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Aria: Abused Chapter 2: That Dang Troublemaker

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Soooo..What happened Aria? Did ya over sleep or somthin" Avery said while scarfing his face with the ice cream sandwich. Aria took a brush out of her backpack and started brushing her hair. "Were you not listening? I just told both of you and Jamal that I missed the bus to school,speaking of; don think we should be out here right now? Might get the cops called on us by Mrs. Nippycringle. Hehe." The short girl said.

"Hey guys cmere real quick I found a cool bug check it!!" The excited boy exclaimed. The other two ignored Jamal and kept enjoying their yummy treats. Aria finished hers and went to see what Jamal was talking about. As she walk towards him,he stopped her before she accidentally crushed it. "Huh? Well if it ain my favorite bug. Its none other than a stinkbug. Looks like a female too. Shes slightly bigger than her male counterpart. Don touch it with ya bare hand,less you wanna stank all day." Aria warned. Jamal shooed her off and decided to pick the friendly bug up anyway ignoring his friends warning.

"Whoa kinda cool lookin ain she Aria? Hehe shes even waving to me. Hello little stinkbug. " The boy innocently waved back. Aria just then remembered from a book she read about that type of behavior from a stinkbug. That or misinterpreted it. She thought it meant the poor bug was in distress so Aria hopped on her skateboard,went down the ramp and did a sick 360 spin in the air. She used the momentum once she descended to ease off the giant ramp and snatched a nearby napkin that someone carelessly littered.

"Don move a muscle Jamal!!" The girl yelled getting the boys attention.

"Huh what?" Jamal yelled. This startled the stinkbug and made her nervous,in fact its little legs started to frail about. Thankfully Aria made it just before the insect could spray her or her oblivious friend. She gently grabbed the lady stinkbug and placed her far into the grass. There the two watched it fly away buzzing with glee and appreciation. Back to the two. Aria frowned at Jamal and poked his belly.

"Ow! Stop that! I was gonna let it go okay!! I just wanted to see what it even was.Hey..ow!! ow! Stop poking me with your skinny fingers!" Jamal said while causing a scene. Avery happened to come on over a bit out of breath and took a whole minute to catch it. "Whoa whoa there Big Ave. You good homie?" Aria asked trying to once again some cool and hip. Her two friends looked at her with the strangest look of mutual annoyance.

"What? Im part black ya know. Technically I have the N-word pass from birth. Don believe me ask my..uh..oh..yeah thats right I never knew my real parents, least not well enough. Freaking jerks sent me to foster care according to my current

ents. Speaking of, um..did you two happened to lie to your parents as well and say you were going to school?" Aria asked while nervously scratching her head.

Jamal snickered and placed his arm around his buddies necks. They each hugged one another and practiced some more skating. Aria was sitting on the bench when she saw Avery sit next too her. For some odd reason he started to lean closer and closer to her inch by inch until she licked his nose grossing him out.

"Ewww..why do you have to be so weriddd? Its been this way since grade school?" The rotund boy said as he wiped the girls saliva off his nose. Aria giggled and showed off her pointy and yet scary looking teeth. "Ooooops my bad hu hu" The girl mockingly laughed. She now had a smirk on her face that would infuriate even the most patient of souls. Jamal finshed riding his board and also saw Aria giving that annoying smirk. "She licked you again didn she?" Jamal asked an still disgusted Avery.

"What can I say you two are obviously Aria-blessed, be grateful because not everyone gets to see these chompers. I once bit a kid when I was five for stealing my Captian Princess Magicka action figures. Now if that were to happened pretty sure a 17 and a half year old can go to jail hehe." The girl giggled to herself. As the day was getting brighter and the sun was reaching its peak. Aria was indeed surprised she nor her friends got caught skipping.

"Wow no cranky adults, no miserable old ladies to yell at us and best of all no cops telling us to get to school. Today is the best day ever!! You guys wanna go to the mall later and help me..Get clothes for a 100 percent discount?" The snarky girl said as she started to form a mischievous plan. "Count me out,ya know I can run so fast. Im two-fifty. Two hundred and fifty pounds of blubber, Id be caught and questioned in no time. Maybe ask Jamal?" Avery said.

Taken off guard the two saw Jamal dart outta the park with his board and backpack. What they saw were two police cars pulling up to the park not knowing that the principal and parents agreed to have three flunkies picked up and escorted to school.

"Welp funs over Aria,you better get outta here. Ill hold em off the best way I can." The tubby boy said luring a few cops after him as he was riding his board with the most ease. Aria however due to her short height had a little challenge in certain areas. The board kept hitting her knees as she was running away from three women cops and she also forgot to tie her shoes.

