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  Jiang Zhengqin’s face suddenly turned white.

His eyes turned to the fearless young man and he ruthlessly glared at him.




“He’s lying.

It’s not what he said!” Jiang Zhengqin didn’t expect to meet Wen Zheng at the reception of Xia’s family party.

What was more, with Wen Zheng’s character of caring for no one, he still cared about such a small matter.




“Yes, I want to make an appointment with him.

He promised.

Otherwise, why would he accept my business card Now he’s pretending to be pitiful here.” Jiang Zhengqin, fearing that others would not believe him, continued to remedy the situation.




“How did he appear at such a high-end cocktail party without an invitation He must have taken the opportunity to sneak in.

Who knows what he wanted to do”





“No.” The young man quickly denied.

“My friend is a waiter at the reception tonight.

He told me he wasn’t feeling well today, so I decided to replace him.”





“I heard a friend say that there would be directors and investors here tonight and they would talk about new dramas.

I thought it was a good opportunity but then I met Jiang Zhengqin and almost got cheated.

I really thought he wanted to give me a chance to audition.”




Seeing that they were going to argue again, Xia Zongqi frowned, “Who did you replace”



“Chen Wu.

My name is Chi Hua.

If you don’t believe me, you can call and ask.

Everything I said is true.

If there’s a half lie, I will only be an 18th tier actor all my life.”





Do you really think you have a chance to be on the big screen”




The young man turned red when he got mocked by Jiang Zhengqin.

He turned to Wen Zheng, who had just helped him.

He knew that Wen Zheng might not be helping him, but it was obvious he hated people like Jiang Zhengqin.




At this time, someone suddenly interrupted.




“What he said should be true.

Jiang Zhengqin has a criminal record.

Many small 18th tier artists in the industry have been harassed by him.

Some time ago, I heard that an artist was harassed by Jiang Zhengqin, then he beat Jiang Zhengqin.”




No one knew who laughed first, but at some point most people joined and started laughing.




“I heard of it.

Was Jiang Zhengqin the director who was beaten”




“Yes, the rumor is that he got stitches.”



Their eyes fell on Jiang Zhengqin’s forehead, there was still a light scar on it.




“Ha ha, ha ha, my friend mentioned it to me as a joke.

He said that someone in the industry was almost forced.

As a result, the other didn’t want to and hit him in the head.”




“Is anyone still playing ‘Forced marriage and plunder’ Even those rich second generation dare not be so arrogant.

Jiang Zhengqin looks like a dog.

No wonder.”





“If it was love, I have nothing to say, but isn’ it an attempted r-ape”




“Jiang Zhengqin said he was a director I haven’t heard of him.”




“I haven’t heard of him either.

He probably thinks he’s a director after making a short video.”




Jiang Zhengqin’s face was pale.

Xia Zongqi frowned, “Do you have an invitation”




It was true that some little stars would be invited to entertain their eyes at the reception, which could also be said to be fun.

As for whether they would get a role or not, it wasn’t their business, but what was Jiang Zhengqin doing here




“I’m here for Director Chen.”




Director Chen was also a well-known director in the entertainment industry.

He became popular from online dramas and later moved to TV dramas.

How did Jiang Zhengqin have a relationship with Director Chen




“Director Chen is busy with his new drama, so he asked me to come.”




Wen Zheng’s frown became deeper.

Director Chen had asked their company to invest in the drama.

He had heard of him, but he didn’t know the person in front of him.




“Are you his friend”




Jiang Zhengqin dared not admit that he was a friend of director Chen.

He was just a casting director of the crew.

It sounded like he was a director, but he was no different from the director’s assistant.




The recruitment of the leading role or important supporting role wasn’t up to him, that was, the small supporting role, special appointment or group performance in the drama could be decided by him.




Jiang Zhengqin didn’t expect to be shamed by two little stars twice in a row.

Lu Wenxing’s affair was enough to make him angry.

Unexpectedly, he was embarrassed by the little star in front of him this time.




Wen Zheng came with a purpose.

He didn’t have time to waste on this man.

He didn’t look at Jiang Zhengqin, instead he turned to Xia Zongqi.




“Since director Chen was invited, shouldn’t this… not be here”




After Wen Zheng spoke, Xia Zongqi immediately responded, “What Mr Wen said is reasonable.

