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Chapter 103

“Hey, you always have a lot of useless worries.

If you’re scared, you’ll die.”

A man told him to stop.

He had a hook on his severed left hand instead of a prosthetic arm.

“If we do this safely, we are no longer wanted criminals.

Let’s leave this damn sea and step on the bare ground, huh”

They were from pirates.

At one time, they ruled the sea like a king, plundering and killing.

They were proud of their ever-rising notoriety and bounty.

‘But now it’s all a thing of the past.’

It was all about the youthful days.

They wanted to get rid of their past and live a normal life.

They were sick of being chased around with the feeling of life that was being threatened all the time.

“If we go on like this, our lives will be obvious.

I’m sure someday we’ll be hanging around the gallows from our neck as an example.”

“You just need to feed the drug periodically until they arrive, and then hand it over to the lab.

What could be easier than this”

Once they did this, they were no longer criminals.


Marry a woman, hehe.”

“Even if you’re not a criminal, is there any woman who would want to marry you”

“What What’s the difference with you”

Hooked hands and one-eye clashed and fought.

Why were both of them so passionate about hopeless things The man with the bushy beard looked at them pathically and shook his head.

And he looked up and down at Winter, who had lost his consciousness.

‘It’s going to be okay.’

He couldn’t go back once he had come this far.

He struggled to shake off the rising anxiety.

After taking motion sickness pills, Vincent became energetic.

While the master navigator brought the meals, they gathered in the dining room and started setting up the plot.

“While Brother was looking for a ship, we got minimal information from the information guild, but it will not be accurate as it is information we got in a hurry.”

Vincent gave a rough estimate of the size of the Underhill Slave ship.

There were three ships in all, and the largest sailing boat has a crew of 50 and can accommodate 300 people.

It was quite large for a slave ship.

“Since it’s a slave trader, they’re sure to smuggle it through the ‘lowest place’, which is a place with messy public security.

By then, it’s already too late.

We have to find another way.”

Aria had no intention of waiting for them to land.

“Can’t we retake it from the middle of the sea”

“Are you serious”


“During the voyage, the vigilance must be at its peak, but what if we got hit by a cannon and sink No matter how fast we speed up in the first place, will we be able to catch up with them, since we started so late”


“Or can the Siren’s song block artileries or speed up sailing”

Vincent pointed out Aria’s reckless plan poignantly.

Why was he talking like that If they were thrown into the sea, only the mouth of disaster would float.

“Let’s make sure…”

“Yes What, what”

Vincent, who felt a gloomy energy that he did not know if it was in Aria’s gaze, hesitated.

Then he inadvertently turned his gaze to Lloyd, and was startled.

“The rabbit wants to retake it from the middle of the sea.”

His eyes were saying ‘dare to throw dirt on my wife’s words’.

This crazy couple was telling Vincent to create a miracle like splitting the sea in two.

“Because it’s impossible…”

He sighed and continued.

For some reason, his face seemed to have a deep tiredness on it.

“Before leaving, I thought you would not have such a plan, so I separately looked for Underhill’s hideout.

No, I’ll correct it.

I found out on my own.”

Vincent was terrified of Aria’s plan, that is, ‘a plan to solve everything with her own abilities’.

He was then convinced that in order not to die by expulsion, he had to come to his senses.

Aria and Lloyd both had superhuman abilities, so they didn’t use their heads at all.

‘Don’t bother thinking about it.’

On the other hand, that decorative head.

It wasn’t that he did not use his head, but that he couldn’t use it, so it was more of a problem.

“Sir Cloud had already heard of their hideout and knew it.”

“Excuse me It was me”


Vincent said with a liberated smile.

“If the Kingdom of Bruto is the destination, they will have choice but to restock food and supplies in the middle.”

“You mean they’re going to be anchored in the port in the middle”

“No, they wouldn’t be able to stay with a large load of slaves even a trading port.

They’re definitely heading for a hideout.”

Vincent said, ‘What is the big deal about that’ to Cloud.

“The Sir heard that the ship was going through the Dyke Sea.”

“Yes, but.”

“A little twist in Dyke is the Navron Triangle, and no one came back alive after entering the zone.

Of course, we should avoid it.”

Aria heard those words and realized later and exclaimed briefly, ‘Ah!’ ‘.

“There’s a hiding place on the other side of the Navron Triangle.”

“There are only two routes that can avoid Navron.

One of them is managed by the Empire, so it will be the remaining one.”

