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Chapter 124

Lloyd took a handkerchief from his arms and wiped the blood.



I’ll have to analyze it in detail to find out…”

Cuirre looked at the bottles in the box one by one and shook his head.

“If it’s poisonous, I can’t be ignorant.

I’m sure the other doctor on Valentine will say the same.”

Valentine, the villain of all, has many enemies.

They never knew when and where there might be an attempt to poison them, so their knowledge of poison was second to none.

“And some of the herbs here are so common that I can name them right away.”

Lloyd’s momentum, which seemed to explode at any moment, softened slightly.

Cuirre was relieved in his heart and added, just in case.

“Of course, I don’t know how it will change if it was combined.”

Depending on how the herbs used for medicinal purposes were combined, there were cases where they could become deadly poison to the human body.

Such cases were very rare.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you.

See if you can combine it to make it a voiceless drug.”

Yes Cuirre blinked when told to create something out of nothing.

“Do you have a recipe”

“That’s for you to figure out.”


“And see if there are any side effects if you overdose on that drug.”

So, does that mean to develop a new drug in the end

“Am I alone”

Cuirre hoped Lloyd doesn’t mean that Cuirre smiled clumsily ​​and sent out an earnest look.

But Lloyd only smiled crookedly.

“If you tell the outside about today, life will be quite enjoyable.”

“Hahaha… I want to live my life boringly.”

Cuirre, who quickly understood the meaning of Lloyd words, responded quickly.

‘The closer he gets to an adult, the more he looks like the Grand Duke, not only in appearance, but also in speech.’

His personality was originally the same.

Cuirre said, thinking that if he spit this out of his mouth, his neck would fly away.

“It may take a long time.”

“I don’t care.”

Generously, Lloyd gave the doctor a generous grace period and put the ring on his clean hand afterwards.

And he asked while opening the door and leaving.

“Is there any perfume”



Would you like to try some more magic pills”

“Noo… wizard noona lied to me.”

As he cried, he shed big dollops of tears and buried his face in his pillow.

He looked sad as if the world had collapsed.

“I told you that if you take the medicine you will become an adult…”

Aria put down the vial with a puzzled look.

Can’t he remember when he came back to his sanity

‘Well, indeed.

If you remember, you won’t act like this.’

On the other hand, the sad thing about it was that he would remember all of this when he’s sane.

She doesn’t know how he was going to endure the shame after he has been fully detoxified.

Aria looked down at Winter for a moment with pitiful eyes, and then she patted him on the back.

It looked like she was comforting a crying child, but in reality she was comforting him in advance, who would recover his sanity in the future.

‘He said the person was wearing a hood from head to toe.’

It would have been difficult to find more clues from such an opponent.

Once again, she decided to give time to the young Winter.

‘Kingdom of Bruto, chimera, and even spies or insiders.’


Aria let out a deep sigh.

‘Has anything like this happened in the previous life’

Probably, there was.

Because the snake-shaped chimera, taxidermist, that Hans made was circulated in the gutter a year from now.

And in her past life, the gutter rat must have turned his body into a chimera.

‘However, as the future changes, I think the timing has been moved forward.’

Aria kept thinking about the words and was worried, but she quickly brushed it out of her head.

It was because she could not know how the future would change even if she was anxious for nothing, and nothing would change.

“Hmm, a noble.”

Then Vincent muttered as if lost in thought.

“In the end, for whatever reason, the conclusion is that we must go to the Imperial Palace.”

Searching for clues about Atlantis, and searching for nobles participating in the study of the chimera by communicating with the Kingdom of Bruto.

“If you’re looking for a noble associated with Bruto’s lab, this will be your last chance.”

It was as Vincent said.

The socialite season will end with the next two weeks of hunting contests.

If they missed this time, they had to wait till next year.

‘There is no guarantee that the noble will come again next year.’

No, there’s a high chance they won’t come.

The gutter rat was dead, and they have Hans, the creator of the chimera.

“Do you have an invitation from the Imperial Palace”

“Even if there was, I must have tore it.”

Then Vincent answered.

‘That’s right.’

Aria remembered Tristan, who she once saw tearing it apart even if they have the imperial seal.

“Valentine doesn’t need an invitation.”

The Emperor won’t say anything.

“Let’s attend now, Lloyd.”