My Xia family invited Director Chen.

Since Director Chen can’t come, I can only say it’s a pity.

Please excuse yourself, Director.”




Xia Zongqi deliberately bit the word “Director” too hard, he was obviously mocking him.




Jiang Zhengqin, who had just been bullying others, didn’t dare lift his head for fear of seeing others pointing and laughing at him.




Wen Zheng’s identity was there.

He often appeared in financial reports, and many people even followed Wen Zheng’s investments.




As long as they knew which project Wen Zheng’s investment company invested in, someone would find Party B’s company with money to make additional investment.

Wen Zheng had more fans than some traffic stars.



He was young, handsome and promising.




Carrying one of the two labels was enough to be popular, not to mention the others.




No one cared about Jiang Zhengqin’s departure, but after watching this farce, Wen Zheng knew that the Xia family wanted to curry favor with him, so he took a step.

Xia Zongqi wasn’t as cunning as his father.

If he wanted to make a move, he had to start with Xia Zongqi.





He was sure that Xia Zongqi would come to him on his own initiative in less than a week.




Wen Zheng didn’t stay at the reception too long and left in less than half an hour.

He would go to E city for business the next day.

He had to see the land he just invested in.







On the other hand, Lu Wenxing found a Weibo gossip page and gave the conversation he recorded, they uploaded the recording of Jiang Zhengqin and Mang Cheng Entertainment’s “transaction” and it immediately exploded.




When Lu Wenxing signed the contract with Mang Cheng Entertainment, Wang Man asked him to delete the recording.

Lu Wenxing did delete it, but he had a backup, he had been worried about Mang Cheng Entertainment doing something to him.




Since Jiang Zhengqin looked for trouble, Lu Wenxing didn’t mind publicly enlarging it.





But Lu Wenxing didn’t expect that the blogger he found to be this powerful, it only took one night.




Lu Wenxing didn’t look at his mobile phone when he woke up in the morning, he heard some people chatting about it when he arrived at the set.

He opened Weibo and saw Jiang Zhengqin’s name on the hot search list.




#Jiang Zhengqin’s hidden rules




Lu Wenxing clicked on it.

The first topic was from the blogger Lu Wenxing found last night.



Gossip one-stop V: the director of a crew abused his power and forced an artist by unspoken rules.




The noise in the recording was removed, the voices of Jiang Zhengqin and Wang Man could be clearly heard, and the names of the artists mentioned were beeped out.




“Director Jiang, if you like * * , it’s his good luck.

If you don’t like him, Mang Cheng Entertainment can arrange other artists.”




“”* * * looks like a good kid in the entertainment industry.

I like hard working people.

Well, let him audition in my room in the evening.”







“What kind of lofty attitude is that If you follow me, I will definitely give you a satisfactory role.”




“No What qualifications do you have How many artists in the industry climb directors’ beds You don’t naively think that if you look good, you can occupy a place in the entertainment industry, do you”




“Your agent has promised for you.

Anyway, you can’t leave tonight.”







The comment sections blew up.




[Who the fu-ck is this How many artists in the industry climb beds Don’t pull others into dirty water because of your own stench]




[Who is Jiang Zhengqin Director Jiang, why haven’t I heard of this man.]





[I searched for him.

He doesn’t even have a released work.

He can also be called a director]




[Director Jiang, social scum, get out of the entertainment industry as soon as possible.]




[What is the artist doing there If he didn’t want to, what was he doing in the hotel Let the dog bite the dog.]




[Both of them are nothing good]




[What, the victim is guilty]




   [What is the psychology of those scolding victims Can’t you hear it in the recording The person didn’t want it at all, okay.]




[He voluntarily went there What if he was cheated]




[Please expose the agent too.]




[@MangChengEntertainment, please don’t shield the agent.]




[Mang Cheng Entertainment can’t be ignorant.

Maybe the company does such operations.]




Lu Wenxing glanced at the comment section and withdrew.

He still had a lot of scenes today.

He took a quick look in the morning, he wouldn’t be free until lunch.




He still needed to practice his martial arts at noon because he had no experience.




“This swordplay is very beautiful when it’s acted out.

You have a good figure.

You should have no big problem.

