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Chapter 45… The Admiral who admits that he is jealous



When Song Huai woke up, it was getting dark outside.

He rubbed his sleepy eyes, his voice was soft, and he sounded like he hadnt fully woken up: “Have we arrived”

Song Huai looked down and found that it was half past seven, and they usually arrived home half an hour ago.

So, in order not to disturb his sleep, Lu Mian had been sitting in the car and waiting for him to wake up.

Song Huai was very happy in his heart.

He said coquettishly, “Why didnt you call me when we arrived”

Or maybe take him out of the car with a princess hug

Lu Mian made a gesture of lowering his head.

Song Huai immediately realized that he was holding Lu Mians arm too tightly.

Song Huai let go of his hand, raised his face slightly, and closed his eyes.

Usually, when he wakes up, he will ask Lu Mian for a kiss.

But this time, Lu Mian! Obviously! Did! Not! Kiss! He! went! straight! Down! The ! Car!

Song Huai sat in the car with a dazed expression.

Lu Mian, what happened to him


Because they got their certificate officially yesterday, they had to go back to Songs house today.

As soon as the newlyweds entered the door, the Song family greeted both of them.

Lu Mian was called to the sofa in the middle of the living room, and a group of aunts chatted and asked questions.

Song Huai stood outside the circle, looking at Lu Mians popularity.

His consciousness was still stuck in the fact that Lu Mian didnt kiss him just now.


Lu Mian also said that he was not angry.

But why was Lu Mian angry

“Dudu, have you turned stupid What are you thinking” His cousin waved her hand in front of Song Huai, and Song Huai recovered.

When he regained his senses, he subconsciously looked at Lu Mian.

In the past, no matter when he looked, his eyes could always meet Lu Mians eyes.

And this time, they didnt meet!

Lu Mian didnt even look at him!


Its over, he wanted to cry.

Song Huai felt stuffy in his heart.

He was about to go upstairs and go back to his room to rest for a while.

“Whats wrong with Dudu They just got the certificate, why doesnt he look happy”

Liu Xiaomeng shivered: “Why are you looking at me I didnt bully him.

Im not a worm in his belly 1 worm in ones belly – knowing exactly how one thinks , how do I know why he doesnt look happy”

Song Huai just walked to the door of the room when there was footsteps behind him.

The next second, the corner of his clothes was pulled.

Song Huai turned his head and saw Lu Mian, who was supposed to be sitting in the center and talking to the elders, came over at some point.

“Werent you talking to aunt and uncle”

The childs face couldnt hide any emotions at all.

Lu Mian couldnt help but reach out and pinch Song Huais face.

It felt good.

This pinch made the child , who hadnt been able to get a kiss after waking up, to turn coquettish again.

Song Huai twitched his nose and pouted unhappily: “You ignored me.”

Seeing the childs depressed look, Lu Mians Adams apple rolled: “I didnt ignore you.”

“You did! You were angry too!”

Song Huai stomped his feet, and the two faced each other.

In fact, Song Huai was already a little cowardly.

How dare he! The other party was an imperial admiral, much older than himself.

Half a month ago, Song Huai was too scared to even talk in front of him, but now he dared to yell at that person.

Song Huai clenched his fists and lowered his head.

He had already begun to regret in his heart.

He hesitated whether to apologize for his unreasonable trouble.

Unexpectedly, in this confrontation, Lu Mian bowed his head first.

Lu Mians eyes swept over Song Huais body with his head down.

When he saw the fist he squeezed and his trembling body, he reached out and raised Song Huais chin.

When meeting Song Huais obviously dumbfounded eyes, Lu Mian lowered his eyes to cover his emotions.

He then lowered his head and kissed Song Huais lips.

Song Huai didnt expect that Lu Mian would still carry out a sneak attack, He covered his mouth suddenly, his face flushed, and his eyes shyly glanced at the secretary standing not far away.

The secretary with extremely high professional quality was standing outside with a very upright posture to look out for them.

Seeing that he was still distracted to look at others, Lu Mian took a bite at the tip of his nose as if it was a punishment.

Song Huai covered his nose, his watery almond eyes looked extremely innocent, with an expression asking: Why are you biting my nose

Lu Mian smiled at his cute expression.

His depressed and irritable mood also dissipated a lot, and there was a faint smile on the corner of his lips.

Song Huai felt angered to see that Lu Mian was smiling after biting him.

But Lu Mians smile was too good-looking.

Song Huai pouted and protested, “You bullied me.”

Lu Mian said, “I didnt bully you.”

Lu Mian stopped talking in an instant as Song Huai suddenly burst into tears.

“But you were angry.”

After a while, Lu Mian sighed resignedly: “Yes, I was angry.”

Lu Mian was so honest.

Song Huai was still confused, he asked stupidly: “But why were you angry” The man was standing in front of him, his expression still cold, his lips pursed tightly, revealing his mood.

At that moment, Song Huai suddenly felt blessed: “Could it be that—is it because I talked to Lu Chengze that you are angry But we didnt say anything.”

Of course, Lu Mian knew that Song Huai didnt say anything to Lu Chengze.

