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We Are All Sinners Chapter Four-Damon

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If you hate a person, then you

e defeated by them. -Confucius

Pulling out of school took more effort hen I thought. I was stopped by not one but two annoying ass teachers wanting to know why I was leaving school without permission. I told the first one keeping some decorum that I was heading to a dentist appointment where I would meet my dad.

The other however didn get such a nice response. In fact, he had got no response instead I stared at him and pulled off. I needed to leave there as all I could see was red. And as much as I would love to see everyone around me bleed by my hands my goal wasn them. No, it was a bratty little brunette that needed to learn her place.

As I drove to the address given to me by the easily convincible office worker, I thought about all the ways I would tame her. I wanted to bend her to my will, at first, I could have ignored her, maybe even seen her as an acquaintance since we were now science partners. But her lack of control for her anger made my anger worse.

I white knuckled my handlebars for the 20-minute drive. My mind barely able to focus on the rode as I pushed the speed to 90 MPH even if it was only a 45.

I finally pulled up to a drive road I ground my teeth and left out a haggard breath. Great some dirt to go with the paint I thought to myself as I continued on, as much as I didn want to deal with the dirt the thought of her under my knife made the dirt seem minuscule. I stopped the bike and walked to the little half alive trailer that should probably be condemned and banged on the door.

When it opened, I was greeted by a hefty man same height as me so about 62" but he definitely looked like he had one to many beers with the bloated stomach peaky out under his shirt. Checks out, the trash was raised with trash. Maybe I should just take them all out doubt many would miss them. "The ** can I do for you?" the man who was slurring his words barked out. Ignoring his frustrated undertone, I stepped in and looked around for aria. "THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" he yelled out again raising his hand that held a beer towards me. "Im here for Aria, quite mumbling like it will help. Is she hiding?" I said in a cool dark tone.

I had a goal but if he didn watch his mouth, I would take his tongue. The urge to use the knife in my pocket grew more the longer I was in this mans presence. "Aria? That bitch HA I threw her ass into the street forever ago now. Id be surprised if she wasn dead or at least maimed by the men in this town that would prey on her in the- "

He was cut off by my knife leaving my hand and slipping across his cheek. I admired the red that came from the cut but cringed at how unclean he is making my blood lust dwindle. Im not sure why what he said made me so mad Im sure whatever the wench did to get her fathers wrath was warranted but the idea of him touching her in that way the way I wanted to, make my skin crawl.

She was now my target to be abused and no one else could touch her until I decided I was good, or she was in the ground. And yes, I would kill her Ive done it before Ive gotten away with it plenty.

I walked towards the wall where my knife stuck out of as her dad grabbed his face and grumbled. "What the ** did you do that for! Ill kill you, you little- "jeez this guys talks a lot. This time he was cut off by me grabbing his hand and placing it on the wall only to stab into his middle finger displacing it from his right hand. "Shut up or else next it will be your tongue."

I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a paper towel and a old grocery bag. "Now that was a warning touch her again in anyway and your life will be forfeited. If you see her turn and leave." I picked up the finger with the paper towel and placed it in the bag. "Ill be taking this; I feel like you won miss it." With that I walked out of the house a little satisfied but not fulfilled. Where the ** is she I said at I put the bag with her fathers finger into the front pocket of my back bag"

Before I pulled out, I spit shinned my knife not wanting that trashes blood on it longer then needed. Ill have to remind myself to bleach it later. Feeling a little defeated I hopped on my bike and pulled out deciding where to go next. After about 30 minutes of riding around I saw a little bar to the left side of the road. It seemed packed but my style, I turned off the bike and shrugged out of my riding jacket exposing my arms that were covered in tattoos. My right side was filled with angels and flowers my right was demons and thorns they meet on my back into a war scene. One of my favorite subjects the human conscious and battle between right and wrong.

Passing the sign at the door reading Jays Bar" I walked inside a musty stale smell in the air. The music was loud and Im not sure how anyone around here could think yet for me that might be better. Especially with my search being a dead end and my bike still having a red spray-painted dick on it. I walked toward the bar my fake ID in hand. I only saw one bartended a male that looked more like a surfer then a damn biker yet here we are. I walked up to him and yelled out above the music for a jack on the rocks double. As I went to hand him my ID, he shook his head and moved to grab the bottle and glass making my drink and sliding it over. "I haven seen you around these parts before" the male spoke with a southern accent.

How peculiar surfer boy and a county bumpkin. I couldn help but laugh a little to myself. "I just moved this was from Washington state." The man looked like he never saw anyone from that far away. "This is a long way from home well uh first drink is on the house. But don tell the others." He joked as he nodded and walked off, I raised my glass to him then took a good sip from my drink. Leaning against the bar I smelt it, a flowery smell all to familiar. Turning I scanned the room before finishing my drink when I saw her over the tip of the glass.

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