At that time, the camera will give you some hand close-up and face close-up, and it’ll look even better.”




The martial arts instructor liked Lu Wenxing very much.

He was diligent and eager to learn.

He was open-minded and asked for advice.

He also had a dance foundation so he learned very quickly.




However, Lu Wenxing pursued perfection too much.

The martial arts instructor acknowledged Lu Wenxing’s movements, but Lu Wenxing still didn’t think it was good enough.




Not only did the martial arts instructor think so, but many staff members of the crew also found that when Lu Wenxing wasn’t filming, he was learning from others, or hiding in a corner to practice.




Lu Wenxing didn’t rest when others rested.




“Isn’t Wenxing too diligent”




The pursuit of perfection was understandable, but Lu Wenxing seemed to be pursuing more than perfection.

He seemed to want to spend all his time filming.




It gave people a kind of… Director Wang thought for a while, but he didn’t think of any suitable adjectives.




Gu Yanshen looked at Lu Wenxing holding the sword thoughtfully.




His wrist turned flexibly and turned into a beautiful arc.

He noticed Lu Wenxing’s focused expression from a distance.




Song Jiajia suddenly spoke, “I always feel like he’s in a hurry.”




Le Hanfei nodded, “Yes, it’s really this feeling.”




Not impetuous, but anxious.




It was like there was no chance if he didn’t hurry up.

Gu Yanshen also had this feeling.

He didn’t know why Lu Wenxing was in such a hurry, he was just 20, he was sure Lu Wenxing would reach an extremely high spot in the entertainment industry.




There was no need to rush, honing his acting skills was a step-by-step process.




“Is Wenxing a Virgo” Director Wang couldn’t help asking.




Song Jiajia was surprised, “Director Wang, you understand constellations”




“I heard Virgo pursues perfection.” Director Wang thought for a while, “But he does seem a bit anxious.”




After the lunch break, the crew began their busy work again.




Lu Wenxing has a scene at night.

It was already 11 p.m when he took the crew’s car back to the hotel.




The elevator up the fifth floor was a separate one.

Lu Wenxing lived on the fourth floor, so he and Gu Yanshen didn’t use the same elevator.




As soon as the elevator door opened, Gu Yanshen nodded to Lu Wenxing and went first.





Lu Wenxing waited for a while and the elevator door opened.

He entered the elevator.

Just after pressing the button for the floor, a tall and straight figure came in.




The young man was tall, with cold facial features and a bit of mixed race feeling.

His eyes were slightly longer and his eyes were deep.

He was someone that could be remembered at a glance.




He was wearing a dark grey suit with a mature color pattern, but it didn’t look old-fashioned on him, it made him look more charming.




Lu Wenxing stepped back after pressing the button and made way for the man.

He noticed that the man pressed the button to the fifth floor, but it didn’t light up.




“This elevator only goes to the fourth floor.

You have to take the elevator next door to the fifth floor.” Lu Wenxing quietly reminded him.




The man removed his finger from the button and thanked him.




Just when Lu Wenxing thought he would go out, the man closed the elevator.




Lu Wenxing didn’t ask.

He guessed that the other was too lazy to wait for the elevator and planned to take the stairs from the fourth floor.




The elevator soon went up to the fourth floor.

Lu Wenxing and the man came out together.

They went in the same direction but kept a distance from each other.




Lu Wenxing just turned the corner, when a figure walked towards him angrily.




“Lu Wenxing, did you release the recording”




The visitor was Jiang Zhengqin, who was on the hot search today.

He was wearing a mask but his anger was still obvious.




Lu Wenxing didn’t expect Jiang Zhengqin to come here.

He subconsciously stepped back, forgetting the person behind him, and directly bumped into the man coming out of the corner.



He accidentally stepped on his foot.







Lu Wenxing subconsciously apologized and the man helped him stand steadily.

Jiang Zhengqin didn’t see the man around the corner, he was angry and wanted to vent on Lu Wenxing.




He strode forward and reached out to grab Lu Wenxing.

A strong hand stretched out and directly clasped Jiang Zhengqin’s wrist.



As soon as Jiang Zhengqin looked up, his face turned pale in an instant.

His eyes widened and he stuttered fearfully.




“Boss, Boss Wen.”



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