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Guild Master Reese



 The bewitching Guild Master of Headquarters, Reese-san, was staring at me, but I couldn't help but freeze when I couldn't answer.



"Reese-san, would you mind not making fun of children at that level"


"Are you kidding me What are you saying, I'm serious."


"Are you seriously saying that you want this chick-like kid to be your husband"


"That's right.

This guy is the man who is suitable to be my companion."


"Why is it such a chick-like kid though ..."


"Because he's an excellent user of dark-attribute magic.

Besides, even though I'm a long-lived dark elf, I've been thinking about giving birth to at least one child soon."


"Dark elf ..."



 When I heard that she was a real elf, especially a dark elf, I couldn't help but let out my voice.



"That's right, Kent told me that he was also from another world, so let's flirt around and talk about my background."



 It seems that when Landshelt was still part of Resenburg, the ship Reese-san was on was wrecked in a sotrm and washed up on the eastern edge of the coast.


 Dark elves seem to have an aptitude for the dark attribute without exception, but Reese-san's own magic power was weak and she was unable to activate magic well.


 Reese-san, who was caught without a way to resist, was sold as a slave because she was a rare dark elf girl, and because of her beautiful appearance, she was kept in a brothel.



"My life in the brothel was horrible ...

day after day, I couldn't even get a day off, and my body was being toyed with by lustful men ..."



 She was a rare dark elf prostitute, and thanks to her popularity, she was able to receive treatment from a skilled healer even if she injured her body, in return, it seems that it was a hellish time that even if her body was broken, she couldn't get out.



"Kent, do you know how I got out of my hell"


"N, no ...

I don't know."


"Can you remove a slave bracelet"


"Ah ...

did you learn to use magic"


"Actually I found a way to use magic."


"A way to use magic ...

is it"


"That's right, if you don't have enough mana, you can take it from somewhere else.

Luckily, there was no shortage of people who could pour in mana ..."


"Eh ...

that's ..."


"You should know about that much."



 Reese-san licked her lips with a bewitching smile.


 In other words, it's that kind of thing.



 After that, Reese-san, who left the brothel, used dark-attribute magic and the bedroom techniques that she was made to acquire, made a fortune, expanded her network, and when Landshelt became independent from Resenburg, she played a central role in realizing the abolition of slavery.



"Since I came to this land, I have met only a handful of dark-attribute mages, and there was no one who could master the arts.

Don't you think it's only natural to want to have a child with you"



 The story I heard may not contain anything inconvenient for Reese-san, but even considering that, I think the abolition of slavery is a splendid achievement.


 However, I can't leave the chairman, Manon, and Beatrice to marry Reese-san.



"Reese-san, weren't you here about Kent's promotion to S-rank today"


"Donovan, you're an unromantic man who is always by the books...

There is no reason to prevent Kent from being promoted to S-rank."


"Then, you don't mind if I issue an S-rank card."


"I don't care.

To become S-rank in a little over two months from F-rank ...

He's even more suitable to be my companion."


"Um ...

is there really a way to bring living people into the shadow world"


"Yes ...

but Kent, I don't know if you can do it or not."


"Reese-san, can you do it"


"Hmm ...

I'm sorry, but I don't have that kind of power ...

but I heard that some dark elves can do it."


"Is that ...

a method that can't be done easily"


"Fumu ...

Is it your intention to hear it little by little like that"



 I was wondering if I could somehow get a hint, but I can't even find a clue.



"Kent, do you hate being married to me that much"


"No, Umm ...

Because there are people who I have promised my future to ..."


"Hohou ...

did that Klaus offer his daughter"


"It's not like he gave her to me, and also ..."


"Then, you have more than one girl to marry In that case, there should be no problem even if we increase by one."


"No, that's why ..."



 Adults are adults, Reese-san, who had a bewitching smile, kept me overwhelmed and I couldn't stop sweating.



"Well, it's fine.

Since I've taken the trouble to visit Volzard-kun, I'll be staying for a while, so you don't have to reply now.

Think carefully and give a proper answer."


"Haa ...

I'll think about it ..."



 After that, it was decided to talk about the state of the maximum outbreak.


 Hearing that the number of goblins was unusual, that four Salamanders had attacked, and that Minotaurs and a Storm Cat had attacked Lastock, which was not recorded in the report, Reese-san and Lau-san made severe expressions.



"That, something might be happening on the other side ..."


"I can't say for sure, but I think so too."



 The other side that Reese-san and Donovan-san referred to was the continent next to the peninsula beyond the Devil's Forest.


 A long time ago, the continent where the summoned person, the Maou, reigned and scattered a huge amount of magical power, is now a world ruled by monsters.



"Even we dark elves keep away from that continent.

It seems that some people thought about moving there in the past, but it was just like setting up a residence deep in the Devil's Forest.

It was said that all but those who fled were wiped out."


"If they're a user of the dark attribute, wouldn't it have been possible to make the defeated monsters their genus and solidify their defenses"


"Fufufu ...


Even among the dark elves, the number of people who can be followed by a large number of genus is limited to only a few, and the number of genus that can follow a normal person is four or five at most."


