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Yan Mingguang was hurt.

No matter how tired Yan Wei was and how sorry of a state Gao Ming was in, this man had fought against the ghosts the entire way here without sustaining any injuries, but at this moment, he had blood stains on his face after only a few exchanges with the skeleton.

In just that short moment of distraction, Yan Wei was caught by the skeleton and his arm was pierced by her sharp bony fingers, his blood staining the sleeve of his windbreaker as a result.

He furrowed his brows in pain and tried his best to stop the skeleton’s other hand from reaching his eyes, but the difference in strength between himself and the skeleton was just too much.

His act of blocking her was completely futile and her hand was soon about to reach his eyes!

Behind Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang raised the whip in his hand, wrapped it around Yan Wei’s waist and pulled.

The bony finger that was pierced into Yan Wei’s arm was pulled out, splattering out blood in the process.

From the force of that pull, Yan Wei stumbled back a few steps and happened to fall beside the bathroom in room 1.

He endured his pain and stood up and glanced at the mirror that had been covered using a bedsheet in the bathroom.

Misled again!

The doctor had said that her eyes were hidden in the art studio by the painter but were they really hidden in there

In the past ten years, she had wandered from mirror to mirror searching everywhere she could to no avail so she naturally felt that her eyes must have been hidden in her blind spot.

In the entire hotel, she felt that only the art studio that didn’t have any mirrors was her blind spot.

A doctor who could move around through mirrors….The art studio wasn’t the only place that was her blind spot!

Yan Wei struggled to get up.

Ignoring the blood and dust on him, he stumbled into the bathroom and didn’t hesitate to pull off the sheet covering the mirror.

The smooth mirror surface reflected his unblinking self.

Yan Wei raised his uninjured right hand and used all his strength to pry away a corner of the mirror.

It didn’t move.

The corners of the mirror seemed to have been stuck firmly to the wall using something and he was also in a weak state at the moment, so he didn’t have the strength to pull it off.

The self-defence dagger he carried with him was also lost during the commotion earlier.

Yan Wei was helpless.

He could only turn around and call out to Yan Mingguang who was busy blocking the skeleton’s attacks, “I know where the problem is! Yan Mingguang, I need you to come and help me!!”

The corner of Yan Mingguang’s lips at this moment was stained with blood and his silver hair was messy.

Even so, his cold expression showed no fear or panic, it only grew colder.

He didn’t seem to be afraid of death at all and was even enjoying the moment.

Hearing Yan Wei’s words, Yan Mingguang was unexpectedly stunned for a moment.

He quickly recovered and hurried towards the bathroom.

The doctor seemed to have also noticed it.

She screamed, “You all have to die….Die!!!”

Seeing that the skeleton was about to stop Yan Mingguang, Gao Ming who had just been thrown to the ground quickly reached out and grabbed onto the skeleton’s lower half, “I’ll stop her!! I believe in you—–!”

During that time, Yan Mingguang had already reached Yan Wei.

Yan Wei cast a glance at Gao Ming who was holding the doctor back.

The fire had already reached the door of room 1 and the temperature was scorching hot.

Heavy smoke filled the room that was covered in broken furniture and debris.

Gao Ming who was already covered in wounds desperately held the skeleton’s legs, preventing her from going any further.

At this moment, the skeleton bent down and grabbed Gao Ming’s hands.

Yan Wei’s heart shook slightly.

He still clearly remembered that when the attendant was first allocating them their rooms, Gao Ming had hesitated over volunteering to stay with him in room five, but now…..

Worried that the doctor would hear him, he hurriedly whispered to Yan Mingguang next to him, “Her eyes are not in the studio, they’re behind this mirror.”

For the doctor who used mirrors as a medium to travel around, the art studio wasn’t her only blind spot.

There were also the spots behind the mirrors which couldn’t be seen from her perspective.

The most dangerous place was the safest place.

In addition to the clues they had drawn from the painter and female doctor, they actually had another source of clues and that was the attendant.

The attendant didn’t have his eyes dug out, but he was dead.

He was someone who helped the painter with his deeds, so he naturally wasn’t killed by the painter and was killed by the female doctor.

After the female doctor killed, him, the attendant was also influenced by the grievances in this hotel and became a ghost, but the doctor didn’t dig out his eyes or get rid of the attendant.

This meant that the attendant still had some use to the female doctor.

But what use

To find the eyes.

As the painter’s assistant, the attendant was probably the one who helped the painter hide her eyes.

That was why the doctor didn’t get rid of the attendant and even kept him around.

She hoped to be able to find her eyes using the attendant.

And where did the attendant hide the eyes

The answer was actually given to them on their first day here.

The attendant had told them — The larger the room number, the worse it was.

Room five where Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang stayed was the worst while room 1 was the best.

At first, they thought it referred to the amount of danger in the rooms but it seems that the so-called ‘worst’ and ‘best’ wasn’t from the players perspective, but from the NPC’s perspective.

