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Chapter 1402 Submit or Die

“Ke Aodu, pay attention to the left flank.”

“What are you doing”

“Ke Xiaomei, what are you doing Focus! You still have three Barbaric Earth Beasts on your side.

Attack them.”


There were only five middle-aged men in the group.

The oldest was watching the ones in their teens or twenties battling ahead.

It could be seen that it was the five middle-aged men who led the youngsters of the family out to experience the outside world.

“Haha, our Ke Familys younger generation is much more outstanding than before.”

Those middle-aged men watched the battles from aside while chatting.

“The best among them is Ke Aodu.

Hes only 18, but he has reached the God Transformation Realm.

When I was 18, I was only at Yuan Ying Realm Middle Stage.”

“Its a sure thing that hell enter the Giant Axe Mountain.

Even the ones from the Divine Wind Sect have come to contact him.”

“Those are all major sects.

The patriarch hasnt agreed on it yet.

Lets see which one of the sects can offer better benefits.

When those youngsters enter the major sects, their lives will be different.”

“Hey, is there someone over there”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The middle-aged men shared quick looks and began slaughtering the twenty or so Exotic Beasts in front of them.

Then, they all looked to the depths of the jungle.

Over there, a black figure was slowly walking over.

Judging from the slender figure, they knew that it was a woman.

But with her face covered, no one could feel at ease.

The oldest middle-aged man said, “Guys, come to me.”

Everyone gathered around him and looked at the black-robed woman walking over.

When she was fifty meters away from them, the middle-aged man wanted to say something.

At this time, they heard a pleasant and light voice.

“What planet is this”


The oldest middle-aged man in grey was stunned.

“Shes from another planet”

“This is the Roman Star.

What can I do for you” said the man in grey as he cupped his hands respectfully.

“I have something to ask.”

Zi Yan waved her hand, and a hundred medium-grade crystals floated toward the other party.

“Maam, thank you for your courtesy, but we dont need these.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

However, it is best that you do not continue onward.

Let us maintain a safe distance, okay” the man in grey said.

At the same time, he displayed some power to send the crystal stones back.

However, he shockingly found that the energy he exerted couldnt even make the crystal stones shake.

“So powerful!”

The mans pupils constricted.

He watched the crystal stones float in front of him.

“Which Star Area does the Roman Star belong to” Zi Yan asked.

“It belongs to the Osborne Star Area.”

“What kind of place does it belong to”

“Ospine Star Province.”

“Which Astral Domain is it in”

“The Ocean Astral Domain.”


The man in grey clearly sensed Zi Yan holding her breath.

Even her voice trembled.

“Do, do you know about the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven”

The grey-clothed man pondered for a moment before lightly shaking his head.

“Ive never heard of the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven.

In fact, Ive never even been to the Ocean Astral Domain.

I apologize for my ignorance and lack of experience.

If you have any more problems, you should go and ask the members of the major sects.

They know more than I do.”

“Thank you.”

Zi Yan was silent for a while and then sighed.

“Where is the nearest city”

“The Bright Leaf City.

Take the east, and its 600 kilometers away,” the man in grey replied.

After hearing this, Zi Yan was about to leave.

But after taking a few steps, she stopped and said, “I dont know if you can lead the way for me.

Ill pay you.

I dont know much about this place.

You can introduce it to me.”

For some reason, upon hearing her pleasant and light voice, Ke Aodu, the young talent of the Ke Family, said unexpectedly, “Okay!”


The face of the man in grey changed slightly, and he glared at him severely.

“Young man, youre too fearless!

“But youre using your courage at the wrong moment.

“How dare you take her around without knowing her background”

“Dont mess around! Im telling you guys, youre going to be trained here for a week and youre not going anywhere!”


A hundred top-grade crystals flew over and interrupted the man in grey.


There were gulping sounds all around.

“Well, Im going back on my word.”

The mans gaze struggled.

Zi Yan said lightly, “Since some of you have agreed, you should no longer refuse.”

It seemed to be a warning, which made the man in grey nod.


The matter was settled by going with the flow.

He took a hundred top-grade crystal stones and a hundred middle-grade crystal stones.

He commanded the team to stay five meters away from Zi Yan while heading out.

“Maam, may I ask if youre not from this world” The grey-clothed man said.

“My name is Ke Aodu.

I said yes to your request just now.” Ke Aodu chuckled, “From your voice, I can tell that you are not a bad person.”

He seemed to be a playboy young master.

But it would definitely not work on Zi Yan.

“Im not sure about that.” Zi Yan responded and then added, “Im not from here.”

“Well, if you have any questions, I will answer them all the way.

My name is Ke Zhan,” the middle-aged man said.


“We came by a force vehicle.”

When they reached the edge of the jungle, Zi Yan saw a sightseeing car like a UFO levitating there.

“Maam, please get in the car.”

Everyone took their seats.

Many members of the Ke Family looked at Zi Yan curiously.

