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Aria: Abused Chapter 1:Aria

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"Worthless piece of crap! I can believe I even wasted my time dealing with a failure like you." Said Arias father.

"B.But Daddy I was trying my best in school honest!!" The girl pleaded after her father sat down he demanded that the girl stand in the same spot for what seemed like a hour or more nevertheless,this was nothing compared to her usual treatment. "Im home Hector!!" An womanly voice yelled. This was Arias mother Elise. She gently placed her coat on the coat rack and tossed her shoes by the door.

She looked for her husband and daughter and could not find them,that was until she saw Aria standing still silently dealing with her punishment. "Let me guess yet ANOTHER F from Miss Aria over here? Oh girl what are we gonna do with ya?" Elise said patting the girl on her head. Hector scoff and showed his wife the rest of the grades. "Gasp!! Aria you did not curse out the teacher did you?! You almost got suspended last time do you wanna get expelled!??" Her mother yelled as she rapidly approached the short girl and had a stern look on her face with her hands on her hips.

"Uh oh Moms mad at me again."Aria thought. "Well..MOMMY DEAREST,I WAS ONLY STANDING UP FOR THE REST OF MY CLASS AND MYSELF, the teacher called me a gnome!!" Aria yelled trying to get outta trouble. Elise went to the fridge to grab an beer and tossed Hector the tv remote. Usually hed turn the TV on and tune out any noise,but this time he wanted to actually hear the rest of Arias sad excuse for a story.

"An gnome huh? Well missy why is it that not only do I get bothered at work your acting out and starting fights,but also joining other kids and bullying them? Aria don you remember what it was like when you were gettin bullied? Have some mercy and sympathy girl." Her mother lectured her. Aria simply shrugged it off and folded her arms. Her father Hector wasn too pleased with his daughters new snarky and disrespectful attitude.

"Listen to your mother girl!! We may not be your biological parents but we dang well sure is far better than them. Don forget at the age of TWO they gave you to foster care and left you hung and dry!!" Said the already drunk man. Aria smirked and just scoffed some more. Truth be told she loved Elise and Hector but hated being told what to do. She was remotely well known at school as a bit of a amibvert. The girl was on her way to juvie and even almost was expelled for pushing an kid down the slippery school steps. Not to mention it was a cold wintry afternoon due to a fight.

"I honestly don know why I raised up a deceitful, arrogant,personality-ugly brat like you!" Elise said in anger. Wheres my baby girl who was the sweet and quiet bookworm huh? Bring THAT Aria back! As for you spawn of Satan leave my baby girl now!!" Elise said angrily making Aria snickered along with Hector.

Elise gave Aria the death stare,but it failed since Aria got that stare more times in middle and high school than she could count. Speaking of,Aria was a junior who was held back one year because of a leg injury that and her own rebellious nature. She skipped so much school,her parents might as well have a aneurysm. "I am very..very disappointed in you Aria Ericka Grayhart!! You realize how much money and time you are costing both of us!! Do you even have any shame or regret at all?" Elise said as she was about to be brought to tears.

Aria simply giggled and smirked at her mother,this upsetted her father and caused him to storm out and take a drive through the small city. Elise however had enough of Arias condescending ways and gave her a good ol wet slap across the face. "You know DAMN WELL YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE GETTING GOOD GRADES!! Just for that smirk your GROUNDED FOR THREE WEEKS!! No games,no hanging with your little buddies and no trips to your friends house until your next report card!!" Her mother yelled.

Upset by this,Aria tried to hide it but failed to pull off a decent poker face. Instead she rubbed tears from her own eyes as the slap did linger a bit. She grabbed her bag from the floor and stomped to her room and slammed the door cursing her parents under her breath. As Aria placed her backpack on the ground she pulled out her chair and sat at her white desk and started on her homework. She struggled for a minute to concentrate due to the slap, eventually she finshed and got a knock on the door.

"Aria? Aria? Its me Mom..Look Im sorry that I slapped you,but lately youve been very and I mean VERY disrespectful, disobedience and rude to not just me and your Dad, but also to all authority figures. Your 17 and a half years old at this point sweety,how do ya think life is gonna be when ya hit 18 huh? Look I just want you to try and do your best. We

e not asking you to be perfect,but we do want you to put your effort in. Now as for the rest of your punishment. Me and your father will discuss it once he gets home." Elise said as she walk back down the stairs she picks up her cell phone and checks in on Hector.

"Hmmph..whatever. Not like that it matters anyway. Im just gonna probably take the first trian outta this dump of a town. Don know where Ill go but better than here. Thatll show em. Also...oowww..that woman can hit hard, almost chipped a tooth." Aria said rubbing her face. As the fiery ginger-brunette continues working on her mathematics homework she struggles with a few problems and cheats to get the answers, luckily no one sees her even do it, in fact she does this for all the answers and pretends to remember the process on how she got her answers for the equations.

Once shes finish with her work. Its shower time. Aria grabs some shorts and a crop top exposing her midriff. She heads to the restroom to get all settled and comfy. Once she does that,her father Hector walks in and asks her mother if Aria has decided to stop being such a brat. Elise scolds him for this and makes him wash up for dinner. He does so and walks up the stairs to the bathroom and opens the door only to be hit in the face with clouds of steam.

"Woah there girl!! Your gonna run up the water bill!! What did we say about using up all the hot water? You gonna pay the next three months worth if so its 500 dollars a month pay up!!" Hector lectured. Aria simply groaned in disbelief and irritably. She was washing her long reddish brown hair and was just about to finish had not her dad try to pull the ol flush toilet-while-a-person-is-takin-a-shower trick. Hector accidentally did so and nearly burned Arias bare butt. A few droplets did get on her which made her yell a bit. "Oooww!! Daddy!! Get out of here!! You did that on purpose!!" She yelled. Her father laughed at his kids reaction and left the bathroom to tell Elise all about it.

