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Aria stood in the rose garden and looked at the window of her room.

‘Why is the curtain closed’

The curtains in her room never did their job.

Because Aria likes looking out the window.

‘Actually, I would have thought that if it was normal if they would close it when I was not there, but…….’

She looked more carefully.

The lights were off in the room, so she couldn’t see the inside.

‘I’ll have to go check it out.’


As soon as Aria whistled, Silver and Black ran at the same time.


“Oh, that surprised me!”

Marronnier was terrified to see the wolf and jaguar rushing towards her.

‘I didn’t mean to call both Silver and Black…….’

Aria thought so and said,

– I’m going to visit the main building for a while, but I want to take just one of you.

Then Silver and Black looked at each other’s faces and lowered their bodies, widening the distance as if they were going to jump out.

Then they revealed their teeth and started threatening each other.

– Both of you stop.


“Grr, Grrrrr…”

– Anyone is fine.

It was when Aria sighed as she looked at the two wild beasts, just before they rushed in.

The maid chief Betty, who ran to see the disturbance, interrupted.

“Why What’s going on”

– I’m going to check my room.

“Do you have anything you left behind I’ll take it and be right back.”

– No, I’ll go.

Because I can’t get you to work on a day like today.

“No matter how excited I am from the banquet, I can’t leave my work to the Young Madam.”

Betty cut it off and said firmly.

Aria pondered what to do, and she saw Silver and Black still facing each other.

She had no choice but to say this.

– Then, just check who is in the room and if there’s anything different from usual.


Betty ran towards the main building.

As Aria looked worriedly at her back, she heard Tristan’s voice in the distance.

“My angelic daughter said that I should reciprocate feelings with emotions.

So I carved my daughter’s deep consideration deeply and embraced it with gratitude.”

What other nonsense is this

‘It’s a banquet that was held in the spirit of me being thankful to them for everything.’

Something was wrong with him.

However, the employees who heard Tristan responded enthusiastically and agreed.

“I’ll serve you for the rest of my life!”

“It’s a joy for us to see Young Madam growing up happy and healthy!”

At this point, Dwayne, who had been nagging by the side, nodded with a happy face in agreement.

“Of course, we have to protect the angel.”


Aria was at a loss for words and she was staring at them with a puzzled face.

Sabina, who was smiling in amusement, motioned for Aria to come.

“Are you all ready”

It was when Aria was about to step towards her.

Lloyd, who had just entered the garden, approached Aria and asked.

It wasn’t a formal banquet, so it seemed like he wasn’t dressed up, but he was dressed in a strange way.

‘Fasten the button properly…….’

Aria barely turned her gaze away from Lloyd, who looked half disheveled, and said, covering her cheek with her hand to hide the flushed color of it.

– Betty hasn’t come yet.

Lloyd smiled briefly at her, and extended his hand to Aria.

“Go and enjoy the banquet.

It won’t be too late to make an important announcement after the maid chief returns.”

The Imperial Palace food sucked and was unpleasant. He added.

Aria had no choice but to completely agree with that statement.

The Imperial Palace chef was pretty good too, but in the end, there is no chef as good as Baker.

– Actually, I wanted to cook myself…….

Everyone trembled at the same time hearing the pitiful mumbling words Aria said, who stood in the center of the crowd.

“Hey, don’t be.”

“Although the Young Madam gave a banquet for us, we can’t really watch you cook yourself.

We have to serve you.”

“Of course.

You should be comfortable.

Anyway, it’s okay.”

“Don’t overdo it! Come on, enjoy it! Young Madam’s joy is our joy!”

And they suddenly got alarmed and spread apart.

In an overly desperate way.

– Why do you look like you don’t like it…….

“What No way!”

But why are you sweating Aria narrowed her eyes as she looked at the employees who vehemently denied her.


Silver and Black were still facing each other, threatening each other at the back.

No, she thought so.