To the painter who liked to dig out eyes and the attendant who worked as his aid, the room where the eyes were hidden was naturally the best room.

The female doctor’s eyes weren’t in the studio, but behind the mirror in room 1!

There was no need for Yan Wei to explain in detail.

Without another word, Yan Wei took out his short knife and slammed it at the huge mirror!

At the same time, the skeleton’s other bony hand had reached into Gao Ming’s eye.

“Your eyes are mine…..Give it to me…..Die……..”

Gao Ming let out a painful scream, “Ahhhh———!!!!”

That scream was accompanied by the sound of a mirror shattering.

Yan Wei’s entire body was tense and his didn’t dare breath.

He finally let out a breath when he saw a pair of eyes contained inside a glass jar behind the shattered mirror.

The moment the glass jar appeared, the skeleton who had just inserted her finger into Gao Ming’s eye stopped and looked over at towards the bathroom.

“My eyes…..I can sense my eyes…….”

The skeleton pulled her hand out of Gao Ming’s eye and quickly hurried towards the bathroom amidst Gao Ming’s painful screams.

Yan Mingguang swung his long whip to stop her in her tracks.

Yan Wei who had been waiting for this moment immediately used the rest of his strength to toss the glass jar containing the eyes into the fire that had reached the door!

Please read this from kk translates

The moment the glass jar fell into the sea of fire—-

The skeleton stopped in her tracks and let out a deafening scream.

Yan Mingguang swung his whip again, but before it could reach her, the skeleton fell apart.

In room 1, a pure black staircase that clearly didn’t belong here slowly appeared.

It stretched up into the darkness ahead with the end destination unclear.

At the same time, the tower’s voice sounded in their minds.

[Congratulations to the players for clearing the high difficulty instance: Promenade Hotel.

The stairs have now appeared.

Remaining survivors, please ascend the stairs to obtain your rewards.

All wounds sustained in the instance will be healed after ascending the stairs.

After the rewards are settled, an invitation letter to the next instance will be issued.

Please note: The invitation letter is the ticket to the next floor.

Each invitation letter can only be used for one person for instances below the fifth floor whereas players can bring along multiple people as specified in the letter for floors above the fifth floor.]

[The betting stage was activated for this instance.

Betting result: Successful clearance.]

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang exchanged a look and immediately ran over to support Gao Ming on either side and lead him over to the stairs.

It was unknown if the tower had interfered with the fire in this instance.

In less than a few seconds, the fire had already entered room 1.

Thick smoke filled the room but the black stairs were completely unaffected.

All their wounds on their bodies healed the instant the three of them ascended the stairs.

Gao Ming was still clutching his eye and cursing, “This is too painful, my god….I’ll have to get a new pair of glasses when I return to the world in the tower.

Yan Wei, why are you stopping The rewards will be given once you reach the top.”

Yan Wei stopped on the stairs and looked down at the hotel that was slowly becoming engulfed in fire, his light brown eyes reflecting the flames.

“What are you looking at” A man’s cold voice asked.

Yan Wei raised the corners of his lips.

“Do you remember when the woman in the long dress died in the first night Her husband didn’t care about her life at all and only thought about himself.” Yan Wei looked at the painter and the skeleton in the fire and shrugged, “To the painter, his paintings are more important than his lover’s life.

Wouldn’t it have been better if he was like me and didn’t find a partner”

Yan Mingguang looked deeply at the skeleton that was gradually becoming engulfed by the sea of fire.

He said, “She was a pitiful person.”


At the casino.

After Sun Shi was killed by the painter, the projection screen turned dark and nothing could be seen.

The players who have had experience with the betting stage knew what had happened —- All the players who were willing to turn on live broadcast were dead, but the instance wasn’t over yet.

There were still players who are still alive.

Without the live broadcast, the onlookers could only see a black screen.

But in order to let the players know of the progress in the instance, after the screen turns black, it would show the probability of the instance being successfully cleared.

After Sun Shi’s death, the probability was still swinging around 40%.

Jiang Xiu and his younger brother Jiang Ping didn’t leave.

Lin Zhen also stood there looking up at the number ‘40%’ with interest.

Jiang Xiu’s expression wasn’t very good, “What’s going on Sun Shi is dead and there are only the three players who didn’t go with Sun Shi left but they’re actually at 40%”

Lin Zhen laughed out loud, “I told you you’re an idiot.”

Jiang Xiu frowned.

Although he was strong, his younger brother Jiang Ping was one without skills.

Despite being in this tower world for so long, he was only a fourth level player and during his time here, he had also failed several instances.

It was only by relying on the items given to him by Jiang Xiu that he was barely able to clear the floors he had descended to.

In their early days, Jiang Xiu and his friends could take Jiang Ping along but with Jiang Ping staying on the third and fourth floors and Jiang Xiu steadily ascending the tower, the difference between them would only increase the difficulty of the instance.

Moreover, the invitation letter to the lower-level instances usually didn’t allow for them to bring another player along like how it was for the higher-level instances.