“What Where Brother…”

Vincent looked around with a puzzled face and gasped in surprise.

Because Lloyd was watching them, leaning against the door without a trace of presence

“Ah, my heart hurts… Why does Brother always appear like a ghost”

Vincent grunted as he clutched his fluttering heart.

Then Lloyd raised an eyebrow and tilted his head.

“The rabbit knows.”

Aria notices, but should he have to pretend to have a presence for other people It was as if he was asking that.

Vincent just decided to stop talking.

“You came early.”

Aria said, staring at the window tinted with the sunset.

“I said I’d be here soon.”

“Is everything all right”

Lloyd, who stared at Aria silently for a moment, answered, “Yes.”.

“…Did you spray perfume”

She sniffed his scent for a moment and asked tremblingly.

It was because the moment Lloyd entered, an artificial scent suddenly spread through the air.

‘It’s not that I don’t like it…….’

It was a heavy musk scent that felt a bit excessive, but surprisingly it matched him quite well.

She doesn’t know why he suddenly sprayed it.

Then, after a moment of silence, he asked with a smirk.

“A change of pace.

Do you like it”

“Yes, it suits you.”

Although her nose hurts.

About a moment when there was a strange silence, he added in a languid voice.

“But are you okay”

“Huh What”

“The hunting contest.”

Hunt. Lloyd pretended to pull the bow without a long explanation.


Aria realized belatedly and had a serious face.

She knew that the hunting contests still exist, but she never attended them in person, so she didn’t even think about it.

Like a fool.

‘Killing animals.’

It’s not for survival, it’s just for fun.

“…if it’s just observing.”

She looked annoyed for a moment, but she tried, pretending she was okay.

Aria had nothing to do with the forest where the hunting contest was held.

The place she had to explore was the Imperial Palace.

“Because the purpose is different.”

And she soon made up her mind.

She had a lot of work to do.

She won’t have time to look elsewhere.

“Oh, really”

Marronnier doubted her ears.

But as expected, she didn’t seem to hear it wrong!

“Wow! Young Madam is attending the hunting contest!”

Hunting contests held in the Imperial Palace were not limited to hunting in the forest.

Before and after the competition, there were balls for almost a full week.

In fact, the hunting was only for three days.

When she heard that, she said, ‘What is it If that is enough, hunting is a bluff, isn’t the essence a ball’ She was skeptical, but in fact she was right.

How great must it be to play the hunting game for nobles who were not mercenaries running in the field.

‘It’s almost like a meeting point for Ladies and Lords, a love affair.’

It was a place for poor nobles who had to marry someone they did not even know, so that they could find their partner directly.

‘It’s a good thing for me.

I will be able to stay in the Imperial Palace for a long time.’

Anyway, that was the reason Marronnier was happy now.

In this hunting contest, the most outstanding Lady will be elected the Queen of Spring Flowers.

It also meant that she would soon be in the spotlight this year in the social world.

– Marronnier, I’m not a Lady.

“How about that Is there any law that says married people shouldn’t wear spring flowers”

“You are the Queen of Spring Flowers.

What title could be better suited to the Young Madam than this”, she babbled, and then she suddenly frowned at her.


You went to the Imperial Palace before, and Young Madam ran into the gutter rat or something, and almost got seriously injured.”

Maronnier seemed confused as to whether she should discourage Aria from going or not.

“If you want to participate in the hunting contest, you’ll have to match your dress and hunting clothes as soon as possible…”

She glanced at the clock and calendar on the tabletop.

“I’m afraid the Young Madam will come back hurt again… Oh, but if you match the dress with the theme of spring flowers, Young Madam will look good as if you were born wearing it…”

Aria watched the conflicting squirrel, then grinned and wiped her cheek.

– Go ahead.


Marronnier ended her conflict as soon as Aria’s permission was given and ran out the door.

The figure that bounced off like an arrow was itself like a squirrel running in search of an acorn.

“What’s so exciting.

How cute.”

Aria briefly recalled her past memories.

The day she attended her first imperial ball at the Emperor’s summons, she was excited at ‘her social debut’.

It was when she was young with a happy smile on her lips.

“I’m excited too.”

Lloyd belatedly knocked on the door and said so.

“I’m thinking of teaching the wife to dance.”


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