"Stop you little munchkin!! We..huff..we just wanna take you to school!" The lady officer said. By that time the other two were gaining on Aria. She decided to skate on the board and steer as best as she good. She avoided spilled garbage cans,playground obstacles and even manage to duck under two tall cops and tip them over. "Wahoooo!! Haha! See you all lady. Catch me if you can!!" The girl said patting her butt and added further insult to injury with that same mocking smile. This infuriated the cops and cause them to get back in their vehicles and chase after the girl all thrown the city of Herster.

"Waa!? Hey thats not fair!! Your not supposed to do that! Thats cheating! Hmmph well Ill show you!" Aria said as she slid her foot down and swiped it across the asphalt for more speed. Luckily she was approaching a massive decline. She arrogantly smiled and readied her body for the plunge. The cops followed her and used their megaphone to get her to stop. "Stop right there!! You are gonna be in so much trouble if you continue to resist!! Off the stolen skateboard now!!" The head cop said.

"All units barricade the girl in. Don hurt her,but take that little gremlin down!!" The head officer issued as he himself was getting angry. Police sirens blared,cars pulled to the side and cyclists got outta Arias way. She steadily and calmly focused on the only decline that was dead ahead. With great success the girl used the sheer momentum of the drop and was now going a fair bit faster than before. That was until she noticed the new barricade made just for her.

"Aww how sweet they made that all for little ol me. Hehe. Im honestly touch,but sadly I have to reject your proposal." The girl said to herself. She saw a makeshift ramp made out off old wood and a metal garbage can lean over on its side. She figured if she got hurt,at least once the injury healed shed get a cool scar and story out of it. However if she succeeded all the kids at her high school would have something to talk about.

"Hmm here goes nothing. Take a few deep breaths Aria. One..Two..HERE WE FREAKIN GO!! THREE!!" The girl exclaimed hyping herself up,she rid as fast as shes ever gone. Only one time has Aria ever rid on a skateboard at such a speed. Unfortunately it resulted in her recent leg injury,but now that she was fully recovered and better than ever. The girl took the ramp,soared high above the cops and did a few air spins just to show off. Once she landed the small kids cheered and the cops were now angrier than ever. Aria blew kisses to her adoring fans and skated away and hid within a bush to avoid detection.

"Wow..that was so cool. I can believe I did that and on that massive hill too? Oh wow Jamal and Avery won believe this at all. Now thats over I wonder what should I do now?" The girl wondered her belly started to gurgle and rumble. "Looks like Momma is hungry. Hmm maybe I can grab some food from LoMos. Might be the best choice since its the closest,but what if Lo and Mo snitch on me? Ill be grounded for two months than. Hmm doesn matter. Here goes nothin." Aria said as she stealthily left the bushes.

She bought some food from her favorite fast food place and climb up an ladder and sat at the top of a abandoned gray building there she moaned with satisfaction as she took each and every bite of burger. She didn care if she was a messy eater. She was just in euphoria and loved every minute of it.

"Sooo...mmmm..So..absolutley FUCKING good!! Wow. If drugs are in this burger I don wanna stop. This stuff is A one bombastic levels of good." The girl said as she cleaned her face and cheeks. Once she finshed. She was caught red handed none other than the police who commanded her to come down.

"Uh..uh..hey guys. Listen about that whole um..stunt we can drop that right?" Aria nervously asked. Unknown to her two cops snuck up behind her and detained her. She was safely carried down the ladder and placed into the police car.

"Wow..number eighteen huh well this is a bummer. I got ketchup on my shirt..Mm taste good though." Aria said playing off her arrest. She was brought to the school and sat in the principals office. The principal was angry and furious with Arias behavior.

"Uh..um Principal Embry..heh..long time no see? Your gonna call my parents aren you?" The girl asked. The princpal nodded her head and gave the call. Two hours later after being lectured about her failing grades and her stunt. A long silent car ride home was the most uncomfortable thing Aria every witness.

"Why..Why do you even do this? Her mother asked angrily as she was fumbling with her phone. She called and informed Hector of yet another situation their daughter had. Instead of a wordy,lenghty,long-winded lecture this time was silence. This time Principal Embry issued Aria a three-week suspension and her teachers already dished out homework for the following weeks. Once they got home. Elise contemplated on how she would punish her disobedient child. Left hand gently tapping and drumming along the steering wheel yet the right hand finished the phone call.

The two finally arrived home. The car stopped and rain began to fall. Full heavy rain formed and yet Elise said nothing. She locked Aria and her door. "M..Mom? Y..You okay?"

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