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Chapter 14 – Promenade Hotel (14)

At the same time, the tower’s notice sounded in Yan Wei’s mind.

[Congratulations, you have once again cleared a death trigger and unlocked the art studio.

You receive a bonus reward: Sensory stat 1 point.]

Yan Wei could feel his ability to sense out his surrounding environment strengthen.

He blinked a few times and said, “From a logical point of view, humans have a tendency to put together all the clues they have found and try to think of a reasoning that could tie them all together.

In a situation like this, a person would automatically think back to everything that had happened, and as soon as a reasonable answer could be inferred, most would become immersed in a sense of accomplishment and subconsciously convince themselves that it must be the correct answer.

You probably thought that I would do the same, but in fact…….I noticed a clue.”

The lock on that had already been opened hung loosely from the doorknob.

The three dials that had not been touched were still showing ‘000’.

Yan Wei lightly took off the lock, dropped it onto the ground and pushed open the door unharmed.

“The earlier clues were there to disrupt my thinking and make me make the wrong assumption.

The password wasn’t 703, nor 150, but the 000 that was already there in the lock.”

The clue was something the painter had said at the beginning.

——As long as you turn those dials and enter the wrong code, I will no longer have any restrictions……

It was just a game of words.

As long as he turned the dials and entered the wrong code—–In other words, as long as he doesn’t turn the dials, the code would be correct.

The initial code 000 was the correct answer.

Outside the corridor, warm yellow light fell onto his face, leaving half of it in the shadow and half in the light.

The intertwining light and darkness made him appear gentle but sombre.

Yan Wei raised his hand and hooked his finger at the painter standing in the centre of the art studio, “Hey buddy, didn’t you say that you were going to kill me”

That painter’s eyes were clearly already dug out, but it was as if he could see Yan Wei’s gesture.

His teeth ground together audibly, and his hoarse voice was thick with killing intent, “You——-YOU!!!”

Yan Wei shrugged.

Tucking his hands into his pockets, he walked out, “Bye.”

Inside the studio, the painter’s enraged voice reached Yan Wei’s ears, “Even if you don’t give me your eyes today, you will die tomorrow…..you will die tomorrow…..”

Along with those words, Yan Wei seemed to vaguely hear the sound of footsteps.

It was very light, not like something belonging to a human, and it didn’t seem to come from the corridor.

It instead seemed to come from somewhere in this long and narrow corridor.

His ears twitched slightly as he listened attentively……



Those soft sounds were enough to send a chill down one’s back.

Yan Wei quickened his pace.

Although he would still be in an immortal state for another hour and although the painter didn’t seem like he would attack him again tonight, he should still be careful.

Once it passed twelve o’clock tonight, he wouldn’t be able to act so recklessly anymore.

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He half walked and half ran back to the fourteenth floor.

Before he was able to reach the room, he saw Yan Mingguang coming from the other end of the corridor.

The man’s entire body exuded a cold air, the black jacket he wore was slightly torn and his originally neat silver hair was also slightly scattered.

Clearly, he had just experienced something.

Yan Wei took a closer look and confirmed that the other party was wearing a black ring on his finger and that there was nothing else that looked off before asking, “Why are you also outside”

They returned to room 5 together.

Yan Mingguang said lightly, “Woke up in the restaurant.

The attendant wanted to kill me so I beat him up.”

This time it was Yan Wei’s turn for the corner of his lips to twitch.

The other man took out a card from his pocket, “Stole the magnetic card.”

Yan Wei was left unable to speak.

He knew that Yan Mingguang must be very strong, but he didn’t expect him to actually be this strong.

The two stopped in front of the door.

Yan Wei said, “I also woke up in the art studio and met the painter—-”

His eye fell onto the door and his words came to a stop.

Yan Mingguang had clearly also noticed it.

His gaze was similarly fixed onto the door.

At this moment, on the door to room 5, hung a portrait of an eyeless woman!

“I was just about to say.

I have a debuff on me so me being attacked tonight is normal but you have a buff on you where ghosts will ignore you so you shouldn’t have been targeted with me.

Looks like it’s because of this painting on our door.

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t there when we returned to our room after dinner.”

Yan Wei frowned and continued, “Those ghosts couldn’t have put it on our door.

I was moved to the art studio just now and the painter wanted to trick me into entering a painting that was hanging on the studio door.