"Eeehhh ...

is that so"


"A mage like you is a rare existence among dark elves."



 In my case, it's a power that I got from being summoned, and unlike everyone else, there might be some sort of irregularity at work.


 But, if I can surpass the standard level of dark elves, I feel like I can bring a living person into the shadow space.


 The problem is, what do I do ...



 The story changed from the maximum outbreak to the struggle for succession to the throne of Resenburg, and then to the trends of Barshania.



"Fumu ...

It's good, really good.

After all, why don't you become my 


"That's a little ..."


"Hey, no matter how many other women you take, I don't care.

As long as you become the parent of my child and work as my right hand, I won't make any other demands."



 Reese-san sat down to show off her revealing outfit.



"But, I have people I've decided to ..."


"Fufufu ...

Kent is cute ...

Well, it's fine, you should talk to your lovers."



 After that, I had lunch with her and was severely abused, and when I returned to the guild with Donovan-san, I was exhausted from the bottom of my heart.



"That was a disaster, Kent, well, you should have some tea ..."


"Yes, thank you very much."



 When I passed through the corridor and went to the space in front of the counter, I saw a woman with purple hair hanging on to Fleur-san.


 When Fleur-san saw me, she pointed to me and smiled.


 Ah ...

I think she has a grudge for throwing away the troubles of my classmates.


 The purple-haired woman who turned around is Ruija, the Gigawolf tamer.


 She'll get involved ...

I thought, but Ruija looked a little frightened.


 Still, she walked up to us as if determined, and she stood in our way.



"Oh, you're Volzard's 'Monster User'!"



I'm Donovan, the head of this guild.

What do you need"


"Eh, eh, no, I'm sorry."



 Ruija returned to the counter with indignant steps.


 Yes, yes, the cover-up operation was a great success.



"Using a person as a shield is different from what an S-rank adventurer should do."


"Ueeeee, th, that is, that was just a mistake over there, umm ...

I'm sorry."


"Hmph ...

There's no after-meal tea as punishment.

Hey, you can go."


"Eeehhh ...

Is it okay to go home"


"Do you want to become Reese-san's companion"


"Haaa ...

that's troublesome ..."



 Ruija, who returned to complain to Fleur-san at the counter, returned with the outer corner of her eyes raised.



"Wait, you're the Volzard 'Monster User'! You should have named yourself, how dare you humiliate me like this!"


"It's not like I'm calling myself a 'Monster User' ..."


"What's that! Then you're saying that I'm an idiot for calling myself that"(TN:Yes.)


"I mean, where are you from"


"Hey ...

are you saying that you don't know Ruija-sama, the 'Monster User' who belongs to the Guild Headquarters"


"Yes, because in Landshelt I only know Volzard ..."


"Hmph, you're a country boy.

Well then, it might be unavoidable.

Take this opportunity to remember.

Ruijia-sama deserves to be the one called 'Monster User'."



 Aah ...

She seems like a really annoying person ...

she's calling herself Ruija-sama.



"From today onwards, even in this Volzard, speaking of 'Monster User', it's the nickname, which refers to me, Ruija-sama.

You should call yourself another nickname."


"Yes, yes ...

I hvae no intention of calling myself a nickname, so please do whatever you want ..."


"You don't seem to understand how great I am.

Come with me for a moment."


"No, I'm having tea with Donovan-san ..."


"It's okay, just follow me quickly.

Don't complain about it."


"Haa ...

Please finish it quickly."


"Hmph, it's a hundred years too early for an underdog like you to order something from me."


"Yeah, yeah ...

I'm an underdog ..."



 If she came with Reese-san, she probably hasn't heard about me.


 I decided to reluctantly accompany Ruija as she walked briskly to the training grounds.



 At the training ground today, Ridner and the others, 'Uheee' ...

or 'Ueee', they continued to dismantle the Scavengers while groaning.


 Speaking of which, it looks like the pile of corpses has decreased a little.



"It's a completely strange city, isn't it.

Where the hell did all these Scavengers come from ..."


"This is the aftermath of the maximum outbreak, and they were generated in large numbers inside the dungeon."


"Hee ...

So, there's a dungeon.

Where is the entrance in the city"


"No, the entrance to the dungeon is about half a day's walk away."


"Hee ...

They brought them from such a place.

It's a hard story."



 Well, it would be a problem if they just brought it in normally, but it's not a big deal since I got the help of all my genus and threw them into the shadow space.



"Bran! Come here!"(TN:Might be Blanc, not sure ブラン )



 Halfway through the training grounds, Ruija called the Gigawolf in a loud voice.


 Upon receiving the instruction, the Gigawolf, Bran, began running ferociously towards us, as if to attack the people watching from afar.



"Uwaaa, it's attacking me!"


"Run away, you'll be eaten!"


"Help me, Mom!"



 The adventurers who were watching rushed to escape, pushing each other and falling into chaos.



"Hey, what are you doing Isn't it dangerous"


"What are you talking about, Bran wouldn't attack people without my instructions!"


