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Vincent seemed to have more to say than Cavendish.

But only his lips twitched, and he couldn’t bring up any words.

“Well, I mean…”


Taking a deep breath, he took off his glasses and wiped his face with a worried look.

“I didn’t know that the story of the mysterious civilization of Atlantis, which disappeared in ancient times, would lead there.”

Aria didn’t know either.

Since it was a vassal of the Fineta Empire, of course, she knew that it would be invaded, but it must have something to do with God.

Vincent summed it all up in one word.

“I think I’ve learned something I shouldn’t know…”

If Aria’s dream was true, it means that everything they have ever believed could be a lie.

According to Eden Faith’s doctrine, God does not have a name, and God teaches that God must not give God’s name.

But in Aria’s dream, the god had the name Shadra.

“To sum up, God believed in humans and entrusted them with emotions, but the Fineta Empire took them all completely, right”

So that means God doesn’t have feelings right now Vincent tilted his head and said.

“It’s a little strange.

Then, when you build an Empire, shouldn’t you use the power of God to establish your position as a Holy Empire”


Garcia’s power was already strong at that time.

Would they have allowed two Holy Empires under the sky”

Aria was taken aback that she couldn’t continue her words until there.

‘Wait a minute…… Maybe that’s why Garcia was aiming for the Fineta Empire’

God’s feelings stolen from Atlantis were in the Fineta Empire

‘What Lloyd had was the malice of God.

What does this have to do with entrusting God’s feelings to humans’

Aria let out a short grunt.

The deeper she thought, the more she knew nothing.

A story from 1500 years ago that has already disappeared from history.

There were probably too few clues.

“Anyway, it was undoubtedly the Fineta Empire that invaded Atlantis.

The clue must be in the Imperial Palace.”


“Well, if you’re scared, you can back out.”

I’m not forcing you. Aria said softly.

It was because Vincent seemed to regret being involved in this.

“Who the hell is scared Rather, I am burning with a passion for learning.”

However, when Vincent heard this, he said with a groan as if he had an upset stomach.

Wait……. His eyes narrowed as he continued to speak.

“Were being considerate of me”

“No, I was serious.”

“It’s kind of upsetting.”

She doesn’t know which rhythm he was asking this with.

Aria said, ignoring the annoying Vincent.

“Because I brought you in.

I meant not to overdo it.”

“If you take me in as you please, please take responsibility until the end.

I’ll have to go see where the end of this road is.”

What, he was saying some weird words.

Aria pinched and stretched Vincent’s grunting cheeks.

“Hmm, have you ever seen any records of the descendants of Atlantis”

“Ah haaf nohh…” (I have not…)

Vincent, with his cheeks pinched, tried to pronounce it properly a few times, then lost his temper and took Aria’s hand away.

He said rubbing his red cheeks with the back of his hand.

“Did you say that the Prince was taken hostage by the Fineta imperial family”

“Yes, because Cavendish told the Prince that it wouldn’t hurt to be a hostage.”

“Then, the record may remain in the Chronicles of the First Emperor.”

Maybe there was information about Cavendish written there, but they were unsure.

Aria nodded her head in agreement, then she asked.

“By the way, if it’s the chronicle, isn’t it something only the Emperor can read”

“That’s the problem.”

“It wouldn’t be a problem at all.”


It was when Vincent tried to express his doubts on Aria.

Cloud approached them from afar.

“Where the hell is the escort knight wandering around like that People who don’t even know the meaning of dereliction of duty often give up their duties whenever they have time.”

Vincent naturally slapped his tongue and scolded him.

“I was just carrying out orders.”

Cloud, who had been falsely framed for nothing, turned to Vincent for a moment, then spoke to Aria.

“The man named Vibrio was taken care of by the Inquisitor.

He was said to become quite docile and I was told to bring Young Madam.”

“Then I’ll go right now.”

Aria answered right away.

Cloud leads her into the dungeon, and Vincent follows after her.

“Who else is that germ-like name”

Aria briefly explained the story of a person named Vibrio for Vincent, who had not been present.

Talking about what had happened so far, they had arrived at the dungeon before they knew it.



Aria, who was walking down her stairs, staggered in surprise.

Vincent and Cloud almost simultaneously grabbed her hand and supported her.

“Are you okay”

“Are you okay”

“Uh, yes…”

The short and intense screams were suddenly cut off like a raging horse.

