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Chapter 1 – Promenade Hotel (1)

The night was deep, the stars hung high above.

Yan Wei laid in his bed with his eyes lightly closed, his thick eyelashes trembling slightly.

Paired with a tall nose and thin lips, it was a sight one couldn’t look away from.

His phone rang continuously, directly invading through Yan Wei’s eardrums, pulling him out from his sleep.

He squinted his eyes sleepily.

He finally saw that it was night —– He had actually slept through an entire day

The phone was still vibrating.

Despite sleeping for so long, Yan Wei was still a little tired.

The night wind entered the room through the unclosed window, brushing past his cheeks.

The cool air helped sober him up a little.

Yan Wei glanced at the caller screen —- It was his friend who specialised in psychological research.

He yawned, rubbed his eyes, quickly washed his face and then picked up the phone and walked over to the window to let the wind pull him out from his sleepiness.

“What is it” He leaned lazily against the window.

The wind did a pretty good job at waking him up.

From the other end of the phone, his friend’s voice travelled over, “Why didn’t you pick up when I called you earlier in the day”

“Slept through it.”

“You sure can sleep!”

“Probably had a nightmare with you in it.”

“………” The other party was left unable to speak.

He then said, “Yan Wei, let me tell you, our hospital has recently received a new project.

Can you use your intelligence to help me analyse it”

Yan Wei came from a good family background, but the excessively strict family environment had resulted in his rebelliousness nature and he has as a result done all sorts of new and exciting things and had also been involved with all sorts of strange and out of the world jobs.

He had been freelancing for a long time and had seen all kinds of people from all backgrounds.

In the process, his ability to read people had been honed very well.

Although psychology was something he wasn’t well versed in, he could always see through people with great ease and analyse everything clearly and concisely.

Over time, this friend of his began to seek his help whenever he ran into any difficulties.

He wasn’t surprised when he heard this.

He lightly chuckled, “No.”

Friend: “……Daddy!!”

“Then hurry and speak.

The old rules apply.

Don’t tell others I was involved.”

The other party hurriedly said, “I know, I know, you don’t like to draw attention to yourself.

I promise not to tell anyone! It’s like this.

Recently, there has been a new psychological phenomenon reported where people are suddenly having the same hallucinations.

They all say that they would see a black tower that disappeared into the clouds wherever they looked…….”

As Yan Wei listened, he leaned against the window and looked languidly into the distance.

“……No matter where they went, they would see that tower, and as time went by, that tower seemed to be getting closer and closer, as if it was calling for them to enter.

I talked to a patient suffering from this hallucination yesterday and he said that the tower was already in front of his eyes, but he was too afraid to enter.

Can you guess what happened That patient committed suicide just now! Just like the others who had this hallucination, he committed suicide…..”

Yan Wei’s gaze suddenly stopped in the distance.

His friend’s voice continued, “…..Many people have reported seeing this hallucination.

Those who said that they didn’t dare enter were later discovered to have committed suicide and the methods of suicide were also very strange.

A couple of others who said that they would enter and take a look either got into an accident or went missing.

I think this must be a new kind of suicidal illness where people who want to kill themselves would develop this kind of hallucination——-”

Yan Wei’s gaze remained fixed in the distance.

He interrupted his friend, his voice lower than usual, “It’s not a hallucination.”


“A black tower How high did they say it was”

“They said it couldn’t be seen.

The top of the tower went straight into the clouds.”

“Any windows”

“Yes, but you couldn’t see inside the windows and the windows were also dark.

Did you think of something Hello ……..Hello Yan Wei Yan Wei are you still there”

Yan Wei didn’t speak.

His place was on a high-rise building and when he normally looked out, he would see the city’s nightscape laid out before him.

Please read this from kk translates

But right now, in front of him, there was a black tower blocking most of his view.

—–It was the black tower his friend had described.

The strange phenomenon that was only just being described to him had now suddenly appeared before him.

Yan Wei raised his hand and rubbed his eyes hard before confirming again that the tower really there.

