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Best Son in law Chapter 2967: big lie

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Logan's head exploded suddenly, as if he had been hit by a sap.

He originally thought that the Du family didn't know about them going to Manson!

Unexpectedly, Kane has already inquired about everything before he came to ask for the guilt!

Damn old thing!

Logan couldn't help scolding Manson in his heart. Only he, Woods and Manson knew about this. Now that Kane knew so quickly, Manson must have taken the initiative to say it!

Never thought that this old thing would betray them!

"What No quibble now!"

Kane on the other end of the phone said angrily, "It's such a time, you still dare to deceive us with nonsense, are you playing me and Mr. Jeremy as monkeys!"

His words were like a bolt from the blue, hitting Logan's head straight!

Logan trembled all over, his legs went weak, and he almost fell to the ground.

At this moment, Woods on the side took a stride.

He stepped over, grabbed the mobile phone in Logan's hand, and said to Kane, who was on the other end of the phone, "Mr. Kane, just now, Mr. Logan said something wrong. We did inject the patients with Mr. Manson. of genetic medicines”

"You also know that genetic medicines are very sensitive internationally, so we publicize it as antibiotics, and we'll get used to it when we talk about it!"

"Because the injection was a genetic drug, it reacted violently with other drugs, resulting in Hogham's tragic death!"

"Otherwise, if it's just an ordinary medical drug, how could there be such a serious drug reaction!"

Logan's expression changed, and he nodded hurriedly, "Yes, yes, Mr. Kane, I just said I'm used to it. It's not antibiotics. We inject patients with genetic medicines!"

He couldn't help but give Woods a thumbs up.

"Okay, Woods, you dare

Follow him to deceive me! "

Kane on the other end of the phone didn't seem to like this at all, and said sharply, "You want to accompany him to death!"

"Mr. Kane, I didn't lie to you!"

Woods looked calm and said in a low voice, "I wonder when Mr. Manson told you about this, did he tell you that this drug will be completely safe as long as there are no side effects within 12 hours after the injection!"

"This... I didn't hear him say it..."

Kane was slightly startled.

Woods immediately let go of his heart when he heard the words, and continued, "Then you can ask Mr. Manson, after we injected Hogham and others with the gene drug, we not only observed for twelve hours, but also observed Nearly twenty hours!"

"During this period, Hoggham and others have been recovering very well, and there is nothing unusual!"

"Only in the middle, Wendy forgot my entrustment.

, According to the daily treatment habits, they injected a hormone drug into Hogham as usual, which led to this abnormal reaction in Hogham! "

"How high is the risk of genetic drugs, you must have heard of it! Not to mention random injection of drugs, even eating and drinking, may also cause extremely strong malignant reactions!"

Seeing what he said in a prudent manner, Kane on the other end of the phone couldn't help being a little stunned.

Kane also understands the dangers of genetic medicine, and what Woods said is indeed reasonable.

"Are you serious!"

Kane still asked with some doubts.

"If you don't believe me, I can give you the data of the physical state of Hogham twelve hours after the injection, no, eighteen hours!"

Woods said solemnly, "There is absolutely nothing unusual during this period, unless Mr. Manson's 12-hour side effects are false!"


Yes, how could Mr. Manson be wrong about his own genetic medicine ! "

He knew that even if he said that Manson had misjudged his own genetic medicine, Kane would not believe it.

Even if Kane believed it, Manson would not admit it, and he would definitely bite them back in the end!

Smear them that injecting drugs is not standardized!

So he might as well directly hold Manson up. In this way, Manson is also happy and will not refute them!

It can make Wendy take this black pot!

"Okay, then I'll trust you for now!"

Kane on the other end of the phone hesitated for a moment, then said solemnly, "Since it was the wrong injection of a drug that should not have been injected, which led to Hogham's tragic death, then other patients who have been injected with genetic drugs should be fine, right !"

"Mr. Ben Lison and the critically ill patients sent by other allies have recovered smoothly, right!"

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