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Chapter 11: The Rightful Rewards


“The loot will be split evenly.

That’s fine, yeah”


We had once again gotten to the point where we were confirming our stance on the matter when, this time, Quella showed opposition, her reasoning being in contrast to Roig’s.


“Please wait.

We just ran away.

Land-san was the only one who defeated the floor boss.”


“You goddamn idiot! We all did it together!”


“Roig, be quiet already.”


“Gaaa! Shit! Dammit, let go of me!”


Roig raged out as he tried, and failed, to shake off Ace’s arm.

He was getting increasingly annoyed at the situation, so I told Ace to release him.


“Geeeh! Damn you!”


Roig fell on his behind after being suddenly released.

He immediately got up and lunged at me, but Rei and Ace stopped him.


“Shi… what the hell! Aahh!”


No one was paying attention to Roig anymore and we continued our talk.


“I found five treasure chests and I took this ring for myself.

Other than that, I think each item is probably meant to match a specific party member.”




I took out and lined up the sword, the armor, and the staff.


“All of these items are already at the level of sacred treasures.

After all, this dungeon has five floors and seemed to rival the mysterious nature of other dungeons.”


The receptionist, Nina-san, had been analyzing everything.


“Is it really okay”


“Is what okay”


“No matter how you look at it, this is all your loot.”


“No, I’d just like to do this, then sever our relations.”


“I see… If that’s the case, then we can leave this to the guild.”


“Leave it to the guild”


Nina-san checked some documents before turning back to us again.


“Is there anything else you would like to give to them”




I still had the Minotaurs corpses, as well as the original luggage I had been carrying.

I had Ace immediately put down the luggage he had been carrying until now.

The Minotaurs were all pulled out one after another.


“【Spirit Coffin】”


Four Minotaurs corpses suddenly appeared on the guild floor.




“There are five Minotaurs in all, the perfect number to be equally split between the five of us.”


I planned on taking Ace’s corpse, of course.


“It’s really… the Minotaurs.”


Quella was staring with a shocked expression.


“I see.

So, basically, you want to divide up the original luggage, the materials from the Minotaurs and the floor boss rewards”


“If that’s all right with everyone.”


”I’ll sort everything one-by-one, but actually, they all renounced their rights to their luggage just a short while ago.”


“Is that so”


I had heard that the guild had decided to investigate what really happened in the dungeon using collecting the luggage as a pretense, and so Fade and the others had declared that they didn’t want their luggage to be collected by the guild.


“Wait, wait, it was just a joke! If it’s all been brought back here, then isn’t that a different matter!” Roig had chimed in.


“Next are the Minotaur corpses.”


“Don’t ignore me!”


Roig quickly glared at Nina-san.


“Oh… what do you want!”


Nina-san kept talking after seeing Roig shrink back at her unexpected counterattack.


“Concerning the corpses, Land-san certainly has the rights to those as well.

After all, by the time he had killed them, he was already going solo and no longer a member of the party, not to mention there were no signs or evidence of the party doing any damage to them.”


“Aah! You’re kidding, right!”




Fade called out his name, with a commanding glare, causing Roig to hang his head low.

Nina-san then continued.


“And finally, concerning the rewards, seeing as Land-san had managed to handle this incident and bring down the Minotaurs while going solo, he is entitled to everything.”


“I see…”


“Land-san is in a position where he can hand over whatever he wants, but the guild suggests that you first of all take whatever’s necessary, while it would be best to do business with the guild regarding the rest.”




“Based on the value of everything that I inspected just now, I could roughly calculate what it is all worth.”


The total value I was given added up to my, no, the entire party’s yearly earnings while doing S-ranked activities every year for five straight years.


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