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2544 Ruthless Human Butcher

One month Later.

When Han Fei walked out of his cultivation, Little Black and Little White woke up.

Different from Han Fei, Little Black and Little White didnt have the so-called perfected Star Transformation Realm.

They just needed to eat, and the strength they could unleash might not be much weaker than his.

At this moment, Han Fei didnt even want to fuse with Little Black and Little White.

Otherwise, God knew who would control whom.

On this day, Han Fei left his Origin Star.

The spiritual energy around the former Bloodthirsty Banner Fish Tribes settlement was not great, which meant that everybodys strength had been significantly improved.

As soon as Han Fei came out, Hong Yue, Zhou Jingjing, and the other Sky Opening Realm powerhouses had already surrounded him.

“Greetings, Master Human Emperor.”

Han Feis repeated attacks established his absolute prestige.

At this moment, the Giant Whale Fortress and even the human camp were all guessing if Han Fei had secretly proved Dao and become a real Monarch.

Hong Yue didnt explain to these people.

It was a good thing to have such speculations.

He would rather everyone believe that Han Fei was a Monarch, which would increase their confidence and create a magnificent image for Han Fei.

Han Fei said casually, “How about the total losses of the battle and the effect of the breakthrough”

Zhou Jingjing stood up and said respectfully, “Master Human Emperor, in this consecutive battle, a total of 17,209 people died.

But there were even more people having breakthroughs.

76 in the Sky Opening Realm realm, 49,321 in the Sea Establishment realm, including 29,989 peak-level Sea Establishers, 49,062 in the Venerable realm, 24,908 peak-level Venerables, and 19,322 in total below the Venerable realm.

Among them, 8,856 were peak-level Explorers, including young children… there are a total of 119,875 people.”

Han Fei took it for granted that the number of Sea Establishers was about to exceed 50,000.

However, the number of casualties was still a little too high.

They had only killed one Bloodthirsty Flag Fish Tribe.

If such a trial happened again in the future, many more people would probably die.

This couldnt be helped.

Some people died from tribulations, so there was nothing Han Fei could do.

Besides, how could they grow quickly without experiencing life-and-death battles Even if he gave them too many benefits, Han Fei couldnt help them make breakthroughs, comprehend, or experience life-and-death battles for them.

Therefore, from the looks of it, he was short of people.

Han Fei said, “From today on, the Giant Whale Fortress will be disbanded.

Let everyone gather and cultivate in my Origin Sea.

I want to ensure that everyone except the children is above the Venerable realm.

In three years, we will enter the Infinite Mining Area.”

Han Fei didnt have the time to wait and slowly nurture and polish talents.

These three years were the process of selecting talents.

After three years, he might have fewer than 100,000 people, or even less than half of what he had now.

However, this was their path.

He had given them the best cultivation conditions and cultivation resources.

It was better than them struggling day by day in the wilderness.

The strong wouldnt live under the protection of others forever.

Zhou Jingjing had long guessed that the Giant Whale Fortress needed to be disbanded.

In fact, it was a little beyond her expectations that it was not officially disbanded until now.

However, when Han Fei said three years, she sighed inwardly.

Many people would probably die in the past three years!

Three years passed in a flash.

Outside the Infinite Mining Area, countless people were coming and going around the White Sand Camp, one of the eight camps.

This was a huge island that could accommodate more than 80 million people.

Similar to the White Sand Camp, the other camps had similar populations.

Generally speaking, about 80% of these people were Explorers.

These people had been brought here from the wilderness to grow and provide endless labor for the Infinite Mining Areas.

Since the Infinite Mining Area was a mining area, the most basic thing in the Infinite Mining Area was mining.

Under the Sky Opening Realm, no one could escape from the job of mining.

And mining was also an opportunity for many people to change their fate.

Once one entered the Venerable realm, they were qualified to enter the Infinite Mining Area to mine.

Therefore, the explorers in the eight camps were all reserve miners.

The White Sand Camp was particularly lively recently.

The intelligence hall of the White Sand City was trampled by various strong masters every day.

At this moment, in the overcrowded intelligence hall, someone shouted angrily, “B*stard, they attacked from all directions but couldnt even kill the seven-kill bandits of a mere 100,000 people They were completely wiped out by them so easily! Theyre f*cking useless.”

Someone shouted angrily, “Are you useful Why do you put a bounty if youre useful Didnt your Red Tide Pirates get wiped out too back then”

Someone scolded, “I heard that the Human Butcher defeated three leaders alone.

Three leaders who unsealed the Dao Locks, do you know what this means It means that there was a slip-up in intelligence.

Damn it, even the strong masters who unsealed the Dao Locks couldnt defeat Human Butcher.

That guy shouldnt have appeared in the periphery of the Infinite Mining Area.”

All kinds of curses, banter, and exclamations rose and fell.

In the past three years, a human Seven Kill Army had appeared out of nowhere.

In the past three years, they had attacked 39 large pirate groups.

The leader called himself the Human Emperor and had the orthodox bloodline of the human race.

At first, no one took it seriously, because in the Seven Kill Army, there were actually not many human powerhouses, less than one-fifth of them.