Still on the phone, Yan Wei moved the phone in front of him, changed the phone interface and searched for related words.

Except for a few hearsays that seemed to be fabricated, the rest were all information similar to what his friend had just told him.

There was no additional information at all.

This matter involved himself.

Yan Wei forced himself to remain calm and then carefully thought over the things his friend had told him just now.

He was pretty sure he had no suicidal tendencies.

Those who saw this tower committed suicide while the few people who said they were going to enter disappeared…….

What if they didn’t see this ‘hallucination’ because they wanted to commit suicide but had ‘committed suicide in strange ways’ because they saw the black tower and didn’t enter

As for those who said that they would go in, perhaps they really did go in, and something happened after entering resulting in them still dying while others were missing because they were still in there

He immediately reached a conclusion.

Only a ‘patient’ can see the tower, so those who cannot see it wouldn’t be of any help.

After seeing this tower, you will die if you don’t enter.

But if you entered…….

“…….Hello, hello, hello Yan Wei, are you still there”

Yan Wei returned to his senses.

He had never been an emotionally driven person.

Since it had already happened, he didn’t get entangled in useless emotions and instead directly started to look for a solution.

Yan Wei slowly accepted his current predicament and lightly spoke up, “I’m here.

You said earlier…….”

The corners of his lips rose slightly, and his light brown eyes brightened slightly in interest, “Those who didn’t enter committed suicide whereas those who said they would enter, although some of them also died, there were still some that’s missing”

“Ah, yeah.


Yan Wei muttered to himself, “……That is to say, some people will see this black tower and of those who see it, only the ones who enter may not necessarily die.”

“What the hell are you talking about”

In the bright and colourful cityscape, the tall black tower was particularly eye-catching.

It was completely black, as if it absorbed all the lights around it.

It was very close to Yan Wei.

It seemed like it was just across from his building.

The black tower stood there silently but the people passing by didn’t seem to have noticed anything.

Only Yan Wei could see it in its entirety.

Perhaps it was because the black colour in front of him was too gloomy, Yan Wei even felt that the wind that was blowing into his room was a lot colder.

He shivered slightly and then turned and proceeded to put on the clothes hanging from his hanger.

He put on a windbreaker and wrapped himself in a scarf as he answered the other person’s doubtful questions, “It’s not a hallucination, I can see it too.

Since people who can’t see it can’t do anything, I will go in and sort it out.

If I ‘commit suicide’, just remember that this is not a hallucination.

If I come out alive, there may be an answer to your research.”

Yan Wei hung up.

That black tower seemed to have also seen him.

When Yan Wei reached the first floor, the tower had completely appeared in front of him, as if it had moved hundreds of metres forward across this huge city.

It was pitch-black with no additional decorations.

There were only windows on each floor that were similarly pitch-black.

And at the lowest floor, right in front of Yan Wei, an open door was facing him.

It was very dark past the door; nothing could be seen.

The surrounding streetlamps emitted a bright yellow glow, but it was unable to dispel any of the darkness.

Yan Wei looked up and quietly observed the tower.

He was an extremely rational person.

Please read this from kk translates

Now that he was faced with this tower that would result in his death if he didn’t enter, he would naturally seek out the best solution in the shortest amount of time.

—–And that was to go in.

He sucked in a deep breath, raised his foot and walked through the crowd of unaware people passing by, his windbreaker fluttered slightly with each step.

He slowly stepped into the black tower and his figure was quickly swallowed up by the darkness.


[Welcome to the tower.]

[There are a total of ninety-nine floors in this tower and each floor is a random instance.

There are players, NPC’s and instance bosses in each instance and the genre is mostly horror.

Starting players will start at the first floor.

Players can only leave this tower alive after reaching the top floor and, if successful, players can bring along with them to reality the abilities gained in this tower.]

[There are two ways to ascend the tower.

Firstly, by clearing the instance using the clues hidden in the instance and successfully finding and ascending the stairs that lead upstairs; or secondly, by eliminating all the bosses in the instance which would automatically result in instance clearance.]

