poppies, but why did she do it


Suddenly, a violent fluctuation came from somewhere like a turbulent and swift wind and hit the bustling city fiercely.

Many people fell to the ground, and countless petal fragments were blown in one direction, hitting peoples faces and the walls of those buildings.

“Is it an earthquake”

People were staggering to and fro and could not determine the source of the energy that swept over them.


They heard the sound again, but there was no overwhelming energy wave.

It felt as if a powerful force was squeezing the city.

Thousands of glasses, shop windows, and French windows on the streets shattered.

Those sharp fragments shot away like shrapnel and attacked the densely packed people on the street.

Suddenly, the injured fell.

“Whats going on What the hell is going on”

“Is this an attack This is Athens!”

Countless Athenian Mages jumped onto the buildings, and many people with high-level cultivation flew to the sky.

The knights of the Parthenon Temple and the Adjudicators of the Hall of Judgment also flew to higher places.

The range of energy fluctuations was so large that the entire city had been affected.

There must be some terrifying magic being cast somewhere, and the source must be found immediately!

However, when the third attack came, the mages of Athens still could not find the source of the attack.

The terrifying energy seemed to appear out of thin air in Athens.

On the election altar, Haylon, the Lord of the Hall of Knights, and Norman stared at the sky.

Under the white clouds was a dazzling scorching sun.

Its radiance shone in Athens and turned the clouds into a platinum color!

But why was the sun under the clouds

“The energy comes from there!” Haylon said while pointing at the dazzling sun.

Waves of energy from the sun How could this happen in real life Only in mythology was the sun very close to the earth!


They heard the fourth loud bang.

Athens seemed to have experienced an earthquake, and countless fine cracks appeared on the streets…


Someone pointed at the sky.

The sky became scorching, and the sun was so bright that people could not open their eyes.

But even so, they could still see the bright sun under the white clouds spit out black spots of flame toward the city!

The attacker was actually the sun! The black-striped flames fell from the sky into Athens.

Those flames looked like black spots a few seconds ago, but when they fell on Athens, they were as huge as a black flaming mountain.

They were so horrifying that countless people fainted at the scene!

“Black-striped flames and dazzling sun that approaches the city…” The Hall Mother, Pamise, looked at the incomparable evil sun in the sky.

The creature only existed in ancient Greek mythology and was even declared extinct.

The ancient giant who once ruled the whole kingdom of Greece…

“Activate the Parthenon Barrier to protect the city!” shouted Lord Haylon.

The knights dispersed immediately and used special medal tokens as barrier nodes.

They shuttled through the crowd and stood at the intersection of the crisscrossing streets.

A silver-blue light rose rapidly like a vast roulette, suspended less than a few meters above the domes of the high-rise buildings.

It enveloped all the urban areas, streets, and crowds occupied by the knights.

The black-striped flame attacked, so the time was critical.

If the Parthenon Temples knights had not been insisting on high-level training all these years, it would be impossible to complete the expansion of this barrier in such a short period.

Haylon, the Lord of the Hall of Knights, let out a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, he found the source of the attack in time.

Otherwise, the barrier would not be able to block the attack so smoothly.

But what was that thing in the sky

It resembled the sun, so people didnt think of it differently when it hung in the sky.

“Is that a face on the sun” A knight saw something.

He pointed to the sun.

There was a face in the sun!


Its not only a face.”

“Oh my god, is the sun turning into a person”

People in the city were horrified.

The sun was slowly transforming.

A human face appeared first, followed by a torso, then limbs!

In ancient Greek mythology, the god of the sun was called Apollo.

Parthenon Temple even used the Greek gods as titles for the strongest knights.

But in fact, the myth was not completely fabricated.

There were some ancient documents from the Parthenon Temple that describe a real sun hovering in the air.

“Golden Sun Tyrant Titan! Apollo!” Izisha stared at the sky in disbelief.

Golden Sun Tyrant Titan.

The ancient god was still alive in this world!

The Parthenon Temple had been preaching to all the people that the Golden Sun Tyrant Titan had been killed.

Some remaining Titans hid in the Italian mountains, Greek mountains, and Alps as barbaric monsters.

It was a way of telling people that under the radiance of the Parthenon Temple, they no longer needed to fear the Titans.

However, a Golden Sun Tyrant Titan that only existed in myths and legends had appeared above Athens.

Its figure was the same as the sun, but it was so close to the city and the people.

How would the Parthenon Temple explain this

Golden Sun Tyrant Titan.


It was still alive! It was above Athens, looking down on the city full of people.

It even let out a burst of laughter like a heat wave, mocking these mortals living in reinforced concrete!

It was the Mad Poppies…

These innumerable poppies attracted the Golden Sun Tyrant Titan!

“Please accept a little gift from me, great god Apollo.” The Black Druggist bent down and bowed reverently to the sun in the sky.

The sacrifices adorned with Mad Poppies were 800,000 Greeks.

The people who betrayed the old god!

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