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Saw Hae-Hyun in the basketball court... The sight wasn pleasant. She was not alone but with 4 people surrounding her, they weren just standing there doing nothing but, Hae-Hyun..was hurt not just mentally but physically as well...they were constantly throwing things at her.. anything they could find one girl threw water on her.. and one of the supposedly male friends of the girl took his belt out....and slashed whipping her with it as she hissed in pain.. Ahh....left HaeHyuns mouth as he whipped her again, she was crying yelling for them to stop,

"STOPP!! Sobs.. P p please!!" Left hae-hyuns mouth..

Time stopped...

Why is it the closets that hurt u the most... Why is it the people that u once loved once trusted once cared for treated u like ** just because they heard things from others and saw things without knowing the story.... The number of Relations u make matters right?..as everyone isn temporary in life right? This was messed up.

Back to reality...

As Han finally what was happening her heart skipped a beat seeing the state, the boy was about to whip her again as Hae Hyun got ready for the pain... That was about the strike her as her tears dropped down from her face not being able to bare the pain and humiliation it felt as the other girl and boy recorded and took pictures..they didn have shame not even a bit of it.

The boy strikes the belt only for Hae-Hyung to not get hurt.. but Han covered her... Not caring whether she was getting hurt herself she moaned in pain.. Ah! As her eyes teared but held back the fountain, looking deeply at the sisters swollen and red eyes.. Inches away as the boy kept whipping making Hans back red..and bruised badly.. Hans eyes flared with the contentment of hatred and anger she wanted to break their faces and fingers off...she wanted to beat them to hell... It hurt this was absurd... But she didn take any action.

"Look at these weak asses" scoff " these mear insolent bitvhes" the girl said as the others laughed.

Hae-Hyung was too traumatized to say anything. She just sobbed, joining her hands together gently near her chest.. crawled up into a ball crying under her sisters protection.. As she mumbled unnie I am sorry.. shh was the only Han said until she-

Thats a lovely sister bonding chapter Humm? what can I say I don have a sister hehe. But truly family they may act as if they hate u don give a damn about u but they will try to be there for u..when u need them if they see u remember. (author thought)

leave ur thoughts id wanna hear:)


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