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Aria: Abused Chapter 3: Consequences for your Actions

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"M..Mom atw you okay? Ya look kinda tense there. H..hey hehe. Lets go inside. W..Whyd ya lock the door Mom?" A nervous stammered. Elise was furious with Arias recent behaviour, she frankly had enough of her daughters disobedience and unbuckled her seat belt and turned around slapping Aria multiple times in the face. "You..must of lost..your..stupid..MIND!!..You..could of been killed!" The woman said as in between her blows. As soon as she finish Aria had tears streaming down her face and her nose was bleeding. "When we get inside missy. I want you to go to your room,strip down to your panties and wait for me. I know JUST how to set your disobedient, disrespectful ass striaght. " An angry Elise said.

Aria reluctantly walked inside and did as her mother commanded her. It wasn very often shed get this type of punishment,but when she did she hated every minute of it. Embarrassed and forced to kneel to her bed in only her underwear, she figured shed be grateful her mother didn tell her to wait for her in the nude. "My..nose is bleeding, she mustve hit me way to hard on those last three slaps..pfft stupid mom..I hate you now. " Aria said as she cleaned the already dry blood from her upper lip. Thankfully Elise didn show up to her daughters bedroom just yet. This gave Aria time to use the bathroom and to get back in place.

"4:56 pm come on now Mom just get it over with your taking forever." The girl sighed. It had been only five minutes since she and her mother walked inside,thats when Aria hatched a risky plan. "Hmm wait a minute..if Im on the second floor and that window over there works..then..hmm I could run away and possibly get her arrested. Hehe..I could lie and say she commited child abuse..no that won be it, well who would I stay with? No family members live in this dump of a town. " The girl thought. She decided to keep her plans on the back burner.

"Oh Ariaaaaaaa." A womanly voice said. Aria got into position and prepared for her punishment. Each step of Elises heels that echoed across the wooden floor only grew louder and louder. Aria was a little scared,yet she didn wanna admit to that. Now standing in the door frame of Arias room was her mother. She had a special paddle in her hands. One that personally had her daughters name carved into it. Her eyes widen, Aria clinched her fists and gritted her teeth. Elise walked in behind Aria and folded her arms.

"Im very disappointed in you missy. And to think the last time I paddled you was when you were seven years old. Look Im not angry anymore. I just want to tell you I still love you with all my heart,with all my soul,and with all my mind. Unfortunately my dear princess..actions have consequ.." Elise stopped as Aria interuppted her. "JUST DO IT ALREADY!! Its not like its gonna change anything. Ill still resist authority figures and disobey them whenever I can. And don even spew that lie of. "This is gonna hurt me,more than you." Aria said in a mocking tone. She two was upset,but it was only because she got caught. "If your gonna paddle, then do it you **ing PUSSY!!" Aria exclaimed. This anger Elise she reeled back the paddle and stopped herself after taking a deep breath.

"You say very hurtful things,perhaps paddling you isn the way. Maybe..ice talked this out..maybe I can understand just exactly why? Why is it that you chose the path of being a troublemaker. When you were eight all the way to fourteen years of age..you not once disobeyed..Well there were minor occurrences, but still..what is ailing you to the point that this my daughter; that THIS is the only way to get me and your fathers attention?" Elise said as she sat on the bed.

Aria said nothing. Instead she looked deep into her mothers eyes. This look wasn of intimidation or rage, but a deep seething hatred for both her and Hector. She figured she couldn let the two know, least not yet exactly why she hated her own parents so much. Only in time will she expose her inner feelings. "Aria hello? Im trying to have patience with you sweety. I..I just don understand this change? Its those friends of yours isn it? Well don you worry,were gonna get you some new friends and all will be well. As for now your grounded for two months and no electronics for you. I did tell your father as well so thats pretty much it." Arias mother said.

She left her daughters room and went to her own to rest. There Elise felt a small pain in her chest. Could this beat..heartbreak?, an heart attack or heartburn? Whatever it was Elise felt only worst. As the mother of someone elses child who carelessly abandoned her. The blonde woman reached under her bed and looked for a paper of Arias biological mother. She looked at a old high school photo of her and Arias true mother in cheerleader gear. Both smiled beautifully.

