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Chapter 155

– …… So, don’t worry, I’ve been willing to put my hands on so that all your efforts don’t go in vain.

As Aria read the letter from the Princess, she burst into laughter unknowingly.

It was written in a rather formal tone for Natalie, but the intention of wanting to be praised was clearly read in it, saying ‘Did I do well’.

“You did well.”

Aria smiled softly as she gave a compliment Natalie wouldn’t be able to hear.

– However, it seems that Garcia is still thinking about making a move, and recently, a large amount of manpower has been sent to the Kingdom of Leter, which is suffering from a plague.

Kingdom of Leter

‘Come to think of it, that’s what happened.’

The plague spread quickly, but at first the symptoms of the plague were weaker than that of a cold, so the Kingdom did not take it seriously.

But the moment it spread throughout the Kingdom, things happened.

People started dying rapidly.

It was only a matter of time before the Kingdom of Leter became the Kingdom of the dead.

‘I know that the treatment will be commercialized around winter of this year…….’

However, it was not Garcia who developed the treatment.

Although everyone believed that Garcia would develop a cure for it.

‘Because Garcia is very advanced in medicine.’

They were world famous.

Just as when people think of cooking, they think of the Dunham Kingdom, when people think of medicine, they think of the Garcia Empire.

‘Until that incident happened.’

– On this holiday, the Cardinal and the person responsible for the incident declared that they would prove their innocence in front of the square.

The Princess concluded her letter by saying [I don’t know what kind of revenge they’re trying to do, but I’ll figure it out on my own.].

After thinking for a moment, Aria picked up the pen.

She then wrote a reply to the Princess and she went out to the garden.

“Can you go to the Imperial Palace”


The carrier pigeon cried in protest if she was asking something obvious.

Aria smiled briefly and put her forehead to the carrier pigeon, then sent it high into the sky.

‘Thanks to Princess Natalie, the evil deeds of the Garcia Empire were exposed outside the world.’

But to ask if it made a big impact, unfortunately not.

Rather, this aroused resentment.

That’s probably because it was the Princess who was driving all kinds of rumors about Garcia that will be claimed as the villain.

‘There’s no way they can’t take it seriously.’

Taking Valentine’s side meant turning the whole world into an enemy.

‘But, that’s enough for now.’

To plant seeds of doubt.

Even if it doesn’t have any effect now, the day will come when it will sprout.

“Hmm, soil and water are needed for that…”

When Aria was muttering.

Hearing her words, Marronnier asked, putting a shawl on Aria’s shoulder.

“Are you going to grow plants”

The gardener who was trimming the grass nearby, glanced over at Aria’s side and gave a hopeful gaze.

“It’s similar.”

“Shall I call the gardener”

“I think we need more skilled farmers than gardeners.”

“Then I’ll tell the butler that.”

The gardener looked sullen again.

Aria grinned and motioned for him to come over.

“Gasp, did you call, Young Madam! Leave anything to me and I’ll make any plant look great!”

He clenched his fists in high spirits of wanting to raise a plant for Aria that he said he would feed it humans if it wanted to.

“Plant poinsettia.”

“What But it’s a winter shrub…”

“I know.”

The flower language of poinsettia was ‘congratulations with a warm heart’.

Because this winter is the winter when the Valentine’s Incident should have happened.

‘Carlin always warns me that changing the future will bring more catastrophe, though…… .’

Instead of being afraid, Aria decided to plant a poinsettia in advance.

In order to congratulate the future in which no incidents will occur with a warm heart.

“It should bloom in winter.”

Of course, there was work to be done to do that.

“Call Carlin.

There’s someone I need to find.”

“This is your last chance.”

Cardinal Andrea said in disbelief.

This was because, at this meeting, it was concluded with ‘Let’s give Saint Veronica one last chance’.

‘I didn’t think the Holy Father would listen to this little girl’s paranoid story…….’

The Cardinal lamented inside, but he had no choice but to follow orders from his superiors.

“Don’t worry, this is my specialty.”

Veronica had a knack to arouse incitement.

At first, even the Cardinal was so bewildered that he gave her a chance to see the Pope in person.

Even other Cardinals, including the Pope, gave Veronica, who had made a mistake once, a new chance.

Had her divine power supported her, she would be a bold and fearless figure who would have done more.

“Brothers and sisters.”

Veronica moistened her eyes in front of the crowds in the square.

‘Today is the feast of St.


Saint Michia was a historical figure who impressed many and created a global charitable organization.

Eden Faith believers from the Fineta Empire had come to celebrate this day.

“Recently, I have come to this position because there was a stigma that is painful to even put in my mouth.”

After hanging the tears in her eyes for a moment, she closed her eyes tightly and placed her hand on her chest.

She, with a really distressed, but determined look, said.

“But I’m fine, because I wanted to save tens of thousands of people before that, even with all the blame.”

Did she want to save people The believers gathered in the square were noisy.

“As expected, what was the reason”

“Anyway, it turns out that there was a place like a laboratory that was hidden in the orphanage.”

“They found children who were experimented on there.”

“But, there’s no way the Saint would have done that.

