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He had wanted to make up for the defeat suffered previously, but did not have the courage to march out through the castle gates.

But then, turning around with no wins  would not help him save face as a lord.

And now, in the midst of all that, the enemy forces had come to his walls, of their own volition, making themselves ready prey for him to capture.

How could he bear to stop them Even the powerful cavalry that Winterfell was so proud of was of no use when it came to sieging a castle.

The Marquis of Winterfell definitely could not hold the siege for a long time.

It meant the winner of this time’s territorial battle was already decided.

The count, smiled contentedly, feeling exceedingly confident.

“That newbie marquis seems to be quite anxious.

The farming season will be starting soon afterall.

Of course, he would be pressed for time.

Watch and see.

He’s only going to lose his men and return home with his tail between his legs!”

“Indeed! My lord’s mind is as unmatched as ever.”

“What unmatched mind It’s just wisdom gotten through old experience.”

He feigned humility as he spoke, but he had a pompous expression on his face.

He relaxed again on the chaise while gesturing to send the soldier off.

“That will be all, so take your leave.

I think I will take a break now.”

“Yes, my lord.

As you command.”

The soldier, having made his report, bowed respectfully and left the room.


Complete victory.

It was an unbelievable overwhelming victory.

The army that had never dreamt of the walls of Vallon castle falling actually broke through its walls like it was a mere sandcastle.

Who could have imagined that the problem that had plagued Winterfell for so long could be so easily solved

Glenn looked around at the master office, as he stayed seated.

Living up to its reputation as a wealthy fortress, every place his eyes touched was covered in dazzling ornaments.

To think that he would one day be seated here.

As he was lost in his emotions, the husky voice of a middle aged man interrupted his thoughts.

“I, I surrender! I said I surrender! Sword, the sword.

Remove the sword!”

Disheveled hair and completely tattered clothing.

A face that was covered in dust and soot here and there.

It was the Count Altair who had been the owner of the luxurious office only a day ago.

The count, looking utterly miserable, now knelt while demanding continuously in a raised voice.

Considering that there was a sword to his neck, it was quite an impressive act.

“Marquis of Winterfell! Are you completely without any pride as a noble Nowhere would a noble who has been taken prisoner be treated this roughly.

Nowhere! You must follow aristocratic law!”

“Pride Aristocratic law”

At the words he had never thought he would hear, one of Glenn’s eyebrows rose.

Was that why such a coward was still able to shout, even with a sword to his neck Because he believed those things would save him

Glenn stood from his chair.

His lithe movement was like that of a resting beast languidly moving its body.

He walked right before the petrified count and spoke.

“It hadn’t even been half a year since the Winterfell army returned from the Karla’Ai expedition.

So much blood was spilt to stabilize the kingdom’s borders and to safeguard the lives of the citizens.”

“What, what does that have to do this, this situation!”

“Of course you would ask.

Was it that noble pride that made you declare war on soldiers who had put their lives on the line for the kingdom, not even allowing them a moment to breathe”


“You were the one who did the shameful, petty tricks, but we have to protect noble pride Have you no conscience”

“I……” [4]

He could find no rebuttal even if he had a hundred mouths.

Hadn’t he indeed calculated that the Winterfell army would be weakened after a long campaign

However, he couldn’t just remain silent.

He raised his head stiffly and began spewing absurd words.

“But… but even if you’ve won the battle, you still cannot take the life of a noble person! If it is known that I’ve been harmed, the marquis of Winterfell……!”

“Count Altair seems to be quite naive.”

A woman’s voice rang, interrupting his rambling.

The count turned his head towards the direction the voice came from.

A woman with a slim build approached from where the knights were standing.

He could tell it was a woman from the voice and the build, even though she was completely covered by a robe and had her face hidden by the robe’s hood.

He stared blankly at her, his eyes blinking as he thought.

‘Why is there a woman here’


[4] The sound here was “크읏…….”, like when someone grunts.

Basically, Glenn’s speech shocked him so he had nothing to say.


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