"Even if that's the case, normal people would be surprised if a Gigawolf were to run up to them!"


"Hmph, if they're scared at this level, they should get out of the business as an adventurer."



 I'm getting mad at Ruija's selfish words.



"Please, this is my lovely Bran."



 Looking at Bran again, it looks half as big as the Gigawolves I killed before.



[ Kent-sama, this Gigawolf is in the process of growing into an adult.



[ Yeah, that's how it feels.




 It seems that Reinhardt's opinion is the same as mine.



"Fufuun, I feel like you can't even make a sound.

Anyway, it's the first time you've seen a living Gigawolf, right"


"No, I've subjugated them before, so it's not the first time.

Was it Bran It looks like it hasn't fully grown up yet."


"Haa What are you joking about Subjugating a Gigawolf"


"No, I'm not asking you to believe me, but ...

Ruija-san, didn't you hear Reese-san's purpose in coming to Volzard"


"Wait! Why are you calling her Reese-san so overly friendly Call her Reese-sama, Reese-sama!"


"Yes, yes ...

So, did you ask about Reese-sama's purpose Or were you not"


"Hmph, I know why she came to visit.

After all, I, my brother, and Bran escorted her and brought her here to Volzard."



 Does that mean Gunther is Ruija's younger brother ...

or rather, is he that young!



"Fufuun ...

It looks like you were surprised beyond words."


"Yes, Gunther-kun, he's so young ...

Wait, the real bodyguard is Lau-san, isn't he"


"Haa What are you talking about Lau-san is her escort Gunther-kun ...

how do you know my brother"


"No, I'm Reese-san's goal, so it's not strange that I know about it, right"


"Huh What are you talking about Reese-sama, sama! Reese-sama's goal is to appoint an A-rank adventurer who was successful in repelling the maximum outbreak to S-rank.

A kid like you ..."


"This is my A-rank card.

It looks like it will be an S soon."



 When I showed her my guild card, Ruija looked surprised for a moment, then wrinkled her eyebrows.



"Hey you ...

forging a guild card is a serious violation of the rules.

If you do that, you'll be stripped of your rank."


"Haa ...

you're a really annoying person ...

I saw the Gigawolf, can I go home now"


"Wait, even though someone is kindly telling you, I'm going to tell the guild staff that you're saying that.

Or rather, there's a living Gigawolf so close, so you should be more scared."


"Hmm ...

There's nothing particularly scary about it ...

Lau-san is many times more scary ..."


"Haa What are you talking about, are you afraid of such a gentle old man Are you crazy Or rather, where are your monsters Anyway, you're capturing goblins alive and training them with bait and whips.

Bring them here for a moment.

Bran will swallow them whole."



 Hmm ...

if it becomes a fuss, I'm afraid Donovan-san will get angry again, but he told me to deal with her, so I don't care what happens.



"Haa ...


Let me introduce you to my genus."


"Hmph, what kind of genus can you have ..."


"Nero, come here."



 When I put out a shield of darkness behind me, slowly Nero appeared as if melting from the pitch-black shield and rubbed against my face.



"No, no ..."



 As soon as Ruija saw Nero, her eyes widened and she began to slowly back away.


 Well, Ruija's reaction was as expected, but even Bran was trembling and backing away.


 Aah, its tail is hidden in its crotch ...

it's strange even though its not physically inferior.



"Where are you going Ruija-san.

Nero, say hello."


"Nyaa, Nero nya, nice to meet you nya."


"Hey, it talked!"


"Nero, the Gigawolf over there is called Bran.

Should you play together and get along"


"Nyaa ...

No good.

Gigawolf will die if I scratch it a little bit.

It's not fun unless it's a Salamander."



 Since Nero is also a member of my genus, it seemed to understand my feelings, so it exposed the sharp clows on its front legs and licked them.


 Seeing that, Bran ran around behind Ruija and desperately tried to hide even though it was protruding.


 Yeah, it's just as much a deceptive appearance as Gunther-kun.



"**! I, if you bully my Bran, I, I, I won't forgive you!"


"No, no, I'm properly telling Nero to get along with them, aren't I"


"L, lies.

Th, that claw! What are you going to do to Bran with that claw!"


"Nya Just play around ...

just, play, nya ..."



 When Nero bared its fangs and grinned, Bran finally leaked.



"Kuh ...

I, I'll remember this.

The one who is called 'Monster User', is this me!"


"Uuuuuuuu ...




 Ruija and Bran left with throwaway lines like a master and servant and left for the space next to the warehouse.


 Well, I won't get involved for the time being.



"Goshujin-sama, Bran's opponents should be Mart-tachi nya."


"Yeah, well, I guess so ...

Nero, you can go back."


"Yes, nya."



 After rubbing his big head against me again, Nero returned to the shadow space through the shield of darkness.



"Kent, the cleaning tools are in this warehouse.

Clean it up properly."


"Hee ..."



 When I turned around, Donovan-san suddenly appeared, crossing his arms and pointing with his chin at Bran's leak marks.


 Aaahh ...

I've been cleaning pee for two days in a row.



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