Until she notices that the two beasts are growling towards the grass and not at each other.

‘What’s in the grass’

Aria looked at it for a moment and wondered.

All of a sudden, Black and Silver looked at each other again and started growling at each other.


They might have heard the wind or saw a squirrel passing by.

But for some reason she couldn’t get over it easily.

Aria immediately ran to the grass.

Rustle– And with her hand she swept through the grass without hesitation.

“Young Madam What’s wrong”

Marronnier suddenly approached Aria, who was searching among the grass, and was startled.

A child had been hiding under the grass, crouching her body.

…… Laura

At the sound of the call, the child looked up at Aria with a look of dismay.

“Gasp, who is this kid”

Marronnier asked, terrified, not thinking there would be a child.

– Her name is Laura.

I brought her because she was threatened by a carnivorous rabbit near the Ingo Mountains.

“What a pity… Don’t crouch there and come out.”

Marronnier took the child out of the grass and brushed the leaves off her clothes.

Aria stared at Laura, and she asked.

– Why are you here

“I want to meet Sister…”

– Then why didn’t you say so before.

Laura should have been in the guest room of the annex by now.

That means that she had come all the way here alone.

“I thought Sister would be uncomfortable with me.

You asked to keep it a secret.”

Aria, in a hurry to save the child, unintentionally spoke in front of Laura.

She was going to announce it today anyway, so she still asked everyone to keep it a secret.

– You mean you were hiding and watching because you were afraid that you might tell my secrets

Laura looked into Aria’s eyes and nodded her head.

Aria couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, as the child looked like she had grown up eating a meal offered unwillingly.

And, for some reason, she couldn’t help but feel that the situation was a bit suspicious.

‘Why did Silver and Black behave abnormally And the carnivorous rabbit…….”

Why was Laura always near it

‘I should keep her by my side and watch.’

Because this was the place where Aria, Lloyd, Tristan, and Sabina were.

It was better than letting the child roam around alone.

– I’m not uncomfortable at all.

Aria said as she stretched out her hand towards Laura.

– Stay by my side.

“Is, is it okay As an outsider, I dare to be in such a precious place…”

– If I say it’s okay, it’s okay.

If I’m there, it’s okay.

It’s my banquet.

Laura seemed confused for a moment, then reached out her little hand with a shy face.

It was just before their hands touched each other.


Marronnier, who was looking at Laura warmly with a favorable gaze, suddenly changed to a suspicious look.

“Have I seen you somewhere”

“What N, no.”


“Re, really.

It’s the first time I’ve seen such a huge castle…”

Marronnier tilted her head and narrowed the gap between her eyes.

“No, I’ve definitely seen you.”

And, as if searching for her memories, she was deeply immersed in thought.

“…Young Madam!”

It was then.

Betty, who had gone to check Aria’s room for a moment, ran up to her, gasping for breath.

“Some, something’s wrong! There were traces of someone scouring the Young Madam’s room!”

In heightened feelings, Betty took a deep breath and spoke loudly.

Her voice was so loud that everyone’s eyes turned to her.

“What The spies were all sent back to nature, there should be no traces of that”

Dwayne asked, quoting his master’s explicit expression.

“It looks like they’re trying to put everything back in place, but it won’t fool me.

There must have been a thief!”

The employees, who were greatly agitated at Betty’s words, burned with anger at the same time.

“How dare they touch our Young Madam’s things out of so many things!”

“This won’t do.

If caught, I will dismember them in five pieces!”

“Five pieces I’ll remember them into fragmented pieces!”

“Fragmented pieces What I mean to say…”

The Black Falcon, who pretended to be relatively quiet in front of people, spit out words that made people tremble.

They looked like they would immediately run out and put what they had just said into action as soon as the order was given.

And, finally.

Marronnier, who was staring intently at Laura’s face as if tracing her memory, suddenly shouted out loud.

“You must have been the maid in the Imperial Palace!”


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