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“Eye Organization…”

Kazue was startled; this was the first time she had heard of this organization.

“A secret organization personally created by Yuuji-san, just like Akatsuki Eye… is there a deeper meaning” Kazue chuckled, slowly retracting the Susanoo around her body.

The strange black Susanoo dissipated.

Yuuji, “The whole ninja world and even some guys in the universe, the core of their power is different eyes.

I am very interested in this power, so I named it after this.”

“Kazue, our goal is to recruit people with all kinds of strange eyes.

These people will become the weapons in my hands.” Yuuji opened his arms as if he wanted to embrace the whole world.

“What a profound story.

Even the universe is included.

I didn’t expect Yuuji-san to see so far… Do the people in the universe also have different eyes” Kazue added, “What about Yuuji-san As the leader, do you also have strange eyes”

“Not yet, but there will be one soon.” Yuuji’s voice was calm.

He still needed some time to develop the Godzilla Eye.

He would command the Eye Organization as the mysterious leader.

Moreover, in Yuuji’s imagination, the Godzilla Eye was not just one.

And recruiting ninjas with all kinds of powerful eyes.

This was Yuuji’s plan.

“As for different kinds of eyes, this is a long story… Rinnegan, Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharingan, Sharingan, Tenseigan, Jogan, Byakugan, Ketsuryugan, Sekigan… There are many eyes with different abilities and systems in this world.

This world is a world of eyes to a large extent.” 

(TL notes: Ketsuryugan(Blood Dragon Eye) appears in the “Sasuke Shinden: Book of Sunrise” arc.

Sekigan(Red Eye) is Ranmaru’s unknown djutsu that appears in the Curry of Life episode in Naruto, not Shippudden.

It was never given a name, and the author of this fanfic maybe named it based on the anime because Ranmaru’s eyes glowed red when he used it.)

Yuuji’s voice was calm, and he knew all of this clearly.

In addition, he had the Godzilla Eye.

He had always planned for the establishment of this Eye Organization.

Kazue frowned.

Everything else was fine, regardless of whether she had heard of it or not, but the last two eyes…

“Ketsuryugan and Sekigan I seem to have seen the relevant records of these two eyes.

During Warring States Period’s time, these two clans were strong for a while, but they eventually declined for some reason…” Kazue was deep in thought.

“That’s right; it’s because of your Uchiha Clan and Hyuga Clan.

Under the siege of two clans, Ketsuryugan and Sekigan have almost disappeared from ninja world.”

Yuuji nodded.

The Sekigan has the ability to see through, remote view, and perceive, and it can also create chakra images.

They were the enemies that the Hyuga Clan wanted to eliminate.

From the description “Sasuke Shinden: Book of Sunrise”, Ketsurygan has the same reputation as the “hypnotic eye” like Sharingan.

It is not only good at illusion but can also make human beings into human bombs.

Chinoike Clan, with this kind of eyes, was madly chased by the Uchiha Clan.

Under the Uchiha Clan’s pursuit and killing, the Chinoike Clan was on the verge of extinction.

These two eyes were defeated by the Uchiha Clan and Hyuga Clan, but there was no need to doubt the strength of these two eyes.

“These two eyes should have been destroyed by our two great clans during Warring States Period’s time.

Are there any survivors left alive” Kazue was surprised.

“Yes, although only one or two people are alive, there are indeed some.”

As for where they were now… To be honest, Yuuji himself did not know.

Sekigan appeared in Country of Water, joined hands with Kurosuki Raiga, and Ketsuryugan appeared even later after Sasuke grew up.

The potential of these two eyes was unknown.

“Then, other than the two of us, where are the other members of the organization” Kazue asked with a smile.

Yuuji turned around and walked out of the laboratory without looking back, “When the time is right, you will see…”

“It can’t be just the two of us, right”

“No, how can it be There are others who don’t exist.” Yuuji’s face was red.

Kazue chuckled and followed Yuuji.

The two of them walked out of the laboratory one after the other.

“I really can’t wait to find an enemy to test my Senjutsu Susanoo’s ability…” Kazue murmured in a low voice, facing the sunlight outside.

“There will be a chance, but there are other things to do now… Let’s go to Naka Shrine.

Have you seen the stone tablet there”

“Stone tablet Fugaku mentioned it to me before.

The people who opened Sharingan can see the words on the stone tablet.

It records the history of our Uchiha Clan…” Kazue was stunned.

She did not understand why Yuuji was interested in the stone tablet.

“It seems that after you opened Mangekyo Sharingan, that fellow Fugaku did not tell you anything else.

He was probably afraid that you would have some thoughts that you should not have…”

The two of them moved quickly and headed for Uchiha Clan territory.