Tears began to stream down Elises face. She started to weep and slowly turn the photo over and there was a phone number that she never entered in. Awakened from her own tears and brought to confusion, Elise decided to enter it in and leave the house leaving Aria alone. "Aria Im goin for a drive. Don touch ANY of those electronics or Ill paddle you like I originally planned. " The woman warned. Aria remained distant and closed her bedroom door. Elise opened the car door after locking the house up,she started up the car and drove for hours to the most dense, abandoned and creepy part of town. " LaGuardy Woods huh?" Elise thought. "I remember me and first girlfriend had sex right in that old port-a-potty. Then three years later. Me and Hector did it in the back seat of his uncles truck. I remember..that stupid woman..I told you not to go out with that sleazeball,yet you went against it!!" The woman exclaimed.

Elise took a few deep breaths and finshed entering in the phone number. She had to only press the call button yet she hesitated. "I..I can hurt Aria like this..What if thats the reason why she hates me? I..I can do this to her..No...It needs to be done,that red headed bimbo NEEDS to take responsibility. Aria is almost eighteen in about three months time. SHE shouldve been known." Elise said as she mumbled to herself.

One last deep breath and then she pressed the call button. The phone was silent for a few seconds and no answer or anything. Then sound appeared. The dial tone began its usual pattern before someone can be reached via cell call. Elise expected no answer however she was surprised to hear a rather familiar voice.

"H..hello? Look I don have any money right now? Im simply doing my best okay! You people are nothing but vultures ya know!! So do me a favor and GO HOUND SOMEONE ELSE!!" The woman yelled. Elise was moved to tears so she quickly said something to avoid being hung up on. "Gretchen!! Its me. Elise..look. we need to have a serious talk okay like for real, its very important!!" Elise said. The woman known as Gretchen listened and wonder what was up. "I haven heard from you for years. In fact last time we seen each other was when we were in high school togetha." The woman said with a faint accent that was indistinguishable.

"Look..You know damn well what is happening and yet you did so much more harm to HECTOR AND ME. Your selfish, cruel,sick and twisted for what you did." Elise yelled. The woman known as Gretchen hung up on Elise immediately. When Elise tried to call her again she couldn . She was blocked. Angry by this. The woman knew exactly were Gretchen was. In fact there was a time. Her and Elise where the best of friends. But now that friendship diminished.

"Freaking idiot shouldn of ever told me were you live. For too long youve hurt Aria and now. Imma return the favor." The woman said as she took out a axe and a few handguns she kept under the seats. She called Aria and told her to lock the house and stay in one room only. Understandably scared and afriad Aria wanted to ask more questions but instead all she heard was silent.

"I hope she isn gonna do anything too reckless. No wonder were I get it from hehe. I just hope she doesn get herself in trouble. Look at me..Im a hypocrite for saying that. I realized I could of died yet..I didn . How amazing is that. Whatever if she gets arrested no skin off my bones,just makes running away all the easier hehe." Aria said still in her underwear, she kicked up her feet on her white desk and decided to sneak in her parents bedroom.

"What treasures do we have here hmmm?" The girl snickered. As she browse around looking through her parents drawers she found nothing. That was till she crouched under the bed. A strange object that was all black and felt cold to the touch. Aria slowly pull it out and had no idea what it could be. Then she remembered. "Wait..in my sex ed class..I..I..Is THIS THE THING THOSE GIRLS WERE TALKING ABOUT!!?" Aria exclaimed. What she held in her grubby hands was a black dildo that was clean and unused. The girl immediately threw it to the far side of the room. She rushed to the bathroom and washed her hands out of disgust.

"That was so disgusting. I bet Mom uses those when Daddy is on his trucker trips. Makes sense why she was a little too angry with me..Than again..maybe. I should give it a...no.. than again..no one would know...hehehe. " Aria sinisterly grin. She went back into her parents room and decided to keep her mothers forbidden "toy" of sorts. "On my 18th birthday..me and you big fella..were gonna have some..alone time together. Just gotta hide this under the floorboards." Aria said.

She did so and no body was ever the wiser to check there. With this as ammo to use against her mother at any time she wanted. The smug little gremlin smiled a evil smile her already slightly jagged teeth got sharper and her hair slightly rose. Or so she pictured. "I must look really scary when I do that demon face. Whatever. Im goin to bed. Not like I wanna..use that thing for myself...a..anyway. " The girl said as she slowly drifted off to sleep.

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