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The other party is connected in only a few seconds.

After being separated for less than a day, Yan Luqing heard his familiar voice again.


She said bluntly: “Gu Ci, where are you taking your classes”

“Huh” He seemed to be stunned for a moment, and then replied: “Today is a special circumstance.

I was in the lab classroom, so I will be a bit late.”

Gu Ci took off the other glove as he spoke.

After the bell ended, his report had been shown to the professor.

After taking the glove off, he turned around and left the lab classroom.

After several seconds, Yan Luqing still didn’t speak.

When he saw her call, Gu Ci had already thought of the reason.

——After the driver picks her up from her campus, they come to his campus.

She probably called because she was in a hurry.

But then, Gu Ci suddenly thought of the sentence she asked earlier.

Why did she suddenly ask ‘where are you taking your classes’

“Could it be that you…” Gu Ci had just said these words and Yan Luqing, who was originally silent over there, immediately took over the words.


I am in T University.” Her tone was calm, but it was also like a broken pot of anger.

“I originally came to pick you up from campus.”

Gu Ci’s footsteps stopped suddenly.

“But I……” Before he could speak, Yan Luqing said bluntly, “I can’t find the way.”


Picking up someone and getting lost while she is at it

Indeed, this is something that only she will do.

If she successfully picked the person, it would not be the Yan Luqing he knew instead.

A smile slowly rose on the bottom of Gu Ci’s eyes.

He switched to another hand to listen to the phone and walked towards his classroom, “Where are you now”

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As expected, Yan Luqing reported his classroom number.

In fact, this is in the same building as the lab classroom, only two floors away.

Gu Ci soon saw Yan Luqing who was waiting outside the classroom door.

Maybe because the weather was getting colder, she wore a thick-looking top, which was short and cute, and her legs were thinner.

At this time, she was looking up at the wall of fame in the corridor with her eyes wide open, looking very serious.

Although she did not successfully pick up the person and she went to his campus, it was still him who went to pick her up in the end.

But the moment he saw Yan Luqing standing outside the door of that classroom, a very pleasant emotion rushed to him.

Gu Ci watches for a while before walking towards her.

In the corridor where there were no people, the sound of footsteps was very clear.

Yan Luqing soon looked over following the sound.

Because the exit was close to Gu Ci, Yan Luqing also walked towards his direction.

The two walked towards each other and soon stopped.

Gu Ci seems to always have only three colors of black, white and gray.

The light of the setting sun that is coming from behind can even be strangely integrated with the cold tones on his body.

The atmosphere and background are even like comic scenes, and his face is naturally worthy of a male lead in the comic too.

After staring at each other for a while, Gu Ci blinked.

At that moment, many images from last night suddenly came to mind——Yan Luqing inexplicably thought of the time when she was lying on his lap, and her heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

Then she quickly looked away.

After that, he was the first to break the silence.

“Why do you suddenly want to pick me up, Owner” Gu Ci smiled and called her the way he had called many times last night, but then he didn’t give her a chance to speak and continued, “It really made me feel moved.”


After last night’s sequelae, Yan Luqing felt uneasy all over when she heard the words ‘Owner’, and the feeling of hot and dry came from the bottom of her heart.

The more she thought about it, the more she forced herself to divert her attention, thinking: No… I didn’t really come to pick you up.


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