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Chapter 28: Ankang Ancient Town (7)

Casino area

After Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen, and Yu Feizhou went down one after another, Lin Zhen’s video was shut down.

“Why did Lin Zhen turn off his projection too”

“He does this all the time.

He seems to have some props or abilities that he doesn’t want others to see.

Generally, when he turns off the projection, it means he feels that the place he wants to go in is very dangerous, and this well should be worth seeing.”

“What’s the use of it being worth seeing We can’t see it.”

“Yan Mingguang’s projection is still on, and the projection perspective of Yu Feizou is always on! He actually met Yan Mingguang.

After the two met, they exchanged hands and didn’t say much after that.

Ah, it doesn’t feel like there is any intention to cooperate.”

“It’s normal.

These two people are the kind with high physical stats.

They are each other’s opponents under the first answer mechanism.

It’s good if they don’t fight.

I don’t know what happened to Lin Zhen and that useless-looking Yan Wei.

“Ning Yi also doesn’t know where to go, but Jiang Xiu, his progress in the ancient town is very impressive.

I have a feeling he’ll get a first answer point soon.

Yu Feizhou and Yan Mingguang are too stable to feel like riding on dirt, and too many people made bets.

Jiang Xiu is better off.

It looks like he has a big chance.

It may be unexpected, and there are lots of gambling rewards.”

“…Anyway, it’s impossible to lay a bet on that Yan Wei who’s been standing behind Yan.

From the perspective of other players, he has not contributed to the progress of the instance.

I don’t know what kind of idiots the 0.8% who betted he’d win are.”

“Look! They’re in danger! No matter how good Yan is, he’s still a newcomer.

This time, it should be Yu Feizhou who got the score from the bottom of the well.”



Yu Feizhou and Yan Mingguang witnessed the same scene.

In the cave in front of them were more than 100 neatly arranged skin and bone umbrellas, which were eerie in the dark.

The faint light blocked Yan Mingguang’s apathy, but his whole body exuded a freezing yet indifferent temperament.

It made people feel a little more frigid compared to the strange umbrellas in front of them.

When he noticed the umbrellas, he did not pause his footsteps.

He walked towards them without fear, as if he were going to cross over the umbrellas directly.

After hesitating for a while, Yu Feizhou said gently, “Yan, I know you want to find Yan Wei, but let’s observe first.

There are about one hundred umbrellas here.

It must be not simple–“

He stopped.

Before he could finish speaking, and before Yan Minggunag could reach the front of the umbrellas, a cool breeze suddenly broke out around him.

A chilly wind reverberated through the cave, mimicking distant ghosts.

Amidst the wind, a girl’s ethereal singing came out of nowhere, drifting in the wind, and tearing at the eardrums inch by inch.

The umbrellas in front of Yan Mingguang unexpectedly began moving towards him!

They stretched open little by little, and with the singing, they hovered into the air in front of Yan Mingguang and Yu Feizhou.

The next moment, a patch of umbrellas flew towards them with dense killing intent.

The tower’s prompt sounded calmly in the two people’s minds.

【Congratulations to the player who went deep into the well and found clusters of skin and bone umbrellas under the well.

Opening the branch task — find the umbrella that appeared at the door of the player’s room last night.】

【There are five different entrances in the well, and players who enter will randomly drop into one of the five entrances.

At the end of each entry is an area covered with umbrellas.

Among the five skin and bone umbrellas groups is the umbrella that appeared at the door of the player’s room last night.

The player needs to accurately find the corresponding one among the umbrellas they see, and the umbrella will disappear.

The player can then move on to the next step.】

【Please note that if the corresponding umbrella attacks the player before the player uncovers it, the player is judged to have caused a death trigger, and the skin and bone umbrella will kill the player.】

【Please search carefully and try to survive.】

The sudden task trigger stunned both of them.

The rule means… they must discover exactly which one of the over 100 umbrellas is the one they need to find before they get attacked by the umbrella.

Before that, they not only need to figure out a way to differentiate but also avoid attacks from the umbrellas.

In the blink of an eye, Yu Feizhou had already taken out a blue bead-like prop, and a layer of blue light covered his entire body.

He held the bead in one hand and a dagger in the other and surprisingly slashed the knife on his arm! When the weapon sliced, he frowned.

Under the blue halo, the wound healed before blood could flow out.

At the same time, the blue halo was also significantly enhanced.

This way of using treatment as a way to increase combat level, Yan Mingguang couldn’t help but take a look.

However, he only glanced before looking at the umbrellas that were close at hand again.

Instead of stepping back, he walked forward with nothing in his hands. 

“Yan!” Yu Feizhou’s gentle voice rose slightly from shock.

“Until you find the specific umbrella, being attacked by the umbrellas is a death trigger! We might as well cooperate and observe first–“

Yu Feizhou’s voice abruptly stopped.

Yan Mingguang didn’t wait for the skinny umbrellas to fly.

Instead, he stepped into the group of umbrellas first.

His pure black eyes were icy cold in the dark light, his chiseled face was unmoved, and his tall and straight posture was like walking from a cold hell.

It seems that the umbrellas have discovered this man’s behavior of “throwing his life away”.

A handful of umbrellas were scattered and heading towards Yu Feizhou, but now, they all surrounded Yan Mingguang! 

The skin and bone umbrellas have already surrounded him, and they could tear him apart in no time.

At the time of imminent peril, the man looked up, and the corners of his mouth formed an undetectable arc.

To one’s surprise, he smiled.

