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But Gu Ci already said ‘moved’ so she couldn’t say that out.

In addition to the so-called plan, there were many reasons for picking him up that flashed up in her mind.

Maybe she was touched after watching the interview video in the so-called CP building.

It may even be a simple brain short circuit…

But there is still one most reliable reason.

“It’s a matter of exchanging courtesy.” Yan Luqing raised her head and said meaningfully, “Gu Ci, don’t you know this idiom best”

Her eyes were quite direct, and even seemed to have a little bit of scorching temperature, and she aimed it directly at him.

It was rare for Gu Ci to be stunned by her words and Yan Luqing was happy when she saw this.

Then the classroom door next to them suddenly shook and a few seconds later, three young men sprang out of the door and their eyes fell on her and Gu Ci.

The classroom is close to each other, and the classes and majors are more or less connected.

The eyes of these three people clearly recognize Gu Ci, as if they had been in the same class.

One of them looked the most surprised.

He stared with his eyes so wide that it looked like copper bells and then he called at Gu Ci familiarly: “Brother Ci This is——”

Yan Luqing watches as the person in front of her takes back his expression just now, turns his face and smiles at the three of them: “She came to pick me up.”

With a tone that seemed as if he was joking.

Which seems to have a little bit of showing off too.

Yan Luqing: “……”

It turns out that Gu Ci will not shy away from it at all.

Then where’s the ruined reputation go to

His reputation——he doesn’t care at all about it!

Those several young men seemed to have suddenly become lively.

As soon as they heard Gu Ci’s words, they immediately began to roar.

“Woohoo~! Got picked up~!”

“You are already in university but there is still a tradition of getting picked up from school after class I also want to have a girlfriend then.”

“Got it, got it! Hahahaha, this little sister, are you here to declare sovereignty” The young man then made a ‘tsk’ twice, “I am really dying from the sourness.”

Yan Luqing: “……”

Good heavens.

After wasting so much time, it turned into her coming here to proclaim her sovereignty instead!!!

There’s a strap on the front side of Gu Ci’s shoulder, which is his school bag——without any decoration, it is a pure black one shoulder bag of moderate size.

While not knowing what to say, Yan Luqing suddenly saw him smiled at her.

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While that smile made her heart beat faster, it also made the alarm bells in her heart rang——

After that, Gu Ci tilted his head slightly, and suddenly took off the bag that was slanted behind him with one hand and carried it in his hand.

“Didn’t you say it’s about exchanging courtesy” He handed his bag to Yan Luqing and his eyes curled up as he said, “Let’s go through the procedure of picking up from school then”

Going through the procedure.

It means that she also has to go through the procedure of him picking her up at that time.

Yan Luqing was stunned by his actions at the time, and almost forgot that Gu Ci has indeed provided a full set of services——Not only did he find the right classroom and appear at the right time, he also picked up her school bag and carried it in his hand after he met her.


Yan Luqing lowered her eyes and looked at Gu Ci’s hand in front of her.

It forms a sharp color contrast with the black strap.

The hand is white and slender, and even the interphalangeal joints are very beautiful.

After all, she found the wrong classroom, and her picking up the person turned into her being picked up instead.

There should be no loss in just carrying a bag.

Thinking so, she reached out and took his bag.

At first, the three people on the side couldn’t understand the act of Gu Ci pulling down his own bag, but when he finished speaking, the beautiful sister in front of him took his bag and they immediately understood it in just a few seconds.

Then they began to roar loudly again, and the sounds are even louder than before——

“Is it because I didn’t do a good job in the lab class, so I was punished to see this”

“Although I study a lot, I am also very skeptical whether I can really get a girlfriend by letting the girl carry my school bag”

“You are you, Gu Ci is Gu Ci.”

“Damn! You beat me!”

Yan Luqing: “……”

Fortunately, although the three of them had broken mouths, they knew how to judge the situation very well.

They walked farther and farther while shouting, and finally disappeared at the corner of the corridor.


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