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Aria: Abused Chapter 4: Taking Things into Action

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The next day as Elise drives up to the house she carefully gets out the car and slowly shimmies herself inside in order not to wake up Aria. Its Saturday morning at 7:30 am. Elise figured shed be in the clear that was until she walked across one noisy floorboard leading to the staircase. This woke Aria up. She was already a light sleeper and that squeak didn help one bit.

"Hmm? W..whos there? I gotta pillow and its filled with ton of cotton. Trust me its gonna hurt!" Aria exclaimed. She groggily got out of bed and put on her pink robe to see the potential damage. Turns out it was just her mother who was stunned in silence like that of a deer in headlights. "Huh Momma? What? Ya got home from work early? Weird pretty sure the office doesn even open today. Hmm Ill have to take a look at the calendar. " Aria mumbled to herself. Internally Elise couldn let Aria know she had contact with her biological mother,she didn want to hurt the girl. So to avoid any further questioning Elise simply hugged the girl and kissed her on the forehead she then went to bed and closed her door.

"Huh? That was...weird? Hmm wonder what that was all about? Eh, no matter best get to them chores and finsh those 1000 sentences Daddy told me about. My hand hurts from doing about 300 of them. Geesh this is so brutal. Then again..I could always..sneak out and have some real fun." Aria thought to herself. The girl showered, made herself some breakfast and did some chores around the house. She giggled as her plan to sneak out would soon be within her grasp. All she had to do now was make sure all was right. "Ok. Im all dressed. Check. Brushed my hair and teeth? Check. Vacuumed the stairs and basement steps? Check. Clean the dishes? Check. Trash taken out? Yep yep check. Good so now all I gotta do is go to my bedroom,grab my keys and mosey on outta here undetected hehe. Thisll be easy." Aria thought. The girl carefully avoided the squeaky floorboard and snuck into her bedroom. The easy part was done,now she had to do the hard part. She would either have to sneak out of the front door or her bedroom window. Aria placed a finger on her lips and decided to just walk out the front door.

With great succession, the girl avoided making any noise. She even made sure she snuck her cell phone back into her pocket from the box she was supposed to place her electronics. Aria was now outside with her house keys in tow. She had a caribiner and linked it around her belt loop. "Wow so chilly today,maybe not the best day to wear a denim skirt. Oh well please Im wearing some pretty long and cute socks. Ill just steal a jacket if I got to. Now hehe..where to go first?" The girl pondered. She walked quickly away from her home before her mother found out as soon as she left the premises she was free to do what ever she wanted.

Aria walked for a few minutes towards a old empty dirt trial,she saw some girls with colorful hair and punkish clothing. One girl had a baseball bat for some reason while the other had brass knuckles. Curious Aria want to see what was going on. As soon as she walked towards them the two girls started to speed walk away from her. Confused Aria didn follow instead she went the other way and just continued her journey to who knows were.

When the two girls detected Aria was far enough and slender girl with black hair held a peace of paper. It had Arias face on it. "Thats the girl alright? The one who used a skateboard to outrun the police. Look we have yet to see her fight anybody,so I want you to provoke her into doing so. Don kill her of course,but make shes hurtin real bad got it?" The woman ordered. The two punkish girls did as they were told and ran to keep up with Aria who sat down on a forest bench. She was enjoying the fresh air and the warmth of the sun.

"Again I don think it was the best day to chose to wear a denim skirt,my crotch is getting a little cold. Hmm maybe if I crossed on leg over the other." The girl said as she did so. Just then Aria heard some rustling in the woods,she heard something that wasn animal like at all,in fact two girls rushed through the overgrowth. Both of them cornered a already seated Aria who had no idea what was going on. She was a little nervous and she figured she had to cook up a plan of escape. The two unnamed girls slowly and cautiously walked up to Aria inching closer and closer.

"W..what do you two want with me? Im just tryin to enjoy the outdoors and the scenery. The two girls said nothing to Aria in fact they figured Aria was gonna make the first move. Aria wasn really a fighter in truth, in the past she did take self defense classes at the age of twelve thanks to her father Hector who wanted to make sure his baby girl was well prepared. Not only that but at the age of nine Aria had some martial arts background in Jiu-jitsu and Karate. But that was when she was only nine years old. This was now. Since then Aria never had to physically fight anyone. Her infamous smug face always got her the respect she wanted.

"Crap. They

e cornering me like lions to the pray. I better do something and quick." Aria thought. However the first of the two punkish girls expertly got behind Aria and put her into a Full Nelson hold. The other girl just started to throw jabs into Arias gut constantly. "Aahh..s..stop it!! Gagh!! Uugh!! Arggh!!" The now defenseless girl said. The girl who was dealing those blows stood back and cracked her knuckles she got into a stance and went for a jab. The punch was so clean and precise, only by instinct Aria dodge. She manage to get free from the other girls hold. She quickly grabbed amy items she dropped and ran as fast as she could.

The result. The two punkish girls were ninja hopping on trees completely outpacing poor Aria. They gracefully descend a few yards ahead of her. Aria didn find this out until she ran face first into a boot. She was knocked back to the ground. The leader of these two punkish girls suddenly appeared and checked to see if Aria sustained any damage. Her nose was broken and blood spewed out. She was some scuff marks on her her clothes,but that was it really. The woman helped Aria to her feet and placed some weird type of magic on Arias nose. It miraculously healed itself.

"Well well. Hello there little miss dilequent, Im Alfrieda Quebessence. I apologize about my daughters behaviour. They

e both mute as you can see,so they wanted to show you their own little greeting hehe." The woman laughed. Embarassed Aria got up and dusted the dirt off her feet. "I appreciate yo fixin my nose that stuff hurted. Maybe a more "simple" approach would have been better. I mean these two both tried to jump me! What do you two even want with me huh!!? Aria asked understandably angry. She felt humiliated and disrespected. Miss Quebessence smirked at her and kicked Aria square across the noggin. But this time Aria protected herself. This time Aria was a little angry. She took her glasses off and placed in her purse. "Okay..I see. You wanna try to rob me huh? Well it ain the first time,but there is one thing you all better do. FIGHT..FOR..YOUR..LIFE. Cause I sure as hell won spare yours!!" Aria said angrily. Her teeth were gritted and sharper than before. Her hair slowly rose even higher than the smug version.

There the girl stood ready to fight and happily the leader herself readied herself. The other two girls stood aside. "So this is how you want it huh? We never said we were gonna take your stuff, but how about a little wager. If you win girl, not only do you get our clothes as a prize,but you get our services for free and our undying loyalty, we will also serve you for as long as you see fit. There will be no complaining of the sort." Miss Quebessence said. "And what if I lose?" Aria asked.

"Well..you become our little bitch of course. You will do what my daughters chose for you to do and you will do what I tell you to do without question, plus if you lose this fight we get to strip you naked. Also there will be no mercy so if you croak itll be your own fault hehe. So deal?" Miss Quebessence asked an nervous and unsure Aria.

Aria swallowed any ounce of pride and wiped any sweat from her brow that formed. "Deal!! Ill be your little servant girl, but I never wanna see you three criminals here again. Your kind make me sick. " Aria hypocritically said.

"Well.." Miss Quebessence said unsheathing a small knife behind her back. "This is gonna be most enjoyable. Girls let Momma go to work. " The woman said launching herself towards Aria.

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