The umbrellas surged in. 

Yan Mingguang stood there, raised his hand, turned back and forth, and quickly took the initiative to grasp one umbrella after another.

The umbrellas left scars on his hands, and blood stained the web between the thumb and the forefinger.

Instead of flinching, he actively touched the umbrellas more hurriedly.


Yan Mingguang’s right hand faltered, and the umbrella he had just caught suddenly trembled.

It could burst out with enough lethality to peel and tear open his bones instantly.

That’s it!

The tower sounded in Yan Mingguang’s mind.

【Player’s permanent skill “Facing death and living” reaches the trigger condition.】

【Facing death and living: Permanent skill, when the skill owner is at risk of mortal death, the player obtains a 30-second strength blessing.

The player briefly doubles their physical strength, sensory stat, and other abilities related to the body and brain.

It is effective in all instances and can only be used three times per instance.】

【Skill is activated.

You have 30 seconds of skill usage time.】

In an instant, Yan Mingguang’s momentum soared simultaneously with the skin and bone umbrella and easily surpassed the umbrella!

His eyes narrowed, and his pitch-black eyes reflected a pale image of the umbrella.

The umbrella quivered more and more in his hand, but he only clenched his hands and tightly clasped the skin-bone umbrella. 

Twenty seconds later, the umbrella seemed to want to kill him but was kept under control by Yan Mingguang’s sudden upgrade in strength.

Ten seconds later, the umbrella trembled increasingly slowly.

Three seconds later, the umbrella calmed down completely.

Then, all of the umbrellas stopped.

Yan Mingguang’s umbrella calmly flew back from his hand into the pile, mixing with the other umbrellas and falling peacefully back onto the ground.

The moment all of the umbrellas dropped to the ground, they all disappeared silently, leaving only a dark void.

【Congratulations to the player for finding the corresponding umbrella and completing the branch task.

Completion method: Brute-force decoding, Completion reward: Physical Stat 2, Sensory Stat 1, Points 2.】

【Current Player Stat Update: Physical Stat 43, Sensory Stat 13, Level 1, Points 15】

【Congratulations on acquiring the instance item dropped by the branch task: A girl’s phalanx.

The phalanx originates from a girl who was made into an umbrella and can be used in the instance to resist the risks associated with it to a certain extent, including skinless girls and umbrellas made from skin and bones.】

A girl’s phalanx lay in Yan Mingguang’s blood-soaked hands.

Yu Feizhou’s props were useless.

He stared at Yan Mingguang dumbly.

“Just now… was that an ability or a prop”

Yan Mingguang just silently put away the girl’s phalanx.



Black feathered arrows fired out of Lin Zhen’s hand and accurately shot seven surging umbrellas.

After these seven, there was also an eyeful of umbrellas flying towards them.

Lin Zhen shot seven arrows in a row.

Three of them blocked the three umbrellas that were about to approach Yan Wei.

“Hey, Yan Mingguang’s pet–“

In the chaos of battle, Yan Wei hid behind Lin Zhen without any psychological burden and interrupted Lin Zhen’s words with a leisurely and carefree mood.

“I have a name.”

“Okay, Yan Wei, aren’t you quite sharp Find a way to locate the umbrella.

I can only fire up to ten arrows at a time,” said Lin Zhen.

His elbows kept rising, and veins in the back of his hand were standing out.

The sound of arrows accompanied his voice, “Every time I hit the umbrellas, the umbrellas fly back to the cluster of umbrellas and mix, confusing me.

I can’t tell which ones I’ve shot with my arrows and which one may be the one we’re looking for in this branch task.

And these umbrellas, the more I hit them, the more aggressive they’ll be next time, and the more the number will be.”

Yan Wei held a flashlight.

His thoughtful eyes suddenly lit up.

He asked with some expectation, “More aggressive How high Can it kill people instantly”

Lin Zhen kept pulling the bow with his hand and dispersed the umbrellas out of a definite range.

He said, “I can effortlessly stop them now, but according to the growth rate of their lethality after being stopped every time, after about four rounds, they’ll be strong enough to kill with one blow — at least for you, one strike can kill you instantly.

Let’s say, after four rounds, they swarm around, and I can’t resist.

I won’t lose my life because of a bet.

I’ll take out a life-saving prop and run away by myself.

Tsk, I suddenly don’t want to think about how to complete the branch task.

I want to see you being tortured by the umbrella after you can’t think of a way.

It must be beautiful…”

Lin Zhen’s mouth provoked a playful smile.

“How about this I completely enraged them all and then left you behind — at that time, I could not beat them, but it was not a violation of the bet.

I’ll get out of here using life-saving props.

When the instance is over, I’ll go to the casino projection record to find you struggling for your life.

What do you think”

There was still a little seriousness on Yan Wei’s original face.

Under Lin Zhen’s words, his thin lips moved slightly, his eyelashes trembled a bit, and there was a glimmer of joy in his appearance. 

He just wanted to know if the remaining 126 umbrellas would be different from the one they were looking for in the branch task.

When the branch task was released, it indicated that after the crisis was over, although he had completed the task, he had no chance to look for differences carefully.

But if the attacks of these skin and bone umbrellas all become fatal… could he grab the umbrella according to his wishes and look at it

He looked at Lin Zhen and blinked.

His Adam’s Apple moved slightly, and his voice was exceptionally distinct in such a quiet and strange environment.

“I think your idea is quite good.

Why don’t you hurry up”

Lin Zhen’s bowstring trembled in his hand and shot an arrow.


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