But he just couldnt control himself, couldnt control himself from getting angry, even if he didnt know very well what he was angry about.

No matter, in terms of age or status, he should behave calmly.

However, in front of Song Huai, he seemed to have turned into the young boy he was before he became a soldier many years ago.

And this anger, he didnt know who to vent to.

There was a sudden gust of wind in the corridor, and the window slammed open with a “click” .

Standing in front of him, Lu Mians aura suddenly changed, and there was a sense of danger, like a hunter all over his body.

Song Huais back suddenly became cold.

He subconsciously took a step back from Lu Mian, who was a head taller than him.

He was standing in front of the door without leaving much space, and when he retreated, he stuck to the door panel.

Song Huai stepped back, and Lu Mian leaned forward.

He stretched out his arms and shackled the man in a corner.

The scent of camphor after the rain was overwhelming, and Song Huai was shrouded in the shadow of a man.

Lu Mian lowered his eyelids slightly.

Because of the height difference, Song Huai raised his head, and this time he just met Lu Mians eyes.

This was also the first time he had seen the depths of Lu Mians eyes.

The real color was deep and dark.

This looked very much like the calm sea before the storm came.

In fact, the bottom of the sea was already rough at the moment.

It was like a volcano that had been sleeping for many years on the surface, but the inside was still rolling with magma and hot waves.

Heart-poundingly hot.

Song Huai was trembling all over because of Lu Mians eyes.

Sensing the childs emotions, Lu Mians eyes became a bit deeper.

He lowered his head and grabbed Song Huais lips with precision.

Song Huai was stunned by the deep kiss, and his body softened.

If it wasnt for Lu Mians knee supporting him, Song Huai wouldnt be able to stand.

Song Huais skin was delicate and tender.

When he was kissed hard, it quickly turned red.

It seemed that if he tried harder, the skin on his lips would come off.

Lu Mian gently rubbed Song Huais lips with a layer of calloused fingers: “Why I am angry, do you understand now”

Song Huai blinked twice.

It wasnt clear if he really didnt understand, or if he pretended not to understand just to let Lu Mian say it in person.

Lu Mian said, “Im angry, Im angry that you went to school with other people in the morning, Im angry that you laugh at other people, Im angry that you talk to other people.”

Song Huai blinked twice.

This time, no matter how stupid he was, he understood.

Besides, he wasnt that stupid.

He just wanted to know what Lu Mian was thinking.

Seeing that Song Huai didnt speak, and thinking of the child backing away from him earlier, Lu Mians heart sank.

Unexpectedly, the next second, a pair of hands hugged his waist tightly.

Song Huais cheek was against Lu Mians chest.

He really wanted to act graceful, but he also felt that the mans careful look was too cute for him.

Unable to hold back, he burst out laughing with a “Pu Chi”.

In Song Huais laughter, Lu Mian realized what he had said.

The imperial admiral, who has never felt shy in his life felt a little warm in his ears.

But after all, he has seen all kinds of wind and waves, and he quickly calmed down.

Lu Mian hugged the person and said unreasonably: “You are not allowed to talk to him in the future.”

Song Huai asked knowingly, “Not allowed to talk with whom Our eldest nephew”

Lu Mian honestly seemed to not understand the little villains ridicule: “Aze.”

In order to punish Song Huais bad intentions, Lu Mian lightly bit the tip of Song Huais ear again, and the hot air gushed in Song Huais ear: “There are still two days.”

Song Huais ears suddenly turned red.

He shyly grabbed the corner of Lu Mians clothes and twisted it into a ball: why didnt he realize that Lu Mian was not only a vinegar jar, but also an old hooligan.

The secretary in charge of the lookout on the other side has now become a doorpost, and behind the doorpost lie more than a dozen people.

From the old man of the Song family to the youngest nephew.

Everyone squeezed each other.

They stood on the stairs, hiding behind the secretary, talking about the scene in front of Song Huais door.

Liu Xiaomeng was of low seniority and was not ranked high, so at this moment, she could only squeeze a group of younger brothers and sisters behind her buttocks.

Liu Xiaomeng lowered his voice and shouted gossip to the front: “Whats happening now Are they arguing Song Dudu cant be bullied, should we go up and help!”

Mother Song, who had seen the confrontation between them, was also uneasy in her heart.

Now that she saw them kissing, she felt relieved and turned back to teach Liu Xiaomeng: “Why help, can you hope for something better for your cousin The relationship between the two is good.

Dont go there to make trouble.”

“Come on, Wenjing, come and see, the two are hugging each other.”

Mother Song stuck her head out again but the angle was not very good.

Mother Song raised her head and said to the secretary who was already numb: “Secretary Allen, please move aside a little bit and leave a good place for me.

“Hurry, hurry, theyre here.” With that, everyone ran very fast.

When Song Huai and Lu Mian went downstairs, the group of relatives pretended to be chatting but their eyes kept gazing at both of them.

Mother Song said, “A Mian, Dudu, we have discussed with Mr Lu.

The day after tomorrow, Dudus 18th birthday will be arranged at Songs house.”

The author has something to say:

Secretary: No matter where he is, he will always be a machine man with no emotions!

Editor : Jieamnin


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