[Players have the following basic stats: Physical stat, Sensory stat.]

[Physical stats represent the player’s fighting ability and physical fitness while sensory stats represent the player’s ability to determine and sense danger.

In addition to these basic stats, completion of an instance or a branch task in an instance would give players an opportunity to further develop their physical and sensory stats.

Points will be rewarded with instance clearance.

These points can give you everything.]

[Player information is stored in the black ring.

If required, you can check it any time.]

[Current instance floor: First floor.]

[Current instance location: Promenade Hotel.]

[Current player stat: Physical stat 4, Sensory stat 26, Level 0, Points 0.]

[Players have all arrived.

Instance starting.]

[Players cannot kill each other in the instance.]

[All players are to follow the NPC’s instructions and rely on their own abilities to survive and find the ‘stairs’.

If there are any violations, consequences will follow.]

[Please note that one can die at any time in the instance and there is only one outcome if a player fails to clear an instance: Death.]


The last word “death” was dragged out for an extremely long time, and it even echoed several times before the gloomy voice finally faded away.

Yan Wei felt a ring appear on his finger.

A small window appeared before him.

It recorded all the information mentioned by that gloomy voice just now.

—–According to the information just now, this window was probably the information panel and the black ring that suddenly appeared was the medium used to activate the information panel.

With just a light swipe across the ring, the information panel would appear in front of him or in his mind.

He glanced at this interface but before he could take a closer look, the information was stored back into the black ring.

His surroundings suddenly distorted.

Light slowly appeared before Yan Wei.

He frowned and subconsciously raised his hand to block it from his eyes.

A moment later, the discomfort caused by the bright light slowly faded away.

Yan Wei lowered his hand and found that he had arrived at an entirely different location.

A crystal chandelier rotated slowly in the ceiling, scattering bright lights in all directions.

Floor-to-ceiling mirrors and decorative portraits were strewn across the walls on both sides, making the place appear even more spacious than it already was.

This was a hotel lobby.

And like him, there were eight other people standing beside the front desk of the hotel.

Men and women, including him, there were a total of nine people.

The rest of them were also showing surprise or confusion as they uneasily looked around at the other people in the otherwise quiet and empty hotel lobby.

As soon as Yan Wei appeared, several people present looked towards him with an assessing gaze while several others revealed an amazed look in their eyes, their gazes lingering on Yan Wei’s face a little too long.

Yan Wei hated this kind of not very polite stare.

Fortunately, it didn’t last very long.

Compared to looking at him, it was obviously more important figuring out what situation they were in.

Yan Wei also looked around.

He thought over the ‘stairs’, ‘players’ and ‘Promenade Hotel’ mentioned earlier and had a general idea of what was going on.

These eight players and himself are currently in this ‘Promenade Hotel’ instance.

Several players were conversing.

“…..Where is this place I thought that black tower was just my imagination and that there wouldn’t be anything if I entered! Why did I suddenly appear here”

“I didn’t want to enter in the first place but that tower just continued to get closer and closer until it was directly in front of me.

Just when I wasn’t paying attention, I accidentally stepped in……”

A short-haired woman even began to cry, “Why can’t I get out…….I can’t even make a call…..I want to get out…….”

There was also one who was rather calm, “That voice said earlier that we will have to find stairs to get out.

What stairs Where could it be”


“Did…..you also enter a black tower” Someone asked Yan Wei.

Their words carried a hint of expectation, “No one else has entered after you did so you’re probably the last one.

Ever since we appeared here, people have been constantly appearing, the phones have no signal, and the door cannot be opened.

Do you know anything about this strange place Do you know how to get out of here”

“I don’t know.” Yan Wei dug out his phone and checked it —- There was indeed no signal.

That player revealed a look of disappointment.

Yan Wei put his phone away and went over to try and push open the closed hotel door.

Sure enough, just as that player said before, that door couldn’t be opened at all.

It was as if there was some force blocking it.

