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Chapter 6: New Beginnings

The dead bodies of the Minotaurs were valuable materials and I also didn’t want to leave Rei’s body as it is.

“How am I going to carry them all”

‘Until now, I had left everything to Rei, but would he be able to do that with his new body’ While I was thinking, that voice sounded in my head again.

Learning conditions for the skill 『Spirit Coffin』have been met.

“Spirit Coffin”


The transparent Rei had returned while carrying the real Rei’s body in his mouth.

‘Eh How is he holding that No wait, I guess I had just been stroking him, huh Nevertheless, it is a strange sight.’

“Can I use that skill”


“Alright…【Spirit Coffin】”

Immediately after I had activated the skill, Rei’s body disappeared as if it had been sucked by a black hole.

“Was that the skill just now I should try it out again.【Spirit Coffin】”

This time, I put my hands above my head and activated the skill.


Immediately after, Rei’s body was summoned before my eyes with a ‘pop’.

“This is useful!”


“Yeah, with this, I can carry all the bodies.”

The Minotaurs’ bodies all disappeared immediately thanks to the skill.

“I bet this would help with carrying this luggage.”


“【Spirit Coffin】”

But when I tried this time, there was no response.

“No good, huh”


It has become possible to use the Minotaur



A Minotaur had suddenly appeared right in front of me.

However, his body was also transparent.

“I see.

So he can carry the luggage.”


I gave it the entire luggage to carry, as its body was larger than Rei’s.

“Even if the Minotaur is just a really awesome luggage carrier, should I give it a good name”


The Minotaur was making a noise as if he was happy to be named.

“Hmm… how about Ace”


That had seemed to please it, but again, the voice sounded in my head.

Ace’s (Minotaur) status has risen substantially thanks to Familiar Strengthening.

“I see.

The ability is used only after I have given them a sufficient name.”

For the time being, this had made Ace even stronger.

Based on how Rei had singlehandedly swept all five minotaurs, it seemed to me that they became stronger in spirit form.

“Well for now, shall we return”



It had become an odd party but we were on our way back.

The party had decreased in size since we had come here, but nevertheless, we began our long walk back.

“Hmm, what should I do First of all, I should go to the guild to report what happened here, don’t you think”



Whether or not they understood what I was talking about, the two gave me a reply.

“As for what I should do after that… Necromancy was it I wonder if there were others like me.”


I had seen several Tamers before, but this was the first time I had heard of the Necromancer job.

“It could be nice to find some new friends, or maybe we could go solo.

What do you guys want to do”

We went through the dungeon while talking about this and that.

Getting out was simple and happened without any hard fights thanks to the strength of those two.

“On the contrary, is it fine to come capture this place once more”

I had started to dream bigger after surviving the dungeon.

Well, at any rate, first I had to go to where those guys who tried to kill me were.

I didn’t particularly want revenge, but I needed to return their stuff, and I needed to give an accurate report of what happened.

“Rather, it may be fun to aim at becoming known as a hero.”

And so, I started my wonderful journey with these two as all the various possibilities swirled around inside my head.


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