She must have had an unavoidable circumstance.”

Even today was a monumental day for believers.

How could the person titled Saint lie on St.

Michia’s day To borrow the name of God and commit atrocities and yet she does it to save people.

“It wasn’t a laboratory, it was a treatment room.

And the children were all from the Kingdom of Leter.”

Veronica could be proud.

Because she never left any details and traces of the child who died while being used as a test subject.

And the remaining corpses were disposed of and burned in a place where no one could find them.

All that was left was the testimonies of helpless children and the unbelievable claims of the devil Valentine.

“Only children suffering from infectious diseases have been gathered and treated in a separate place.

In order to save those children and develop a cure.”

They were children who would die if left alone anyway.

She took those children and struggled to somehow save them.

This was Veronica’s argument.

“Actually, that’s why I was sent to the Fineta Empire.

It’s because the Fineta Empire borders on the Kingdom of Leter.”

Access to the Kingdom of Leter was completely controlled, but the people of the Empire were terrified.

Fearing that one day the plague might cross borders and sweep over the Empire.

“Everything had to be done in secret.

I couldn’t cause trouble to my brothers and sisters here.”

Veronica was right.

If it was said that the plague had been brought into the Empire, it would have caused a huge stir.

Even now, the situation was no different.


“The development of a cure is not far off.”

That being said, this made a difference.

The murmur of the believers grew louder at the unexpected remark.

“I knew it.”

“It was a nonsensical rumor that the Saint used poor orphanage children as test subjects.”

“She was framed.”

The believers were also relieved to know that the Saint was a good person.

Without even realizing that she was swallowing a sneer inside.

“I’m not asking you to understand my beliefs, because it’s up to you to decide.”

Tears streamed down Veronica’s cheeks, who couldn’t speak for a moment.

“But I’m standing here with a single thought that I want you to know that I care for you.”

It was inevitable to develop a cure as quickly as possible and save everyone.

That was the gist of her declaration.

But it was then.

– Can you take responsibility for what you just said

A clear and roaring voice resounded in everyone’s mind.

People looked around in surprise.

“Wh, what”

“Did you hear that too”

“Nobody’s there”

“A, a sound echoed in my head.

Is it an angel’s voice”

On the other hand, Veronica, who immediately recognized the identity of this voice, almost distorted her expression.

“Valentine’s Grand Princess…”

Is this the voice of the Grand Princess

“Look over there!”

It was only then that the believers found a figure on top of the clock tower building.

It was hard to see because she was far away, but her message was etched in everyone’s mind very clearly.

– Can I take it as a sign that once a cure is developed, this situation can be put to rest

‘…… Look at this’

Veronica kept her composure by biting the corners of her trembling lips.

It was as if Aria had decided that Veronica would never find a cure.

‘But you made a stupid choice.

You were quietly locked up in the Grand Duke’s castle.’

This was the place where the Eden Faith believers gathered.

No matter what Aria says here, they will stand by Veronica.

“I don’t know how long it will take, but I think it’s not long since we found the raw material that’s key to a cure.”

Despite the Grand Princess’ undeserved actions, Veronica responded with a benevolent smile without agitation.

Seeing this, the believers did not help but praise the saint.

“As evidence of that, as the Grand Princess knows, children who have successfully been cured are able to go out into the world.”

The children were Fineta’s nationals who had never contracted the plague in the first place.

So it was only natural that they were still alive.

Rather, they almost died from the experiment.

‘But without proof, what are you going to do’

The believers in this place only believed that Valentine was a follower of the devil.

‘Public opinion has already leaned toward me.’

No matter what Aria says here, nothing will work.

Rather, it would be nice if she could get away without getting hit with criticism.

But Aria never went wild in agitation.

– It’s still the same.

She mumbled something incomprehensible with a hardened face.

Her calm demeanor and unknown intimidation made the audience nervous.

– This could mean that the Saint proves that the children were used as test subjects when the Saint didn’t succeed in developing her cure.


Veronica was agitated for a moment.

If Aria had said it, it would have been like digging Veronica’s grave.

‘No, this won’t do.’

Garcia will be successful.

They allowed Veronica to speak this out in front of the public because Garcia had already made the decision that they could develop their own cure.

“If you misunderstand my will and doubt me, there is nothing I can do about it.”

After Veronica let out a sigh, she put on a very distressed expression.

And she lifted her head in determination.

“Within this year, I will definitely develop a treatment and prove it.”

Behind her blonde hair, swaying in the wind, the dazzling light of the sun fell.

“I will give my life so that there will be no more innocent sacrifices.”


The audience cheered.

It was like a scene reminiscent of a memory from the past.

It was the same as Veronica back then, when she incited Aria the Siren to be executed and driving her as a monster.

– I hope you will.

The clear pink gaze and the hazy golden gaze were entangled in the air.

Aria looked at Veronica, the self-proclaimed protagonist of her own heroic narrative, and put her elbows on the railing and smiled languidly.


The result won’t be the same as it was then.

It was around the time when the poinsettias were in full bloom in Valentine’s garden.

In the end, Garcia failed to develop a cure.


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