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Fu Zhiyu slowly swallowed the peach in his mouth and turned his head to look at Xie Ke.

He couldn’t understand the deep expression in Xie Ke’s eyes, he just felt tired.

“If I agree to talk to you, can you leave me alone” Fu Zhiyu sighed, “Xie Ke, since you know what happened to me, it should be very clear to you.

I don’t owe you.

If you really still have a heart, the farther away from me you are, the better.

I will be grateful to you from the bottom of my heart.”

Xie Ke was silent for a while, then replied: “Everything else is fine, but only this is impossible.”

“…Then we have nothing to talk about.” Fu Zhiyu didn’t look back, “You go.

I can only tell you that it is best not to spend time on me, there will be no results.”

Xie Ke didn’t leave.

Fu Zhiyu could feel him reaching out to touch his hand, but he reacted quickly and put his hand on the table.

Xie Ke just caught the air.

“We really had a misunderstanding in our previous lives, a big misunderstanding,” Xie Ke said, “…I’m sorry, Zhiyu, I want to compensate for all the things I did to you, and I just want to tell you that this thing is really not like what it seems to you.”

“It’s been a lifetime, and I don’t need this compensation anymore.

You’re too late,” Fu Zhiyu said.

“I’m fine now, and I don’t need you to do anything.”

He thought to himself that although Xie Ke knew that he was reborn, there should still be some things Xie Ke didn’t know, such as the period he stayed in the system, or for example, that he actually knew it was just a book and that Xie Ke was different from others, he was an actor.

Apart from him, this matter should only be known to the Lord God, and even those systems in the Lord God’s space, although they had also communicated with him, didn’t know exactly which world he came from.

As for Xie Ke, he probably thought he was just a piece of data kept in the dark, so a little deception would be enough.

Fu Zhiyu didn’t bother to explain that much to him; he didn’t even want to talk to Xie Ke anymore.

Heh, how could there be any misunderstanding in the previous life It was nothing more than an actor who had to complete his task.


Xie Ke heard Fu Zhiyu’s words and knew that he wouldn’t listen to him.

After thinking about it, he changed his statement: “Zhiyu, you are doing well now because of the emperor’s preference, but you and I both know that he won’t last for a few years.

After he dies, what should you do”

“Don’t worry about it.” Fu Zhiyu responded.

Xie Ke persisted and continued: “I believe you are smart enough and have time to prepare.

You can get out of it safely.

There is also Yuan Mingdao, and maybe you can take the Imperial Noble Consort Yun with you.

But there is still the big Yuan family, can you leave them behind and not care”

Xie Ke hadn’t connected Fu Zhiyu to the rebirth aspect before because he thought that if he had memories of the previous life, there was no way he could drink that bowl of medicine.

A while ago he had really thought Zhiyu’s mind was failing him, and he had even felt the need to protect him and cherish him, but now he felt he had really thought too simply.

Zhiyu had obviously been too disillusioned with all these and no longer wanted to fight for anything, so he made this choice. 

Fu Zhiyu finally turned his head and looked at Xie Ke with unblinking eyes, his tone tinged with a faint anger, “Are you threatening me with the Yuan family”

“I won’t, Zhiyu, you have to believe me.

I know you care about the Yuan family, so I will protect them as my closest relatives.

I promise that no matter what this dynasty becomes, I will always protect you and the people you care about, regardless of all costs.” Xie Ke looked directly into his eyes, with extreme tenderness in his gaze, “I just want to talk to you.

There is really a misunderstanding between the two of us, a big misunderstanding, but now is not the place to talk.”

Fu Zhiyu wasn’t moved by his gentleness at this moment, he just felt creeped out in his heart.

He couldn’t appreciate any of the good intentions that Xie Ke wanted to convey within these words, and only felt mixed emotions.

“…When do you want to meet”

“The night after tomorrow,” Xie Ke heard him give in, his expression relaxed, and his whole soul felt a little happier, “It’s in that small courtyard in the west of the city, you know how to get there.”

Fu Zhiyu calculated that it would be the day before his birthday.


“I see,” Fu Zhiyu nodded, just wanting to end the conversation quickly, “I will find time to come, can you go now”

Xie Ke, who was immediately urged to leave, wasn’t unhappy either.

After all, it was already a surprise to him that Fu Zhiyu agreed

“I will be waiting for you there.”

Although the banquet was crowded and chaotic, he couldn’t stay here for too long.

After saying this, he left quickly.

Fu Zhiyu didn’t plan to tell his mother and Mingdao about this.

The matter between him and Xie Ke was very complicated, and he could only solve it by himself.

The cook was already a lesson for him, and he didn’t want to hurt others anymore, let alone the Yuan family.

On the agreed day, he left the palace in the evening without a guard and walked towards the west of the city alone.

After a while, he saw the small courtyard.

Fu Zhiyu came to see Xie Ke because, on the one hand, he was really afraid that this man would hold a grudge if he didn’t do what he wanted.

If Xie Ke really touched the Yuan family or something, it would be too late for Fu Zhiyu to regret it.

On the other hand, he actually wanted to find an opportunity to make it clear to Xie Ke, saying that he was in a very calm mood now.

When he died, he still had some hatred and resentment towards him, but now there was really nothing left.

He even understood Xie Ke’s sense of responsibility as an actor and he also hoped Xie Ke would let it go as soon as possible without having to spend so much time and energy because of emotions like guilt, let alone imagining some kind of relationship between them that shouldn’t be imagined.

The friendship between gentlemen is as lukewarm as water, and if two people understand each other, the whole world will be much more peaceful.

Fu Zhiyu sincerely hoped that Xie Ke would understand this truth, learn to let go, and quickly return to the life he should have as an actor, so that he could truly be happy in life.

When he walked to the door of the courtyard, a servant was already there to greet him.

“Wang Zhao, please go this way,” the servant lowered his head and guided him inside.

“The Master has been waiting for a long time.”

Fu Zhiyu also knew this man, an old acquaintance, called Nong Yu.

Although he looked like a subordinate, he was very good at martial arts and trained under the same master as Xie Ke.

Only because Xie Ke saved his life did he leave the mountain with Xie Ke and pretend to be his servant.

Fu Zhiyu actually liked the character of Nong Yu.

The man was very principled.

In his previous life, when he was frantically clinging to Xie Ke, insisting on sticking with him, Nong Yu was always polite to him, never treating him as if he was cheap.

Sometimes Fu Zhiyu found himself unbearable but he couldn’t help it.

Now that the situation was reversed, Nong Yu was not more enthusiastic about him.

He was still polite and calm, not changing in the least.

Xie Ke was really lucky to have someone like that who was still loyal to him in this life.

“Here we are,” Nong Yu stopped at the door, stretched out his hand towards the door, and guided Fu Zhiyu in.

“Just go in, Wang Zhao.

If you have any requests, you can call me at any time.”

Fu Zhiyu nodded to him, thanked him, then opened the door and walked in.

Nong Yu reached out and closed the door after him.

It was quite late and already dark outside.

After Fu Zhiyu entered, he squinted his eyes a little uncomfortably.

The room was actually darker than the outside.

After he entered, he couldn’t see anything clearly.

He thought Nong Yu brought him to the wrong place.


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