Once Aria was dressed and ready for bed,she was called down for dinner. The girl reluctantly obeyed and her earlier slap blemish seem to go down thanks to the nice steamy shower. "Well don you look uh..um..just a second missy. Stand up and turn around." Elise motioned for Aria to do. Aria shook her head no and stood still. Her mother motioned for Aria to turn around again and yet Aria did not listen. Once more Elise impatiently motioned for Aria to turn around. Yet she disobeyed and simply whistled while looking towards the ground. "ARIA" Her mother said in a stern voice. Aria looked up and then towards her mom. "Yes Mommy Dearest? How can I..Aria Grayhart helpeth thee?" The girl said making her dad chuckle. Elise was not entertained.

"Aria..Ericka..Grayhart..turn your little booty around..this instant!" Elise said with more authority in her voice. She looked at Hector who laid back in his chair and enjoyed the show. Aria did as her mother commanded and slowly turned her back to her mother and than rotated just to make sure Elise got what she wanted.

"Hmm..okay..ahem..well. Not too sure on how to say this, but..Hector. Have we decided her punishment yet besides being grounded for three weeks?" Elise said while looking towards her husband and quickly looking towards Aria at the same time. Almost she was subtly trying to get his attention to something else wrong with Aria or her appearance.

"Well..as a matter of fact yes. She can do chores around the house, help me clean the shed and once thats done write two thousand sentences all saying this: I will be a good Aria from now on,I will not be a brat nor a pest;in fact I will be the very best Aria I know I and my PARENTS want me to be whether in school,home,church or in public. There. Now..hmm..I see the issue here. Um Miss Aria, care to tell us this issue you may have?" Her father asked while folding one of his legs.

Confused Aria had no clue what either the two were talking about,she was just miffed at the 2000 sentences she had to write, but whatever. "Foods getting cold sweety,come on and wrap this up. Your a smart girl. Surely you can tell what is clearly wrong. " Her mother pointed out. 10:47 pm it was getting late and Aria had school the next morning. The parents had all the patient in the world,both were on their week off from work and just got comfy eating their own food and felt a little bad eating in front of a hungry Aria.

"Well can I at least eat please? Legs are hurtin here. " Aria said. The two parents ignored her and turned on the TV. Without them even noticing Aria grabbed her food and swiftly rushed upstairs and locked her bedroom door. She enjoyed every last morsel of her mothers wonderful food and was satisfied with a full tummy. That was until her mom noticed she moved.

"Aria Grayhart!! Did we say you could move? No! Get ya little butt downstairs in the dining room and stand back in place. Right now!!" Elise yelled. Aria instead put her headphones on and ignored her. She jammed out to some tunes and completely drowned now both of her parents out.

"Whats that? Ya want me to stand for hours well tell me what was even wrong in the first place? I didn even do anything. " She said. Her father manage to unlock her bedroom door with a Bobby pin and took her headphones away from her confiscating them in a box that said "Arias Things. " Both parents were completely fed up and took a deep breath before continuing with their reluctant child.

"You know we have a clothes rule for a reason missy. Thats the problem!! Your shorts are way too short! Let alone to even wear as pjs. They look like panties for crying out loud. Not only that but this crop top is also a no. I am not raising a fast- tailed vixen. Im raising a young woman. When you get your own place. Then you can dress however and whenever you like and choose, but here. You will dress appropriately. " Her mother said making her change her clothes. The two gave her some privacy and waited to continue their long lecture towards Aria.

"Your also grounded for a month now,since one: you disobeyed and thought you were slick when ya grabbed that food from the table and ate it in your room. Two: you

e grounded for that smirk ya had earlier today and rolling yours eyes and finally for being a nuisance at school. Now get some sleep and have a good day at school. No getting in trouble. "Her father said. As her parents left her room. Aria closed her door and locked it again. She plopped face first into the bed and went striaght to sleep.

"BEEP!! BEEP!! BEEP!!" Arias alarm clocked blared. She got up and quickly got dressed and rushed out the door. It was 8:45 am. The other neighborhood kids were already getting on the bus and Aria was running behind. Unfortunately the other kids didn see her and she missed the bus. "Gaahhh!!! Danggit!! Now what!! Grr this is sooo stupid!!" She angrily said stomping in the middle of the street. Since she already had her house keys and didn wanna wake up her folks. She figured itd be best to play a little hooky and see what the cool kids were up to.

"Hope Avery and Jamal aren peepin at girls too old for them. They always go for the biggest fish when they should go for whats in their league." She said as she snatched some random guys yellow skateboard and skated her way to her pals. Meanwhile at the skate park. Two kids both of African-American descent once with short dreadlocks and the other with a fresh fade and a slick line on the right side of his head were waiting for Aria. These two fools are Jamal and the slighty pudgy kid was Avery who had three ice cream sandwiches in his hand to share. "Were is she at fam-a-lam? She was spose to be here at 7 oclock" Jamal said as he clicked his tongue. Avery ignored him and was practicing a ollie with his own bright blue skateboard.

"Hey!! Hey guys over here!! Sorry I was late. Got lectured by the

ents last night and sorta died in the sleepy sleep." Aria said trying to sound cool. She does a cringy hip hop pose and makes her buddies laugh. Avery dishes out the treats and the three eat them in peace.

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