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Chapter 24: Investigation Request(4)

“So this is the face of the idiot who decided to arbitrarily get rid of all my familiars in the area and disturb my sleep in the process, huh”


Somehow the voice was coming from right behind me.

The owner of the voice separated themselves from me with a laugh as I turned around in a rush.


That’s a good reaction.

For the time being, I guess I’ll be fine with just one familiar.”


I felt a twinge of pain.

“Oh This fellow seems to have pain resistance, huh”

It was a good thing that I had it.

After all, my right arm had been completely blown off from the shoulder down.


“Ah, do you want to play with me too”

Rei growled and leapt at my assailant.

Despite having the speed and strength of five Minotaurs, Rei was stopped with one touch on his head.



Rei was forced to prostrate flat on the ground.


“I’m super popular today, huh”

The assailant’s movements to deal with Ace immediately afterward were just as relaxed and effortless.


How about you lie down”

The attack my assailant had used was a simple flick to the forehead.


Ace was blown away with that alone.

“So… strong…”

“Thank you.”

“Huh! Guaah…!” Before I knew it, I had been blown away.

Thanks to the distance I had been flung, I could finally see the person that the voice belonged to.

The first things that stuck out to me were the white hair, the golden eyes and the black wings growing out of their back.

There was also the clothing with tones of red and black, the bats flying around in her vicinity and the pointed fangs in place of teeth.

“A vampire…”

The aura drifting about was overwhelming.

It was clear that Rei and Ace weren’t going to show any signs of movement anytime soon.

“Well, let’s finish up our playtime, yeah”


The vampire put out enough pressure to make me shiver and stir the wind up in the area.

Their words up until now had been devoid of any seriousness, but now, they had done a complete 180.

If I received this attack, I’d die.

That being the case, I had to take a gamble.

“【White Inferno】”

I held up my hand while chanting, and with a flash, the vampire was engulfed in white flames.

In fact, the whole area was covered with an intense light, as a sea of flames covered the ground in an instant.

“That’s some amazing power.

Huh… that brings back memories…”

However, I saw a figure in the middle of the blaze that looked to have taken no damage.

I didn’t know if I could even do anything… but I had to keep trying.

I still had another Extra Skill, 『Lightning』.

I didn’t know if it would even work here, but it was the magic of a Sage so it had to hold unimaginable power.

“Is this all”

“Don’t worry.

There’s still more!”

I held my hand above my head.


As soon as I chanted, the sky darkened and clouds rolled in.

The strongest magic that was even able to affect the weather in the area… it was frightening magic that lived up to the Sage’s name.

SFX: *Bzzt*

Lightning fell down from the sky as if it had mass and rained down on the Vampire with a violent noise.

A massive explosion erupted as the lightning fell into the white flames all around.

I was blown away by the shockwave alone.


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