“Young Madam!”

The inquisitor, who had finished the work() smoothly according to Lloyd’s order, greeted them with a bright smile.

It was too bright compared to what he was doing, and it felt strange.

He tried to kiss the back of Aria’s hand, looked down at his hand, and then quickly took off his glove.

Unidentified blood dripped from his gloves.

– I’ll take your heart.

Aria politely declined his fierce greeting.

Then the inquisitor looked gloomy.


Meanwhile, Vincent was looking down at Vibrio, who was imprisoned.

He was in rags from being robbed of body, mind and soul by the infamous Valentine’s Inquisitor.

“Hearing about it from Sister-in-law, he looks like a slave trader.”

– I think so.

Aria sent a message while looking back at Vibrio, who was shaking his shoulders.

“The slave traders wouldn’t have expected us to come, so he wouldn’t be a spy.

Are they plotting some great conspiracy”

Vincent was seriously thinking.

‘I don’t think it was……’

Aria recalled the scene in which Vibrio vomited his anger saying, ‘You are like a demon wielding emotions through song’.

The words he used to escape the situation were very emotional.

“Maybe he just listened to my song and got swept away with the slaves”

“Ah, no way.

It can’t be.

What kind of slave trader is uh, gets swept away by slaves.”

Vincent clearly believed that there was a conspiracy.

There’s no way there’s such a stupid person in the world.

Aria made a shaky expression for a moment, then looked at Vibrio.

“It would be better for him to die right now and not leave behind any bloodline, which would contribute to the development of the race.

It’s assuming that there are such idiots as humans.”

Vibrio seemed to have lost all motivation and was enchanted by the sudden rush of shame.

Aria, who was silent for a moment, patted Vincent on the shoulder and cheered him on.


It’s just.

Nothing has changed, after all.

Aria supported his unchanging wit even today.

“I know little.”

There were three pieces of information Vibrio spit out.

There was a secret laboratory in the Kingdom of Bruto.

It was run by the state, and the Underhill Slave Traders procures slaves as test subjects to the laboratory.

And they were making chimeras.

There were only stories that could be inferred from the stories Aria had heard so far.

‘I think there must be Hans, who was once a prisoner of the gutter rat in that lab…….’

Aria thought for a moment.

“It seems like the lab side should try to sneak in.”

It was when she was muttering like that.

“Grand Princess…”

Ted, who had been listening to their conversation halfway through, interrupted.

It wasn’t that he overheard her, but that he had something to say to her, and she came to find him, and their will just coincidentally overlapped.

“Please allow us to go.”



I’m not alone.”

He pointed behind his backs.

The young men stood there with wretched expressions on their faces.

They were the former slaves.

“We want to take revenge on our own.

That way, we will feel more comfortable, and we won’t get involved with Valentine’s, so it will be two wins.”

Ted sent a lively and meaningful smile.

The Black Falcon knew Aria’s origin.

Dustin, the leader of the Knights, has known since Aria first arrived 4 years ago.

And the rest of the members became acquainted with Viscount Kefendi, who made a fuss over the parasite incident.

Everyone was grim when talking about that time.

So when Lloyd dragged them to Cortez’s mansion, they thought something was coming.

“I knew this day would come someday.”

“I’ve been waiting for the past 4 years!”

“The scumbag of the world who dared to abuse our Young Madam.”

“All the employees are the same.

No matter how much the Master ordered, how could they leave that little child unattended”

“Let’s beam them all together!”

The Black Falcon did not know the details of Aria’s past and what she had suffered.

But they could infer that she must have been abused and neglected before she came to the Grand Duchy


“Look at the bitterness of hell! You sinful things!”

“I’ll pay you back tenfold! I’ll show you just how vicious the devil you are talking about are!”

“You will never see the sun tomorrow!”


An employee, trampled by the knight’s feet, shouted in an unfair voice.

“N, no, who are you”

“Nothing to know!”

Lloyd entered the mansion, past the Black Falcons that ran wild like unbridled foals.

He looked around the inside of the large hall, then went up to the head of the table at will and sat with his legs crossed.

Shortly thereafter, Count Cortez was caught and dragged by the Black Falcons.

“Nice to meet you, Father-in-law.”

Lloyd patted the handle of the chair and smiled slowly.


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