The two quietly sneaked into the shrine, avoiding the Konoha patrol team and avoiding everyone’s sight.

This place was the place where Uchiha Clan gathered, and there were some memorial tablets of their ancestors.

As for other secrets, there was really nothing else except the underground stone tablet.

The two quietly opened the tatami and entered the basement.

“This is where the stone tablet is,” Kazue said.

Yuuji nodded and looked at the ancient stone tablet in front of him.

His expression was indifferent, “Kazue, use your eyes to observe this stone tablet.

The order is first Sharingan and then Mangekyo Sharingan.”

Kazue nodded.

She first used Sharingan to observe.

Sure enough, some words appeared in her field of vision.

However, some of the histories of the Uchiha Clan were nothing special.

However, after using Mangekyo Sharingan to observe it, new content appeared.

“What is this Senju and Uchiha together obtain all things in creation… I can’t see what happened after that!” Kazue was shocked.

‘How could the records related to the Senju Clan appear on the Uchiha Clan stone tablets handed down from generation to generation!’

‘And things like the “together obtain all things in creation”, what is going on!’

“Your eyes are not enough to see what comes after.

You need to go a step further and obtain even more powerful eyes.” Yuuji did not reveal any surprise as he spoke indifferently.

“Surpass Mangekyo Sharingan” Kazue looked at Yuuji’s back.

She felt that she could not understand this person more and more.

‘How many secrets did he know!’

“But it is not easy to get eyes surpassing Mangekyo Sharingan.

You need to pay the price of blood and tears.

Kazue, can you really do it”

Yuuji, “Speaking of which, the entire Uchiha Clan seems to be related to a tragedy.

Opening one’s eyes require negative emotions.

Hatred and sadness are the best catalysts.

And to activate Mangekyo Sharingan, the emotional stimulation you receive is even more shocking…”

Before he finished speaking, the two of them had already fallen silent and stood quietly.

A few seconds later.

Tap tap tap…

A sluggish voice sounded.

It was the sound of a walking stick hitting the ground.

Uchiha Setsuna walked down shakily with the support of a walking stick.

He seemed to have aged more and more over the past two years.

It seemed that he would not be able to hold on for much longer.

“I was originally wondering which clan member would come to observe the stone tablet at this time.

I did not expect the two of you… I was even more fortunate to hear Yuuji-sama’s remarks.

Truly remarkable.

Even the Uchiha clan members’ understanding of our clan is inferior to yours.”

Setsuna walked down the steps by step and stepped into the secret chamber underground.

Kazue looked at Yuuji with an inexplicable gaze, with a questioning meaning – should she kill him

She could not understand the “all things in creation” now and knew nothing about the rest of the content, but since it was something that only Mangekyo Sharingan could interpret, there was no reason for Setsuna to know.

In that case…

“There is no need to kill.

Although I can bear the consequences, there is no need.” Yuuji said directly.

Setsuna stood in front of the two young people and said with a trembling voice, “It seems that you have made a decision.

Do you not want to kill me However, Kazue, your killing intent is a bit too strong.

Facing the elders of the clan, you are also so cold-blooded…”

“Elder Setsuna, don’t talk nonsense.

I am a very warm-hearted person.

If you talk nonsense again, I will really kill you.” Kazue covered her mouth and laughed.

Setsuna was silent.

He raised his head slightly and reluctantly raised his eyelids and looked at the energetic Kazuke with cloudy eyes.

“She is so young, and yet she had already opened Mangekyo Sharingan.

It is really enviable… Moreover, with Yuuji-sama here, can he help you improve further There is actually an eye who surpasses Mangekyo Sharingan in this world…” Setsuna said slowly.

“Old man, we’re already at this point.

There’s no point in continuing to pretend.” Yuuji sneered, “As a member of Uchiha’s radical faction, you should already know something about the eyes that surpass Mangekyo Sharingan, right This kind of thing, as long as you study more about Uchiha Madara’s past deeds, you will know…”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying.” Setsuna began to play dumb.

As the successor of Uchiha Madara’s will, how could he really not know anything He was just pretending to be confused.

Madara once had a younger brother who opened Mangekyo Sharingan.

This matter was not a secret.

His turbid gaze passed through the two people and landed on the stone tablet, “Every clan member who opened Sharingan was asked to look at this stone tablet and reminisce about the great achievements of their ancestors.

However, the problem is that not many people have reached the level of their ancestors.”

Yuuji was no longer interested in paying attention to this old man.

Without saying a word, he directly brushed past Setsuna and stepped onto the steps to leave this place.

“Elder, I am leaving.

Please go ahead.” Kazue bowed slightly and then followed Yuuji.

