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“Forget it, I cant go back anyway. Lets solve this problem at hand first.” The professionalism of a forensic doctor made Yin Tao exceptionally calm in the face of a crisis.

After a moments consideration, she decided to move out of the Yin home first. Yin Tao was now an intern at the police station, so she should be able to apply for a dormitory.

“As long as I dont ask for trouble by being in the female protagonists way, those things shouldnt happen…” Yin Tao thought for a moment and started packing her luggage. If she continued to stay in the Yin home, she would either be at odds with the female protagonist or be seen through. It was better for her to hide far away.

After a while of busying, Yin Tao packed her luggage and brought some basic daily necessities. She took out her cell phone and realized that she could actually remember the account password. It seemed that part of the original Yin Taos memory still remained in her body.

“This makes things easier…” Looking at the tens of thousands of yuan in her bank account, Yin Tao smiled. Although the original Yin Taos family didnt like her, they didnt treat her too shabbily as they were a wealthy family after all.

With some money on hand, food and accommodation at the police station, and the original Yin Tao having the same profession as her, it was not too bad to have transmigrated to her role. Yin Tao smiled bitterly and sighed as she helplessly pulled her luggage downstairs.

“What are you up to this time” Zhao Yues face sank when she saw Yin Tao dragging her luggage down the stairs. The mother and daughter duo, who were originally happy and harmonious, became tense because of Yin Taos presence.

“Oh, I work too late sometimes. Its more convenient for me to move to the dormitory.” Yin Tao had no feelings for the mother and daughter in front of her, so her tone was a little stiff.

“Ive already said that you should quit that lousy job as soon as possible and work in your Dads company so that it wont be difficult for you to get married in the future!” Zhao Yue had a headache whenever she thought of Yin Taos job. Her personality was bad to begin with, and with such a job, which man would want to marry her

“You dont have to worry. The profession of a forensic doctor is very good and Ill work hard too!” Yin Tao ignored Zhao Yue. Just as she was about to leave, she heard Yin Nings voice coming from behind her. “Elder sister, Mom is just worried about you. You know that both Dad and Mom dont like your job!”

Yin Tao was a little surprised to see Yin Ning pretending to be concerned. When she was reading the novel, she didnt realize that the female protagonist seemed to be a little pretentious.

“Younger sister, mind your own business. Best of luck!” Yin Tao patted Yin Ning on her shoulder and gave her a forced smile. After saying that, she left the Yin family villa without looking back.

“This girl is really getting from bad to worse!” Zhao Yue smashed the cup on the coffee table furiously as she watched Yin Tao leave.

Yin Nings brooding eyes darkened as she comforted Zhao Yue, “Mom, dont you think elder sisters behavior is a little abnormal”

“Isnt she still the same! Always making me worry!” Zhao Yue was in a fit of anger and didnt feel that anything was amiss.

“If you had asked her to resign in the past, she would have definitely made a scene with you.” Seeing that her mother had calmed down, Yin Ning continued, “Sister doesnt like the job of a forensic doctor either. Shes just dissatisfied with you making her work in Dads company.”

“Its not like I dont know, Yin Tao has been pitting herself against you in every aspect since she was young!” Zhao Yue sighed and said, “But how can she compare to you in any way!”

When Yin Ning heard Zhao Yues words, her mood improved a little. She wasnt worried that Yin Tao would compare herself to her at all. Only Yin Taos recklessness and stupidity would make her appear gentle and sensible in comparison.

However, Yin Taos gaze just now made Yin Ning very uneasy. Compared to her usual jealousy and hatred, her gaze was calm and relaxed, as if she was looking at a stranger. Moreover, she didnt seem to be so resistant to the profession of a forensic doctor anymore, and she seemed as if she had really planned to work hard.

After Yin Ning was reborn, the plot had always been under her control, so Yin Taos abnormality made her feel very uneasy. She was a little worried that the tragedy of her previous life would repeat itself.

Yin Ning frowned her long and slender brows, and she bit her lower lip. In this life, she was the only one who could make a change.

After leaving the Yin villa, Yin Tao followed the original Yin Taos memory and arrived at the police station smoothly.

The police station was located in the city and was a long distance away from the Yin villa. Yin Tao felt that her decision to leave the Yin home was correct. Not only would she be able to stay away from trouble, but it would also be more convenient for her to work in the police station.

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As soon as she entered the police station, Yin Tao took out her cell phone to contact the original Yin Taos master. In the novel, Yin Taos master, Su Ning, was a very experienced forensic doctor. He was an upright person who took his work seriously. He used to treat the original Yin Tao quite well, but because the original Yin Tao was passive and indolent in her work, Su Ning did not have a good impression of her.

Yin Tao secretly resolved to change everyones impression of her. Although she wasnt prepared to have anything to do with the main characters in the novel, she still valued her job as a forensic doctor and would definitely take it seriously.

She found the number in her cell phones call history and was about to make the call when she saw a young girl with a bright smile running quickly towards her.

“Xiaotao, arent you resting at home today Why are you at the police station” The girl was not tall, but her voice was very loud.

“Oh, Im here to apply for a dormitory.” Yin Tao carefully sized up the girl in front of her and tried her best to recall every character in the novel. She was a supporting character after all, so the only person she could chat with at the police station was probably that rookie detective who had been briefly mentioned.

“Bai Luo” Yin Tao said tentatively. When she saw that there was nothing unusual with the girls expression, she continued, “Is there a spare dormitory in the police station now”



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