If he could put up a painting here, he would’ve have needed to move me all the way up to the art studio.”

Yan Mingguang concluded, “A player did it.”

“Among the players, of the five people apart from us, who would do this This kind of eyeless painting is only found in the art studio so for that player to do this, they would need to take it out from that studio and then secretly put it on our door after we entered.

It was already pretty late when we got back…..”

After dinner, Sun Shi had taken along the other three beginner players to the art studio while he, Yan Mingguang and Gao Ming went to Gao Ming’s room first to discuss the clues before returning to room 5 just a few minutes before the sky outside turned dark.

At that time, all the players on the thirteenth floor had already returned and only the door to room 4 on the fourteenth floor was still half open with the owner still absent.

The last person to come out of the studio and the last person to return to their room was the middle-aged man next door.

The woman in the long dress had died last night, leaving him staying in that room alone.

His room had been attacked before and it was also one of the more dangerous rooms so he had probably wanted to use them as a shield……..

Yan Wei turned and glanced at room 4 next door.

Without saying a word, he silently removed the eyeless painting from the door and then calmly walked over to room 4, knelt down and silently and slowly……stuffed the painting through the gap under the door.

Yan Mingguang just stood in front of room 5 with one hand in his pocket as he calmly watched him complete this set of actions.

The man’s eyes deepened slightly as if he had something to say, but he didn’t say anything in the end.

The eyeless painting was completely stuffed through the gap under the door.

Yan Wei stood back up and slowly walked back to Yan Mingguang, “I’m just paying him back.

Got an issue with that”

He raised his eyes to look at the other person.

His clear voice at this moment was a little cod, “Yan Mingguang, I’m not a good person and I have never been a good person.

I know you’re thinking that I’m very cold hearted, but I would rather be cold hearted than be a saint.”

He was even able to quickly adapt to this kind of deadly instance where his life was constantly at risk.

He was born with this kind of rebelliousness concealed inside him.

Once dug out, all the rebellion hidden inside his blood and flesh would rear its head.

Yan Wei only raised his chin slightly and stare unwaveringly at Yan Mingguang who was a little taller than himself.

He didn’t care about Yan Mingguang’s impression of himself.

It didn’t matter whether it was good or bad, they were only in a temporary alliance anyway.

Even if Yan Mingguang hated him, it wouldn’t hinder them from searching for clues.

Emotions are useless things.

A moment later.

Yan Mingguang opened the door and walked in first.

His low voice sounded, “It’s pretty good.”


For Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang, the second half of the night passed by very peacefully.

Nothing else happened in their room; the painter didn’t appear again, the waiter who had been beaten up by Yan Mingguang didn’t appear and the bloody hand that was groping around the room last night also didn’t appear.

As expected, not long after midnight, screams belonging to the middle-aged man in the room next door sounded.

Only this time, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang didn’t get up as quickly as they did the night before and just laid quietly in bed, trying to sleep through the noise.

The clock on the wall slowly ticked on as time passed.

Just after dawn, when it was time for them to get up, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang got up.

Today was the last day.

With only slightly more than a dozen hours left, they didn’t have much time.

The two knew very well what happened to the middle-aged man last night so they didn’t bother checking his room this time.

They only briefly looked in when they passed by.

Inside the room, there were only residual bloodstains left on the ground.

The middle-aged man’s body was gone —- It was probably taken care of the same way as the woman from the night earlier and was taken down to the underground floor.

The two didn’t waste time here and went straight to the restaurant on the first floor.

But when they arrived at the restaurant, Yan Wei was taken aback.

He only saw Gao Ming and Sun Shi.

His eyes moved slightly, and he asked, “Where are the others”

Gao Ming’s complexion was rather bleak and there were shadows under his eyes.

He clearly hadn’t slept well last night.

Hearing Yan Wei’s question, he rubbed his forehead and slowly replied, “All dead.”

Sun Shi’s expression was also very bad.

He ate very slowly, and his eyes were filled with panic.

When he saw that the three of them were all still alive, Sun Shi felt even more annoyed.

He angrily sent Yan Wei a glare.

There were still seven players last night but now there were only Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang, Gao Ming and Sun Shi left.

It seems that last night, the remaining three beginner players had all died.