He didn’t waste any effort attempting to push it open with force and just went back to the front desk.

The group of panicking players made a lot of guesses.

Except for Yan Wei who was calmly observing the surroundings, there was also a silver-haired man who hadn’t spoken the entire time.

That man stood alone to the side, leaning against the front desk.

He held a cigarette between his slender fingers.

He wore a pair of silver-rimmed glasses, and his hair was a faint silver colour.

He looked gentle and refined but those eyes hidden under the lenses were cold and indifferent with no emotional fluctuations.

That was a face that practically had the words ‘Do Not Disturb’ written on it and that hair colour was one that would draw attention from passers-by even when walking around outside, but Yan Wei found it rather pleasing to the eye.

Sensing Yan Wei’s gaze, the man suddenly raised his eyes to meet his gaze.

That person however didn’t react at all and only coldly withdrew his gaze a moment later.

Just like his appearance, very cold and aloof.

Yan Wei: “……..”

He snorted inside and similarly indifferently withdrew his gaze.

At this moment, from the corridor near the hotel’s elevator, a young man wearing a tuxedo and bow tie approached them.

The young man’s face was extremely pale, and he was so thin, the tuxedo hung loosely on him.

His cheeks and eyes were all sunken in such that he seemed to be only made up of skin and bones.

This person was clearly not a player.

This so-called instance didn’t give them a chance to breathe at all.

It had already started.

“The guests are finally all here.” The thin man in the tuxedo smiled at them and then pointed at the corridor from which he came from, “I am an attendant here.

I have already prepared dinner for you.

Please follow me to the restaurant for your meal and stay the night.

The art exhibition will start tomorrow.”

Although the attendant was smiling, his voice carried no fluctuations.

It was monotonous and low.

A voice like that echoed through the hotel lobby, making it seem even more creepy and terrifying.

Except for the silver-haired man leaning indifferently against the front desk, the other eight players fearfully took a few steps back, wanting to stay away from this strange attendant.

A player next to Yan Wei was already panicking.

He backed away several steps and stammered, “I-I don’t know what dinner you’re talking about.

Just tell me where this place is and why we can’t get out.

Who knows what’s going happen after following you in I’m not going.”

The attendant’s smile fell.

He slowly walked forward, his sunken eyes looking darkly at the panicking player.

His voice grew deeper and deeper, “What did you say You’re not going to the restaurant”

Yan Wei’s eyes hardened.

He turned and saw that the attendant had already arrived in front of that player.

The current situation was still uncertain.

He didn’t want anything to happen because of one person acting too recklessly so he whispered to that player, “Calm down first.

We have to accept reality.

The tower said that you cannot go against the NPC’s words.

If you do it, there will be serious consequences……”

The man was already scared by the attendant approaching him.

He hurriedly backed away a few more steps, “I’m not goi——”

His voice stopped abruptly.

—-That scrawny attendant had suddenly raised his twig like hands and snapped the player’s neck with great ease.

Blood splattered out.

Except for the attendant who made the move, not a single player there was stained by the blood.

But the screams of the other players immediately sounded.


Yan Wei didn’t make a sound.

His eyes were fixed on the floor-to-ceiling mirrors fixed to both sides of the hotel lobby.

The mirrors scattered the lights from the chandelier, reflecting all nine players including himself.

Apart from that, there was no one else.

The mirror didn’t show the attendant.

This guy wasn’t human at all.

Through the mirror reflection, it was as if the neck of the uncooperative player had been snapped by something invisible, causing blood to splatter across the ground.

The eyes were still wide open and there was a look of disbelief on the head that rolled across the ground.

The headless body swayed and appeared to be about to collapse as blood poured out from the severed neck.

But in front of the player whose neck had been broken……..There was nothing in sight.


KK has something to say:

Just going to explain MC and ML’s name:

MC: 燕危 (Yan Wei) – Yan = Swallow, Wei = Danger

ML: 晏明光 (Yan Mingguang) – Yan = Quiet/peaceful, Mingguang = Clear light/bright light


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