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“That’s right! I’ll make you one of my kin.”


“Yes! I, a purebred king, will personally make you one of my kin.

How about it Don’t you think it’s generous”

I shook my head.

Vampires have been considered hostile due to the brutality of their subordinates.

Furthermore, the existence of a vampire leader often causes cases where human ethical values did not exist and therefore, they could not be controlled.

However, in this country, just being a vampire should not be considered a crime.

Basically, they are recognized as demi-humans, although they are not necessarily so if they lose their intelligence, for example, incompetent ghouls.

But even so, there are still many humans who are hostile to vampires.

“Kin, is that the one where I receive your blood”

“Yes! Be grateful!”

“What happens if you do that”

“Huh Hmm… I wonder…”

“You do not know!”

The girl looked at me and blushed as she replied.

“It can’t be helped! It’s my first time!”

The girl, who was once intimidating, had become a cute, fluttering creature.

“So… what should I do…”

She looked at me with a sidelong glance.

She was cute, but I had to be careful because the person in front of me has the power to kill me in an instant, since I’m basically armless.

“What’s your name”

“Huh My name is Milim.”

“Milim, I have a question.”

“What is it You can ask me anything.

You’re a candidate for kinship, after all.

Oh, and I’ll give this back to you.”

As she said this, she conjured up my arm in here hands and threw it at me and it became enveloped in black fog and turned into countless bats that flew towards my missing right arm.


When I looked, my arm was back to normal and firmly attached to my body.

“What… just happened… What kind of magic is this…”

“So, what’s your question I’m in a good mood so I’ll listen to you.”

“What does Milim want to do by making me a member of her household”

“What Hmm… That’s a tough question, especially coming from a member of the household.” Milim showed a worried expression.

She really didn’t have a clue.

“I’ve decided! I’ll create a vampire country here…”


“Why! You’re disrespectful for a member of the household!”

“Where are you going to find enough vampires to create a country Do you plan to give birth to them all”

There probably aren’t many adventurers who would come to a place like this, and I can’t imagine there are that many surviving vampires.

“Give birth …Well, if you really insist as a member of the household, I suppose I could consider it…”



After talking to her, I realized that she was not a bad person.



The return of Rei and Ace, who were showing no hostility and behaving quietly, was probably the best evidence of this.

“I have a proposal.”

“Questions then a proposal, you’re making me quite busy.

“How about we become friends”


Milim looked at me with her mouth open, as if she had been struck.


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