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Chapter 41: Ankang Ancient Town (20)

Thousands of complaints flashed in Yan Wei’s heart, but he revealed nothing on the surface.

This was the big boss who could control the skinless female ghosts.

There was currently no way to deal with her.

He didn’t dare to mess with her.

Although he was immortal today, he could still get injured.

Moreover, Hu Ayun was not the sort of rigid boss encountered in the first instance.

She had the same thoughts and feelings as an ordinary person.

If Yan Wei exposed his immortal state now, and they had to fight the boss in the future, then this layer of cards would be gone.

He said in a warm voice, “Thank you.

You got caught in the rain, so you should drink it instead.

I’m not that squeamish as a man, and I’m afraid you’re ill.”

Of all the different people Yin Wei had encountered, the gentle ones were the easiest to imitate.

All he had to do was restrain his sharp temperament and smile softly.

Whether it’s rejection or acceptance, he could do both from the perspective of being beneficial for the other party.

Hu Ayu — or Hu Ayun, was not exempted.

She smiled wider and nodded.


Yan-xiaoge, you’ve been with me for so long.

I seldom meet people who give a favorable impression.”

Yan Wei: “…” He wasn’t happy.

“I haven’t had a tissue handed to me in a long time, and they all despise me.

But when it rained the night before yesterday, you gave me an umbrella and handed me a tissue.

I remember it to this day.”

Yan Wei: “…” Then he may have regretted it now.

“I hope you can enjoy yourself in our town today.”

Yan Wei grabbed the swallow coin tightly with his hand hidden in his pocket.

What Hu Ayun said… seemed to suggest that she was willing to let Yan Wei live longer because of those actions, but at the end of today, she had to do it.

If it wasn’t for Yan Wei’s inability to violently clear the instance, he really wanted to throw his complaints at Hu Ayun’s face.

His Adam’s apple rolled slightly, and he slowly said, “Okay, I will.”

Hu Ayun turned to leave.

But she just spun to her side.

Before Yan Wei could breathe a sigh of relief, the beautiful cook suddenly asked him, “Yan-xiaoge, if you were thrown into a fire one day, you could leave as long as you burn another innocent person.

Would you choose to burn that innocent person”

As soon as the question came out, Yan Mingguang, who was still in the room, silently clenched the whip, ready to strike.

—This was a matter of life or death.

If the answer was no, would it make Hu Ayun, who was still peaceful, instantly enraged If Hu Ayun drove all the skinless ghosts to take action against them, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang would have to justify themselves here, no matter how powerful they were.

If the answer was yes…

There was also a certain chance that what Hu Ayun wanted was actually a benevolent answer, and the person who chose to live selfishly would allow her to see who she was then.

She’d feel that Yan Wei was not the beautiful person in her heart, so she’ll act in anger…

Either way, there was a risk of failing, so Yan Mingguang was prepared to pull Yan Wei behind him if things went wrong.

But the responder to the question was the most relaxed one in the room.

Yan Wei blinked, brilliance flashing in his eyes.

His voice was clear, but his tone was condescending.

“I refuse to answer this question—”

Hu Ayun’s face suddenly sank.

“Because I won’t let anyone throw me into the fire, and no one will be able to throw me into the fire.”

Hu Ayun was stunned.

For a moment, she laughed and murmured, “Yan-xiaoge is indeed an interesting person.

Then I hope… you won’t get thrown into the fire.”

Her tone became increasingly low, her voice stretched longer, and her girlishly crisp voice dragged out a chilly, dense emotion hidden away.

With that said, she did not stop and left with the tray.

Yan Wei turned his head and looked at Yan Mingguang.

The two didn’t delay.

They walked quickly to the other direction of the corridor and towards the well, striving to collect all the phalanges in the fastest time.

Among the five rooms, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang’s room was the third room, in the middle.

Hu Ayun walked in one direction, and they left in the other.

When they departed, the two passed Song Yu’s room.

There were originally two seventh-floor players in Song Yu’s room, but Song Yu’s roommate died on the first night, leaving Song Yu alone.

Song Yu was seriously injured yesterday.

Kong Yuwei and Lu Ya sent Song Yu back and did not remain in the room.

At the moment, however, the door of this room was open.

Song Yu lying in bed with no mobility could be seen when passing by the door.

Ghosts did not need to open the door.

From the past few experiences, the ghosts in this instance could directly appear or disappear in the room, and there were no physical restrictions.

Only people would open the door.

Yan Wei only glanced at it with an unsurprised expression.

Yan Mingguang paused, stopped at the door, and took a glimpse before leaving.

Yan Wei looked back at him, sneered, and said, “See As I said yesterday, comradeship is worth nothing in the face of life and death.

It’s a pity that Kong Yuwei and Lu Ya deliberately opened the door yesterday to attract ghosts, but the ghosts chose them instead.”

Yan Mingguang lifted his eyelids a little and calmly said, “You might be right.”

Without stopping, they moved towards the well rapidly.


After exiting Yan Wei’s room, Hu Ayun passed by other guest rooms and stopped in front of the last guest room at the end of the corridor.

All the other rooms were empty, only this one… had a person in it.

She stopped in front of the door, holding the tray in one hand, and knocked on the door three times rhythmically.

“Who is it” You Rui opened the door.

“Yu Feizhou Thank you for the concern.


His voice froze.

