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Chu Feng frowned, “What do you mean by that”

“Sir, you can be my sponsor,” The geisha smiled charmingly, “Although youre not a high-ranking official, if you dont kill me, Ill make an exception and let you be my sponsor.”

“Mi-meh!” Suddenly, a small and anxious voice that sounded very urgent rang out.

Chu Feng turned to look, his brows slightly raised, “Fei Nuo Sha, why are you here”

The Mirage Butterfly teleported to her Beastmasters right shoulder, commenting on the white-faced woman in the barrier.

In short, the other party was too ugly! The God Venerables smile froze, and he was so angry that shark teeth appeared from the blood lotuses all over him.

It looked extremely terrifying!

God knows when those blood lotuses had appeared.

At this moment, the people behind the Mirage Butterfly also arrived.

Their expressions were awkward as they thought to themselves, “My Lord is really lucky with women…”

If Chu Feng knew what they were thinking, he would definitely knock their heads one by one and scold them for being crazy.

Just a short while ago, Richardson, the puppeteer, and light magician Santana woke up as well.

The Mirage Butterfly sensed her Beastmasters condition through the other beasts, so she brought Cena, the puppeteer, and Santana over.

As for the other two who had woken up earlier, they naturally stayed where they were to guard the others.

A subtopic, ever since they obtained the beast core, not only were the beasts communication with Chu Feng smoother, but they could also communicate telepathically with each other from afar.

At this moment, the Mirage Butterfly looked at the white-faced geisha opposite her, and killing intent flashed in her eyes, “Mi-meh!”

This ugly monster had evil intentions!

So, it was better to just kill the other party.

Chu Feng had a special connection with his beasts, so he could naturally sense the Mirage Butterflys killing intent.

“Dont worry, even if you dont say it, Ill kill him.”

The reason why he had wasted the white holy lotuses earlier was to see if he could still save them.

After all, they had followed him out.

He couldnt just watch the other party die because of the Bloody Pagoda.

Unfortunately, even the white holy lotus that was on par with the evil spirits power was not enough to save them.

It seemed that these madmen were truly hopeless.

Since a grudge had then been formed, there was naturally no reason to let the tiger return to the mountain.

Although the God Venerable in front of him seemed very weak, if the other party was allowed to develop, even if Chu Fengs strength improved every day in the future, there was no guarantee that he would not slip up.

If possible, it was best not to make any enemies.

However, if an enemy really appeared, then it was best not to show any mercy at the very beginning and kill them as soon as possible! Chu Feng didnt think that he and the other party had any friendship between them, so he naturally wouldnt show any mercy when he attacked.

Just as he was about to kill the other party, he heard the Mirage Butterflys cry.

“Oh, you have an idea” Chu Feng raised his eyebrows and smiled, nodding, “Alright, then go ahead and make your move.”

The Mirage Butterfly soared eagerly and started modifying the vast space constructed by her Beastmaster.

“The Mirage Butterfly is still at the immortal level.

Can she defeat a God Venerable” The puppeteer was worried.

She frowned as she suggested, “Why dont we gather all the Bloody Pagoda survivors and join forces to kill this god”

Although she said “kill”, her tone was uncertain.

After all, even someone as strong as Chu Feng seemingly could not do anything to that God Venerable.

No matter how many God Kings there were, it would not be enough.

Unless the people sent by the Eastern Temple arrived immediately, this matter would most likely end in tragedy.

Thinking of this, the puppeteer naturally thought of what the geisha had just said.

From what she heard about the reincarnation of the Ghost God, it seemed that the other party had a close relationship with the Eastern Temple…

In that case, didnt that mean that the temple would come over and help the other party instead The puppeteer subconsciously looked at Cena.

Even Santana, who was at the side, secretly gave the latter a look.

Cenas expression did not change as he replied, “I havent received any instructions from the temple.”

Then, he refuted the puppeteer, “The flesh and blood evil spirit in the Bloody Pagoda is no weaker than this God Venerable! The Mirage Butterfly is Seniors beast.

Even if its only an immortal, its not something an ordinary human or beast can compare to!”

In his opinion, Chu Feng was his master.

To say that he was invincible was just an understatement.

Even if he hadnt reached the true God level, he wasnt any weaker than a true God!

Cena said with great respect, “My Lord is already so powerful even though hes only an immortal.

When he breaks through and levels up, hell definitely be an invincible powerhouse among true gods!”

The puppeteer had a strange look on her face.

She couldnt understand why a God King temple official of the Eastern Temple would respect Chu Feng so much… No matter how talented the latter was, he shouldnt respect him that much, right

For a top-tier faction like the Eastern Temple, only the gods, demons, and celestials, who were ranked in the top three on the species leaderboard, could compare to them.

No matter how Chu Feng was unprecedented and a unique dark-horse-like figure, he would not be too eye-catching among all others.

However, in terms of supreme talents, Chu Feng would definitely be ranked in the top five in the five divine regions! In the puppeteers heart, she didnt actually believe in Chu Fengs current aura and his true bone age.

How could a person become a god in less than 10,000 years

Even Luo He, who had been extremely talented in the past, had only reached the immortal level in his first 10,000 years.

At that time, the strongest existence he could fight at was at the intermediate or advanced true God realm.

When Luo He became a God General, she had only heard that he was invincible on the same level, but still far from being as heaven-defying as Chu Feng now! Was he still human when he was this monstrous Or perhaps, just like the reincarnation of the Ghost God, he was actually a god who changed into a hidden account

When she thought of this, the puppeteers heart suddenly trembled.

She felt that the young man was unfathomable and did not dare to look at him anymore.

Her words and thoughts were scattered, but in reality, it did not take long.

In just a few blinks of an eye, the appearance of the spatial barrier changed drastically!

From the perspective of the blood lotus God Venerable, the Mirage Butterfly had only flapped its wings a few times on the spatial barrier, then nothing.

The geisha revealed a sweet smile, “Ive misunderstood you.

I didnt expect you to go easy on me.”

The Mirage Butterflys antennae trembled violently, and its pupils trembled.

It bared its teeth and let out a cute and fierce “mi-meh”.

Cena and the others looked at each other.

They didnt know how the other party could laugh in the face of the many seamless obstacles…

Chu Feng, on the other hand, could see what the Mirage Butterfly had done.

Clearly, the Mirage Butterflys max-level mastery of spatial spiritual illusions had been greatly deepened thanks to the mirage butterfly races skill catalog that she had recently been studying.

Now, even a lower God Venerable couldnt see through the illusionary realm that she had set up.

Although Cena, the puppeteer, and Santana were confident on the outside, they probably could not even compare to the God Venerable if they were to enter the illusionary realm!

In this spatial illusionary realm array that was built on the foundation of an endless world, the more severe the injury of the one that entered the array, the better ones condition would be.

However, in reality, this was just a kind of sensory deception! In just a few minutes, the God Venerable had been injured to the point that blood was flowing out of his seven orifices, yet he still had a sweet smile on his face.

Seeing this, even the puppeteer, who thought that her methods were extremely cruel, could not help but tremble in fear.

Her gaze towards the Mirage butterfly was already filled with fear.

This was the one who truly killed without batting an eye…

“Alright, lets just kill him,” Chu Feng spoke calmly and decided to end the battle as soon as possible.

The Mirage Butterfly responded with a “Mi-meh”.

The arrays of space-break, space-tear, psychedelic, killing, destroying, and exterminating were all combined into one.

Seeing that the white-faced geisha was about to die, a voice suddenly came rushing over, “The temple has ordered, stop immediately, do not kill!”


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