However, with the destruction of pirate groups one after another, peoples opinion of the Seven Kill Army changed.

This Seven Kill Army was too murderous.

Wherever they went, there were corpses everywhere.

The pirates they targeted would usually be swept away.

They would be lucky if even ten percent of them could escape.

It had been a year since the Seven Kill Army was taken seriously.

The various pirate clans had tried to encircle and suppress them more than a dozen times, but their efforts were all in vain.

Instead, when they retreated, one or two pirate groups would be destroyed.

From then on, the title of Human Emperor became Human Butcher.

Up to now, no one knew the real name of Human Butcher.

He only claimed that he was of the orthodox bloodline of the human race.

This was also the first time that countless races in the Infinite Mining Area felt that the orthodox bloodline of the human race was too f*cking strong.

No wonder there were more humanoid races now, but there were few orthodox human races.

Perhaps this race was too murderous in the past, so they were besieged

In the crowd, a young man was flipping through some information.

After reading some information, the young man said, “Give me the basic information of the City of Scavengers.”

The person at the window numbly took out a jade slip and said, “Basic information, 100,000 kilometers of resources, no discount.”

After a while, Han Fei browsed through a jade slip while walking to the intelligence center, where many people were shouting.

“Digging an ultra-quality mining area of the Infinite Mining Area.

Advanced Sea Establishers are required.

9 persons needed.

Join the team and immediately set off.”

“Digging a high-quality mining area of the Infinite Mining Area.

Intermediate Sea Establishers needed.

There are still 4 places left.

If you want to join, hurry up.

Its now or never.”

“Digging a low-quality mining area of the Infinite Mining Area, and 52 places left.

To go to the Crab Cave Territory ranked 76th.

The returns will be split seventy-thirty.

Seize the chance.”

A bald man shouted, “Ordinary supply delivery to the Hundred Alliance City.

Eight peak-level Sea Establishers and three Sky Openers needed.

Go to the mission hall and take the supplies delivery mission, and then you can join.

Set off as soon as the positions are filled…”

Looking at the lively White Sand Camp, Han Fei sneered and walked straight to the supply delivery team.

Han Fei asked, “Bro, what level of supply delivery mission is this I want to take this mission.”

The bald man looked at Han Fei up and down and his eyes glittered.

“You just entered the Star Transformation Realm”

Han Fei said, “Its been decades since I entered the Star Transformation Realm.”

The bald man immediately grinned and said, “Good.

This is just an ordinary seed delivery mission.

Its also a green safety mission of the Hundred Alliance City.

Therefore, you need to make a small advance payment.

After arriving in the Hundred Alliance City, the remuneration will be 10% higher than your advance payment.

You can go to the Mission Hall to receive the No.

132 seed delivery mission.”

In the past few years, Han Fei had actually learned a lot about the camps outside the Infinite Mining Area.

The so-called green safety mission was a mission that even pirates would ignore.

The seed resource delivery was one of the most frequent resource delivery missions from the eight camps to the Hundred Alliance City.

As the name Infinite Mining Area suggested, there were too many mine demons there, so there were very few demon plant stocks.

And what these people transported were demon plant seeds.

This was because demon plants could penetrate deep into the ground veins and absorb energy sources.

They could even make use of the Infinite Mining Areas to grow rapidly and become a helper to expand the mining areas.

Therefore, what was shipped out of the Infinite Mining Area was usually rare things like weapons, mineral veins, materials, and resources.

But what was shipped in from the outside was not so precious.

Even pirates rarely plundered these supplies.

However, although it was relatively safe to go from the outside of Infinite Mining Area to its inside, mine demons were everywhere and there were often mine demons attacking events, so it was common to form teams to deliver supplies.

As for the advance payment, it meant to use the resources one had to buy seeds.

Then, when he arrived at the Hundred Alliance City, they would buy the seeds at a price ten percent higher than the advance payment.

Transporters would earn a difference in price, which was equivalent to speculation.

In the mission hall, a large number of seeds were sold, totaling up to thousands of species.

However, the number of the best-selling seeds could be counted on two hands.

Among them, the Devil Vine was the only magical seed that Han Fei was familiar with.

It grew extremely fast when in water.

It could be said that as long as the Devil Vine was given time, it could grow very fast in places where mineral veins were buried in the Infinite Mining Area.

It could reach the peak of the Venerable level in about a year and definitely establish the sea in two years.

Only after establishing the sea did the Devil Vine develop some simple consciousness, but not much.

It was a rare tool seed.

Of course, the price was that they could only reach the Sea Establishment Realm, and a large number of Devil Vines would wither at the moment they reached the Sea Establishment Realm.

In the mission hall, Han Fei found a random window and said, “Hello, I want to take the No.

132 seed transportation mission.”

The shop assistant glanced at Han Fei and then pushed out a pamphlet.

“This mission requires advance payment.

The price list of seeds is here.

All seeds will be sold by the minimum of a hundred pieces.

How much do you want to buy”

Han Fei glanced at the price, hesitated for a moment, and then said, “Devil Vines, a hundred thousand.”


The shop assistant was stunned.

“A hundred thousand”

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