“Where does this mysterious lady come from”

“Which sect is the most powerful here” Zi Yan asked.

“The Giant Axe Mountain, the Divine Wind Sect, and the Flowing Light Sect are the most formidable.

There are many sects on our planet and many of them are very powerful,” Ke Zhan answered.

“What realm is the leader of the Giant Axe Mountain in” Zi Yan asked calmly.

“Hes in the Peak-Stage Void-refining Realm.”

Ke Zhan said, “Whether its the Sect Leader or the others, generally, when they reach the Void-refining Realm, they will leave for the Astral Domain after serving as Sect Leader for a hundred years.

Therefore, most of the Sect Leaders of the three sects are at the Peak Stage of the Void-refining Realm, and the rest are at the Last or Middle Stage.

There isnt an Integration Realm cultivator on our planet.”

Zi Yan got to know it and felt that it was not difficult to reach the Peak-Stage Shadow Refining.

She thought for a moment and said, “What should I do if I want to establish a huge sect or rule this world”

She thought that since the locals knew a lot about this place, they could answer her question.

Ke Zhan was dumbfounded.

“What Rule this world Thats impossible!”

“Second Uncle, why would that be impossible She can achieve it after defeating those people.” Ke Aodu got excited.

He didnt expect this lady with a pleasant voice to be so ambitious.

“Well…” Ke Zhans expression changed slightly.

He felt that his reaction just now might have offended the other party.

Fortunately, she didnt seem to mind it.


A hundred pieces of top-grade crystal stones appeared.

Ke Zhan was dumbfounded once more.

“A heroic lady that offers top-grade crystal stones at any time.

“Wow, I like that so much!”

But he still felt greatly pressured.

“I need some locals to lead the way for me.

Are you willing to do it” Zi Yan asked.

“Well…” Ke Zhan hesitated for a moment.

“I need to report this to my family.”

“Second Uncle, Ill tell her about it.” Ke Aodu said, “Maam, if you want to dominate the world, then you definitely cant strike the great sects.

Even if you defeat those Sect Leaders, others wont listen to you.

The best place you should go is Sin City.

Many great characters there cannot leave that place, and it is also the easiest place to gather forces.”

“Sin City!” Ke Zhan frowned slightly and said, “If you do want to dominate the world, that place can be a starting point, but I think its too difficult.

Even if you manage to set up a big sect, it will take many years to develop it.”

“How powerful is your Ke Family” Zi Yan asked.

“Im not bragging, and let me tell you this.” said the other middle-aged man, his voice loud and clear.

“Our Ke Family is a third-tier power.

According to my investigation, our disciples are spread throughout 52 sects.

When it comes to this, our family is ranked first and thats well-known.”

“So, your family members know a lot about many sects.” Zi Yan thought for a moment and said, “If you guys work for me, I will take you to the Astral Domain and give you many spirit treasures and crystal stones for your development.”

“I cant make the decision,” Ke Zhan said in fear.

But he felt that this rich lady in front of him might bring his family new chances.

It might not be a bad thing to try.

“If you can conquer Sin City within a month, our family will assist you with all our might.

I wonder if you can accept this condition.”


“And may I know your Taoist title”

“Zi Yue.”

“Okay, Ill keep it in mind.

When we arrive in the city, I will prepare a map for you, as well as nice force vehicles…”

They had made a deal with each other.

The Ke Family members watched Zi Yan leave.

Someone asked Ke Zhan, “Patriarch, why did you agree to her proposal”

Ke Aodu said.

“Undoubtedly, if Heroine Purple Moon can do it, she must be an extremely powerful person.

After all, shes going to Sin City.”

“I dont think she can do it,” Ke Zhan said slowly.

“If she can achieve it, theres nothing wrong with assisting her.

If she cant, well see how things go in the future.

Shes an expert, and its my goal to make friends with experts.

Never say never, so I gave her such an answer.”

“Itll be impossible for her to dominate Sin City within a month.”

Unexpectedly, in just ten days, the black cloud-like force vehicles slowly flew over.

The leader was Zi Yan in a black robe.

She went to Sin City where the forces were complicated.

The first thing she did was sneak into the City Lords mansion in the middle of the night.

Standing behind the City Lord, she lightly asked, “Submit, or die.”

Moments later, the City Lord surrendered.

Five days later.

“Submit, or die!”

It was unknown how many experts in the City Lords mansion were either threatened, intimidated, or killed.

Several bloody nights passed.

For the first time in history, Sin City was united by a queen.

Her Daoist title was Zi Yue, and she was called the Moon Queen.

Even though those people submitted, it was not yielding because they now had a chance to enter the Astral Domain.

In this world, only the major sects controlled the fleet.

The technology here was not advanced.

There were originally eight magnates in Sin City.

Taking the City Lord into account, there were nine of them in total.

Now there were only three people left.

The other six people all protested and were directly killed by Zi Yan.

In fact, Zi Yan was not used to it.

She couldnt help thinking, “I must be decisive and cold-blooded because my guardian is not around.”

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