Even if he could find a player with an invitation to a simple, low-levelled instance, Jiang Ping wouldn’t be able to take advantage of it.

Jiang Xiu’s plan was to let Jiang Ping bet on an instance and after betting successfully, Jiang Ping would be able to select the simplest instance to enter and safely clear it.

He watched the ‘40%’ on the black projection suddenly drop to ‘30%’.

The poor expression he had on his face suddenly improved.

He sneered, “Did those three players make a mistake Now that the number is falling, they’ll probably be killed by the boss soon.”

Lin Zhen raised a brow and chuckled, “Have you heard of this phrase before”


“A vile character flourishes.” (KKnotes: An inferior person getting into a position of power and becoming conceited and arrogant.)

“Lin Zhen, you!” Jiang Xiu’s expression darkened.

Just as he was about to blow his top, the numbers on the screen changed again.

This time, the numbers began to decline rapidly——33%, 32%, 30%, 27%, 22%, 15%, 8%……

Finally, it stopped at 4%.

Jiang Xiu mocked, “Lin Zhen, didn’t you say that there was a strong player among those three players 4%.

I haven’t seen any player turn the table around in a situation like this.

An idiot like you should experience more instances.

I suggest that you look around and find someone who can take you with them to a simpler instance, otherwise the tower would directly send you into a high difficulty instance as soon as you lose the bet…..”

Please read this from kk translates

Lin Zhen rolled his eyes.

Standing before the projection, most of the players were showing joyous expressions.

After all, this was a high-difficulty level one instance.

Too many beginner players are wiped out in their first instance so the majority of the people here had betted than Yan Wei and co would fail to clear it.

As for the lives of the players in the instance they were betting on……What did that have to do with them

The least precious thing in this world inside the tower was human life.

They cheered and some even started to talk about entering an instance together.

It didn’t take long for blood-red number on the all-black projection to change again; it went even further down to ‘3%’.

But before the players could have the chance to celebrate, that number then started to rapidly increase.

This time, it rose very quickly.

5%, 10%, 22%, 40%, 80%….100%!

The next moment, all the players who had placed their bets heard a familiar voice.

[Betting stage for this instance is over.

The result of the betting: Players have succeeded in clearing the instance.]

When Lin Zhen heard this notice, he immediately chose an instance of appropriate difficulty for himself and raised a brow and sent a look of disdain at Jiang Xiu.

This time, he didn’t even bother saying anything and just turned and left.

Jiang Xiu’s eyes widened, “How is that possible! Why did it suddenly change from 3% to 100%! How could a beginner player completely reverse the situation in an instant!”

Next to him, Jiang Ping grabbed onto him in fear, “Brother, save me! I was assigned into a high-difficulty level five instance.

I can only clear level three or four normal difficulty instances!! Brother, please save me.


Before he could finish, Jiang Ping ran out of time and was sent to the instance.

After ascending the stairs, Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang and Gao Ming seemed have been automatically separated by the tower.

It was pitch-black around him and only the information panel could be seen — It was a little like how it was when he first entered the tower.

He looked at the additional items on his information panel and listened to the notice from the tower.

[Congratulations on successfully ascending the tower.

Player’s current floor: First floor.

Next instance floor: Second floor.

As the player has activated the betting stage and successfully cleared the instance, the clearance reward received are as follows: Physical stat 5 points, sensory stat 5 points, and bonus 6 points.]

[Total reward obtained in this instance: Physical stat 7 points, sensory stat 7 points, and bonus 6 points.

Because you have placed a betted successfully, points are doubled, and you are given the right to select your next instance from the selection pool.]

[Congratulations on obtaining an instance dropped item: Skeleton’s Eye.

Permanent item.

Can be used in any instance.

Can detect danger.

Can only be used once in each instance.]

There are even items

Yan Wei wasn’t in a hurry to check this so-called Skeleton Eye item.

He patiently waited for the tower to continue reporting.

[Current player stat: Physical stat 11, Sensory stat 33, Level 1, Points 12.]

[Would the player like to select the instance now]

Yan Wei thought about it.

He still needed to enter the world inside the tower as he still didn’t know much about the tower and the world here.

Choosing blindly may be dangerous.

He selected no.

The tower then left him with a list of instances that he could choose from within a certain period of time and spoke again.

[After evaluation, you have been determined to be the best player in this instance.

The code name of the best player will be displayed for instances where the betting stage has been activated.

Please enter your code name in the space below.

Please note: The code name will be recorded in the betting records in the casino.

All players in the tower can view the code name.

Real names do not have to be used.]

The next moment, an interface appeared before Yan Wei.

Best player Code name

There was actually something like this.

This tower……it’s really doing anything it can to motivate the players……

Yan Wei subconsciously entered his usual ‘V’ but before selecting the confirmation button, he paused for a moment and then proceeded to delete it again.

He entered something else into that space.

Yan. (KKnotes: In English)


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