Hearing all the conversation, Ted jumped up from his seat with a determined expression.

“Well, then I’ll sneak in and bring my family out.”

Aria shook her head.

“We said we were going to retake the ship.”

“What do you mean”

Ted, who was puzzled, stared at Aria with one glance in anticipation for a moment.

“Ah, the power of the wonderful song I saw back then”

Come to think of it, there was a way.

The miraculous power that made the jailer take the key from his waist and open the prison door.

A sacred and splendid song with mystical power, like a descendant of the Atlantis royal family!


Then Lloyd cut Ted’s expectations like a knife.

“Not this time.”


Aria flapped her lips for a moment with a sad expression.

But this time, she, too, couldn’t resist being stubborn.

It was because Lloyd had the same eyes as when he had just woken up from his nightmare.

Of course, he wasn’t crying, but his eyes darkened as if they were wet.

It was shaking finely.

There was a fearful look in his eyes that he might lose her.

“You have to sing so extensively if you want to retake the entire ship.”


“Can you guarantee that your life will not be affected at all this time”

Of course, she wasn’t sure.

It was because she might have to grind her own life force.

Just like when she was imprisoned in the Emperor’s cage in the past.

“No, it must be quite fatal…”

Aria had no choice but to answer honestly in the end.

She remembered the reasons why Lloyd kept pushing her away when she first came to the castle.

He hated sick people.

No, he hated himself for being helpless when his people were sick and he couldn’t do anything.

Aria didn’t want him to feel the same pain as he did back then.


Until I go to Atlantis and find a way to extend my life, let’s not make him worry about it.’

She came to that conclusion.

“Just stay here this time.

Me and Sir Cloud are enough.”

“Why am I left out naturally”, Vincent protested.

“Are you going too”

“I will not.”

Of course, it was just a polite thing to say.

He was left out naturally, so he just felt resentment.

Vincent knew his place very well, infinitely helpless to force.

“I, I will go!”

Ted raised his hand.

“I don’t know if I’m able to use any power, but I have to find my family…”

He spoke desperately, his fingertips trembling in fear.

Lloyd stared at Ted silently for a moment, then turned his back as if to let him do whatever he wanted.

“Is it okay…”

Aria said, looking worriedly at the backs of the three people as they left.

“Sister-in-law, do you know the saying that rabbits worry about jaguars”

“Don’t make it up.”

Where was such a proverb She let out a deep sigh.

“You care about everything.

From what I’ve seen before, if he swings his sword once, his opponent will fall like a leaf.”

“Well, they went to the wall and got stuck.”

“So, you’re worried about someone who threw humans like darts”

Vincent said, astonished.

Aria said, ‘It is so.’ At that thought, she relaxed her shoulders, which had stiffened from tension.

If it was a problem that Lloyd and Cloud could solve together, she had no intention of taking a risk.

“Still, just watching from afar would be fine.”

Just in case.

Aria decided to stand on the deck while they recapture the ship and wait for them to return safely.

“WeI’ll be here soon.”

An island was slowly emerging over the horizon.

The man lowered the telescope he was holding around his eyes.

Countless scars were then revealed across his face.

He was Maxim, the owner of Underhill Slavery.

“You won’t be able to stay on the island for very long.

The superiors urged you to replenish the slaves as soon as possible.”

Maxim wrinkled his brow in annoyance and said to the attendant who was standing behind him like a shadow.

“Tell them to depart in two days.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Two days.

It was the minimum period required to move the material.

They had to move as quickly as possible by mobilizing all the labor force.

“Shall we release the slaves”


It’s obvious that they’ll try to run away for no reason.”

Maxim clapped his hand as if to stop talking nonsense.

“How about the slaves this time”

“One or two people tried to escape, but we broke their legs as an example and they lost their morale at once.”

“It doesn’t matter if you treat it more harshly.

They will be used for experiments anyway.”

“There doesn’t seem to be a need for that.

Most of the items I got this time are compliant.”

It’s perfect if they’re obedient.

But he couldn’t let his guard down by that either.

If they were originally a slave, they wouldn’t even think of escaping on their own if with shackles on their ankles.

However, there were some who became slaves overnight and were deprived of their freedom.

“The quieter they are, the more dangerous it is.

Protecting ‘experimental subjects’ should also consist of protecting the ship.”

“Yes But that’s too…”

The attendant stiffened as he recalled the experimental subjects sent from his home country.




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