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As silence descended in the tent, someone cautiously opened their mouth to speak.

“First… first giving it a try does not sound like a bad idea.”

After him, another person voiced a similar opinion.

“We should first try digging, and if we are blocked by a rockwall, we can just evacuate, no Just going back home like this seems like such a waste.”

“We don’t stand to even lose that much if we do so.

I think we should give it a try.”


The instant Nadia uttered the words ‘military law’, the consensus inside the tent seemed to tilt towards agreeing.

And while her compliance with military law was reassuring, dedicating some time to digging the tunnel didn’t even involve that big a risk.

The moment they hit even the smallest pebble, they would just turn around and prepare to retreat.

“My lord… shall we give it a try”

“We have nothing to lose either way.”

“I think so too.”

Glenn exchanged looks with the knights.

They seemed to have all agreed to follow Nadia’s plan.

Except for one person, who did not look him in the eye.

It was Giscard.

Nadia turned to talk to Giscard again.

“How does it sound If I lied, it’s an opportunity to remove the eyesore of an enemy’s daughter from Winterfell.

You will be justified too since I suggested it.

My father will not be able to protest.”


“Aren’t these conditions very favorable to you, Sir You have nothing to lose if my words are true, and you only stand to gain if I am lying.”

That was true.

Even if they didn’t go as far as capital punishment, it would be enough reason to send her back to her natal home.

However he looked at it, it was welcome news to Giscard.

After thinking for a while, he finally spoke.


Let’s go along with Madam’s plan.”

“Very good.

Is there anyone else who disagrees” Nadia asked.



No one spoke out in disagreement.

When she saw that, Nadia beamed.

“Now that you have decided to take me at my word, shall we come up with a plan Successfully digging the tunnel is not the end, as you all know.

Count Altair could always come back to declare war after some time.”

“Yes, just capturing Vallon castle is not enough.

Even if we take the territory, stabilizing and managing it will take a long time.

The best thing is to…”

Glenn paused to think, before continuing.

“We have to catch Count Altair.”

“Yes, correct.

You have to take him prisoner and then make him sign an inviolable treaty of nonaggression.

And make sure to include a clause saying he will give up ownership of Raina territory as a price for losing the battle if he comes again.

That way, there will be no more room for him to make trouble.”

Nadia turned her gaze towards Glenn, the two of them locking eyes.

They were already deliberating how to capture Count Altair even before finding out if her words were true or not.

Anyone else seeing them would scornfully laugh at them for building castles in the air.

However, when Glenn looked into Nadia’s emerald eyes, for some reason he thought, “not one word of what she has said is false.”

“If you don’t capture Count Altair and only take the castle, it will be a half-baked victory.

I have never led troops into battle before, so I have neither confidence nor the skill to effectively manage all this.

The marquis will have to designate someone to handle the minutiae.”

“…if we fail to capture him, we won’t be able to lift our heads.”

“Do not worry needlessly.

Of course you will succeed.”


From this point on, there was nothing Nadia could do anymore.


‘It’s your field of expertise from here on out.

I have spoon-fed you this much, so you should be able to manage the rest.’

After putting pressure on them to succeed at all costs, Nadia looked at Glenn.

Seeing her eyes stare straight at him, Glenn began thinking.

‘She… she believes in us.’

……They got their lines a bit crossed, but in any case, she had succeeded in strengthening his resolve.

Glenn’s hand that was holding the table became tighter.

‘I already owe her a debt.’

If he couldn’t even eat the feast she had laid out for him, how could he ever lift his head high again Even if only for the sake of his pride, he couldn’t become such a loser.

“I will make sure we win.”

No one could tell if he was talking to Nadia or to himself.

With a determined mind, he again turned to look at the table.

The unfolded map showed a detailed drawing of the area’s terrain.

After the castle wall falls, what would Count Altair do

Glenn thought long and hard before beginning to speak.

The knight’s gazes all gathered at the same place.

The army secretary once again picked up his quill pen to resume recording.


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