Looking at the gorgeous chef with hot ginger soup in front of her, You Rui’s tired and casual expression abruptly changed, and he took a step back in horror.

Hu Ayun kept smiling.

“What’s the matter with you, xiaoge”

“No, I’m not…”

“It’s been cold these days.

I was worried that the travelers would get sick, so I made a bowl of ginger soup.

Xiaoge will drink, right”

You Rui glanced at the hot ginger soup, and his face grew more panicked.

He staggered and took another step back, hurriedly saying, “No need, no need, I won’t drink.”

The cook’s face, which was smiling initially, sank.

She ground her teeth slightly, and her gentle smile gradually turned hideous.

The dense steam that had covered her face suddenly dissipated, and the dark brown ginger soup in the soup bowl completely changed.

–It was a bowl of mercury.

Holding the bowl of mercury in her hand and stretching her other hand forward, she easily held down You Rui, who wanted to escape.

“What’re you doing! What’s this! Is anyone there! Help me, save me, ahhh!!”

You Rui felt that he was using all his strength to resist, but the verdant green and lily-white hand holding his shoulder did not move.

It pressed his body down little by little.

A skinless girl appeared behind You Rui.

Her mutilated hand pressed on the top of You Rui’s head, scratching a “ten” shaped symbol1 on his head with her bare hands.

The next moment, Hu Ayun raised the bowl of mercury to the top of his head, the mouth of the bowl tilted slightly.

In the last few seconds, when mercury poured in from the wound above You Rui’s head, You Rui suddenly remembered that there seemed to be a perfect method to peeling off human skin and flesh.

A sharp tool cuts a cross-shaped wound on the scalp.

Mercury is poured in from the incision on the scalp, tearing the muscle and skin apart.

Human skin will slough off a complete portrait of human skin in the struggle and twisting of that person before death.



When Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang arrived at the well, they bumped into Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou, who also came.

Lin Zhen toyed with his bow, stood at the edge of the well, and smiled meaningfully.

“Aiya, why is it you again Are we going to meet again at the bottom of the well That’s right.

The instance is at its final juncture.

You don’t have to think about whether the umbrellas under the well will be of use, but in match point, there’s only one first answer point ah — why don’t we fight now”

“Lin Zhen!” Yu Feizhou grabbed Lin Zhen’s hand that was about to draw the bow.

“Time is too short, and none of us know when the cook will suddenly start killing today.

There is no time for you to play!”

Lin Zhen rolled his eyes and lowered his longbow reluctantly.

Yu Feizhou walked in front of Lin Zhen, sighed, and spoke gently to Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang, “How about working together”

Yan Wei blinked and stood behind Yan Mingguang with an obedient expression, playing around with the whip on his left wrist.

Yan Mingguang said indifferently, “Okay, turn off the projection.”

It wasn’t the first time for Yu Feizhou and Lin Zhen, so they naturally understood that it was because of Yan Wei.

Lin Zhen hummed.

“Cooperation is fun, too.

I didn’t see how Yan Wei survived last time.

I’ll have a good look this time.

Hey, little pet, don’t stare at me.

I already turned off the projection when I said it.”

Yu Feizhou smiled.

“I also closed it.”

Now that all four’s projections were off, Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou were equally trustworthy in terms of commitment.

Yan Wei didn’t waste time.

He undid the whip wrapped around his wrist and took a step towards the wellhead, glancing down.

As he took out his gloves and put them on, he said, “Okay, I won’t talk any more nonsense for the second cooperation.

Everyone knows that those umbrellas under the well are useful, and the number is roughly estimated to be five or six hundred.

Every second of today is precious.

I don’t want us to waste time looking for someone because of the different entrances at the bottom of the well.”

He poked Lin Zhen.

“You, exchange for a long rope and tie it to the four of us.

Yan Mingguang will be bound to the front and will jump in first.

I’ll jump in last after Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou.

Catch me at the bottom.

That way, we won’t separate.

After going down, use your last route-searching method.

This time, go through all the possible routes and find all the umbrellas on the other routes.”

Lin Zhen crossed his arms on his chest, and with a “sneer,” he said, “You ask me to exchange, and I’ll exchange If you want to fight with me, let me enjoy the pleasure of beating a rookie by a landslide2, and I’ll exchange it for you.”

Yan Wei glanced at him.

The best way to deal with a psychopath is to be more psychopathic than him.

“Fine,” Yan Wei said, “But I won’t fight.

I want to use a unique method of comparison.

We won’t have anything tied to our bodies, and we can’t use any cushion or leverage.

We simply relax and fall from the well, and we’ll obey whoever has a higher degree of disfigurement.

Want to compare”

Lin Zhen: “…”

Three minutes later, Lin Zhen took out all the tools he could exchange for the four people with his invitations, resentment in his eyes.

Under Yan Wei’s command, the other three were ready.

Yan Wei tied the rope around his waist and probed the bottom of the w”ell again.

Then he patted Yan Mingguang, who was going to be the first to go down, on the shoulder and said in a low voice, “Go down the well.

We’ll use the fastest method to bring all the phalanges up.”

Yu Feizhou, who followed closely behind, was shocked.

“You didn’t seem to explain what the fastest method is”

Yan Wei gave him a confident smile.

“You’ll know in a while.”

FootnotesWould look like this 十Not sure if it’s completely accurate as direct translation is “abusing vegetables” but apparently, 虐菜 is when a pro fights against a rookie and wins by a landslide


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