Yan Wei knew about the middle-aged man’s death, but what happened to the other two As they were on the fourteenth floor, they couldn’t hear the commotions from the thirteenth floor.

They really didn’t expect rooms 2 and 3 to also have something happen —- After all, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang were the ghost’s targets last night.

If it was put this way, wouldn’t this mean that the ghosts pretty much attacked all the rooms last night

Yan Wei ignored Sun Shi and quickly ate his breakfast.

At the same time, he asked, “How did they die”

Gao Ming answered, “It’s hard to explain.

It would probably be better if you saw it yourself.”

A glimmer of doubt flashed through Yan Mingguang’s eyes.

Yan Wei asked directly, “See it myself”


The bodies of the player who stayed with me and the player who stayed with Sun Shi weren’t cleaned up.”

Yan Wei’s movements stopped.

He narrowed his eyes in thought.

Was it because the attendant didn’t have time to clean it up Or was it because the attendant didn’t have a second magnetic card.

That couldn’t be right.

The middle-aged man’s body was taken away.

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As he pondered over this, the attendant came over with a cart.

Just like before, he expressionlessly served up more food, but the only difference was that this time, he seemed to be muttering something.

With Sun Shi around, Yan Wei lowered his voice and asked Yan Mingguang, “What is he saying”

“Repeating one line.” Yan Mingguang lightly answered, “——-‘You will all be killed’.”

That is to say, they will all be killed by the ghosts today

Yan Wei didn’t want to delay it any longer.

He used his eyes to hint at Gao Ming and Yan Mingguang to quickly finish their breakfast.

The instance had originally said that midnight tonight was the deadline, but in fact, as soon as night fell, this place would become the ghost’s paradise.

This meant that they really only had about ten hours left.

There wasn’t much time left.

With three of them also dying last night, they would inevitably face greater danger today.

The three of them all understood this and soon got up to leave after taking a few bites.

Sun Shi, whose expression was poor the entire time, suddenly called out to them, “Gao Ming! Yan Mingguang!”

He didn’t even call out Yan Wei’s name.

In Sun Shi’s eyes, Yan Wei was nothing but a useless person with good looks who was only able to live until now because of Yan Mingguang and Gao Ming.

He gritted his teeth and a faint flush of anger appeared on his pale and panic-stricken face, “There are only four of us left now.

If we don’t clear this instance today, we will all die.

I have a very important clue, but I need help so that I can do what needs to be done more quickly.

If you two are willing to help me, I can overlook what happened before and tell you the clue.”

Yan Wei raised a brow.

Gao Ming glanced at Sun Shi with some disdain.

He went over to stand in front of Yan Wei and whispered quietly, “I’ll only listen to you.”

Yan Wei just smiled.

The windbreaker he wore that highlighted his slender figure as well as the scarf around his neck gave him a warm and amiable air and his eyes which shone brightly even made the gorgeous women in the paintings pale in comparison.

Despite that gentle smile, Gao Ming and Yan Mingguang both knew the indifference concealed behind it.

None of them paid Sun Shi any attention.

They directly walked towards the elevator.

Sun Shi waited for a while, but he only saw the three of them walk away.

He angrily slammed his chopsticks onto the table and pushed the tableware and food off with an angry sweep.

He gritted his teeth and muttered, “Then don’t blame me for not saving you! Even if I’m alone……I can still complete the eyes in those paintings!”


On the other end, Yan Wei and co stepped into the elevator and went directly to the thirteenth floor.

“Let’s go to my room first…..I didn’t even wash up this morning because my roommate……died in the bathroom.” Gao Ming led Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang into his room and then brought them over to the bathroom.

In the bloodstained bathroom, the beginner player’s corpse laid limply on the ground in front of the washstand.

Fresh blood was splattered all across the floor.

His eyes had been dug out and it was also dug out in a very cruel manner such that parts of the brain could be seen through the hollow eye sockets.

Yan Wei carefully swept his gaze across the corpse and then wordlessly left the room and checked Sun Shi’s room.

In the other room, the other player had also died in the bathroom and his eyes had similarly been dug out in a very cruel manner.

Blood covered the ground and there were also several bloody handprints left on the wall.

There were no clues left beside the bed.

All that was there was an empty bedside table and a dressing table with the mirror attached to it reflecting the horrific scene.


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