There was only Setsuna left on the spot.

After a while.


A figure slowly emerged from the ground.

He wore a swirling mask and wore a black robe with red clouds.

“Those two fellows have already left.

I didn’t expect to meet them at a time like this.”

Obito said in a low voice.

A trace of excitement appeared in Setsuna’s cloudy eyes.

He said respectfully, “Yes, Madara-sama.

It’s fine if it’s Kazue, but Yuuji is too strange.

He knows a lot about the secrets of our clan.

If we let him live, it will definitely be a problem.”

Obito stared at Setsuna with a pair of eyes full of oppression and said in a deep voice, “I have my plans.

I don’t need you to tell me anything.

As long as you don’t disturb me, you can do whatever you want… Moreover, with your ability, you can’t hurt him in the slightest.”

Obito was very clear about Shiranui Yuuji’s strength.

This was a guy that even he felt was difficult to deal with.

Setsuna just stood there respectfully, as if he was extremely respectful to “Uchiha Madara”.

“Then what should I do now” Setsuna said respectfully.

Obito pondered for a moment, “Continue monitoring Kazue.

This is one of the few things you can do.”

Obito sank to the ground and left just like that.

For the old guy who has nothing to do at the moment, Obito was also using him with the mentality that theirs was nothing that you could do.

Setsuna stood in the dark basement until the candles on both sides were almost burnt out.

Only then did he slowly stand up.

This simple action already made him feel strenuous.

“My body is getting worse and worse every year.

It hasn’t been long… Although the Uchiha Clan has awakened two Mangekyo Sharingan, they have Konoha in their heart the most.

They will never be able to obtain their proper status.”

Setsuna was not satisfied with the current situation.

The Uchiha Clan should have a place in the upper echelons of Konoha.

Strength determines everything.

“Fugaku is a weak and compromising person.

Kazue has a crazy side in her bones, but as long as Yuuji doesn’t die, Kazue will not truly awaken but… I don’t have the ability to kill Yuuji now.”

Setsuna wanted to use Uchiha Madara to get rid of Yuuji, but he was keenly aware that Madara seemed to be very cautious with Yuuji.

There were some things that he did not know about.

In that case…

“As expected, I can only rely on myself But my current state is too old, and I can’t do anything…”

Setsuna opened the three tomoe Sharingan and stared at the stone tablet in front of him for a while.

However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not see what was behind it.

Mangekyo Sharingan’s domain was something that ordinary three tomoe could not touch.

As expected, he still had to think of a way to have Mangekyo Sharingan first… As long as he had Mangekyo Sharingan, he might be able to turn the situation around with his powerful eye power.

However, the problem was, how could he, who was old and weak and had a serious decline in energy, open Mangekyo Sharingan With his experience and mental state, there were very few things that could stimulate his emotions.

Moreover, it was unknown if this old body could carry Mangekyo Sharingan, and he might die right after opening his eyes.

“A strong body, Mangekyo Sharingan… I can only start from other aspects if I want to get these two things.

Fortunately, I have already prepared…”

“Madara is unreliable.

Fugaku is unreliable.

I can only rely on myself.

Although it is risky, I can only do that.”

Setsuna made a decision.

He was not willing to die like this.

He could only gamble.

He slowly stepped onto the steps and left.

He walked out of the shrine and looked into the distance.

The bustling streets and pedestrians entered his sight.

This village was getting richer and richer.

Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with the Uchiha Clan.

Setsuna’s figure gradually faded away.

In the distance, Yuuji and Kazue were walking side by side on the street.

Suddenly, Yuuji stopped moving and frowned.

“Kazue, if there are no accidents, you will be sent on a mission soon.

The clone I placed on Shisui sent me a piece of bad news.

Shisui and the others encountered a troublesome enemy,” Yuuji said.

Kazue nodded, “Shisui’s right eye is very problematic and can not be overused.

So, do you need me to save them Is Shisui also a member of the Eye Organization”

“No, the current Shisui is not qualified.” Yuuji shook his head.

“I understand.

It is really harsh… How should I go Even if I travel day and night, it will take me several days to reach the Country of Sound.”

“Use Hiraishin no Jutsu(Flying Thunder God Technique).

I will tell Yondaime to ask Genma and the others to send them along with you.

When the time comes, find a chance to create a shadow clone to follow Genma’s group.

Then the real body will move out and bring Shisui and Kakashi back.”

Yuuji glanced in the direction of the Hokage Building.

After pondering for a moment, he arranged for a clone to take out a few masks from Root.

After carefully modifying them, he threw them to Kazue.

“This is the mask you need to use in the Eye Organization.

Your codename is… Sage!”


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