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Chapter 679: He loves Zhizhi (1)

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“Then what about the injury and the car accident”

“I was the one who injured you.

I rewarded the bastard who touched you.” Lu He Yun explained, ” I couldnt have just watched them hurt you and not done anything.


Not to mention that he had to pay double the amount.

Even if the two hooligans wanted to find trouble with him, they had no proper reason.

“A car accident.” Mo Zhiyun reminded him.

Lu Heyuns deep eyes under his long eyelashes were a mix of light and dark.

He hesitated for a moment, but still told her.

&Quot; the police wanted to talk to me about the car accident.

They found a group of car smugglers and the car that hit me.


Mo Zhiyuns eyes suddenly brightened.

&Quot; Ive found the car that hit you.

What about the driver ” Did you catch him”

“No, I didnt,” Lu He Yun replied.

“No” Mo Zhiyun was surprised.

&Quot; why didnt you catch him ” If you found the car, you should have found the owner.

How could it be …”

Before she could finish her sentence, he interrupted her lightly.

&Quot; because shes already dead.


“Already … Dead” he asked.

Lu Heyun didnt want to hide it from her anymore.

Now that the police had found out, she would find out sooner or later.

“The person who hit me with a car was Wen Xingchen.”

His voice was light as the wind, as if he was talking about something that had nothing to do with him.

Mo Zhiyuns eyes were filled with surprise as he shook his head in disbelief.

&Quot; Wen Xingchen ”

“Youre saying that Wen Xingchen was the one who ran you over”

Lu He Yun nodded slowly.

“But why” Mo Zhiyun was puzzled.

&Quot; why did she do that ” What good would your death do to her She …”

Before she could finish, she met his calm eyes and her voice stopped abruptly.

“You already knew, didnt you”

“Yes.” He admitted frankly.

“Why didnt you call the police Why dont you hold her responsible” Mo Zhiyun asked.

Lu He Yun looked up and met her eyes.

His clear and handsome facial features were good-looking, but there was always an inexplicable depth between his brows.

Suddenly, mo Zhiyun felt as if she had just walked out of a foggy forest.

&Quot; you … You knew that your mother was framed.

You … You knew everything.


“All these years, youve been so good to Wen Xingchen that youve had no bottom line.

Youve turned her into a piece of trash that couldnt live without you.

Youre using this method to get revenge on her.

You want her to fall in love with you, but youll never love her … You gave her everything and took it away, making her fall from heaven to hell.

Its you who turned her into a monster thats beyond recognition.”

“Zhizhi, Ive never thought of hurting you, nor have I ever thought of dragging you into this quagmire.

But youve been hurt again and again.

It was only later that I realized that she was the one who turned us into what we are now.

She was the one who made me hurt you!”

He knew that if he didnt let go of the chains on this monster, she would hurt Zhizhi.

&Quot; you didnt want to use her heart not because I couldnt accept it, but because she was the daughter of your enemy, and you hated her too … &Quot;

“I didnt hate her at first, I just pitied her …”

In the past, he was unwilling to tell Zhizhi about his ugly past.

But now …

He did not want to hide it from Zhizhi.

Whether he was good or bad, she should know.

“Ive always felt that it was the adultsfault, even if it was her fathers fault.

The grudges of the previous generation should not involve the children.

Wen Xingchen is a monster …”

&Quot; everyone thought that my mother seduced her father, but the truth was that her father bullied my mother.

But why would my mother tell my father about this ”

Everyone thought that Wen Xingchen had survived because of luck, but they didnt know that she was the one who had lured his father over.

Mo Zhiyuns heart clenched, and a chill ran down his spine.

&Quot; you mean … &Quot;

Back then, it was Wen Xingchen who told Lu He Yuns father about this.

&Quot; I bet you didnt expect it.

She was just a child at that time, but she already knew everything.

She could even use adults to get rid of the existence of people she didnt like, just like how she used the two people I found to hurt you! &Quot;

At first, he really pitied Wen Xingchen, thinking that they were the same kind of people and were all victims.

Later, he accidentally heard some words, and he also heard Wen Xingchen talking in his sleep …

He gradually learned all the truth of what had happened back then.

His sympathy turned into hatred, but he couldnt kill Wen Xingchen with a knife like his father did.

That would only make the Wen family the victims and the Lu family the target of disdain.

The only thing he could do was to keep treating Wen Xingchen well, slowly luring her to let down her guard against him, making her feel that he was willing to do anything for her, and raising her into a monster that was more than satisfied.

Then, he threw her away ruthlessly and watched her fall into the abyss of desire.

At first, he was also making use of Zhizhis identity, but he did not expect that he would actually fall for her in the end.

This was the only thing in his life that was out of his control.

His heart was clearly his, but he couldnt control it.

He didnt know if it was sad or funny.

He fell in love with Zhizhi and wanted to be with her.

In the end, he was even willing to give up his hatred and just be with her.

However, Wen Xingchen had gone completely crazy.

She would rather destroy it than let mo Zhiyun have it.

She wanted Lu Heyun to die.

However, he did not expect Lu Heyuns luck to be so good.

He had hit the wall so hard, but he still managed to survive, only losing both his legs.

She could take the opportunity to return to Lu Heyuns side.

“Is it worth it” Mo Zhiyun asked him, ” in order to take revenge on her, you put your life on the line.

You could have had a very good future … &Quot;

“Zhizhi!” Lu Heyun interrupted her.

His eyes were calm as he said lightly,”If I could start over, I would still be like this.”

Mo Zhiyun was stunned.

&Quot; from the moment my parents died, I was destined not to be as gentle, kind, and upright as you imagine me to be.

Because that kind of kindness is cowardice, and I dont want to live my life in such a muddled state.


He hated the Wen family and Wen Xingchen, so he had to hate them with all his might.

He loved Zhizhi, and he would love her until he died.

His hate and love were both extreme.

Mo Zhiyun remained silent.

She had never experienced what Lu Heyun had gone through, so she had no right to persuade him to be kind.

&Quot; I just feel that if all of this didnt happen, you would also have a very beautiful future.


&Quot; but I have to thank all of this for happening.


Under her puzzled gaze, Lu Heyun said word by word, ” its because of all this that I can meet you.

If it wasnt for all of this, I might have to spend ten to twenty years or even longer to meet you at some wine party, nod, and then pass by you.

That might be the only intersection of our lives, and I dont want that kind of life.”

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